Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The President: A Hard. Road to Walk

In this Facebook post, a reply was made that deserves to be repeated. Scroll down the page to read this thoughtful reply.

 Facebook Post

By Alan McEwen July 30, 2014

He has definitely had a hard. hard road to walk. Conventional wisdom says a president should try to work in a bi-partisan fashion. Giving concessions in exchange for cooperation. He was treated with rabid hostility before and after he took office, with slanderous accusations that he wasn't truly American, and still is today. Heading into such a strong opposition, with the accusation of being a foreigner who had illegally usurped power, I think he did the sensible things. Diplomatically chose a few personal policy issues to pursue, and concentrated on fixing a disastrously bad economic situation..on several levels. Losing the house in 2010 should not have been as terribly bad as it turned out to be, but the backwards folks who seized political power slapped away his outstretched hand for ANY compromise. They had one primary goal. To make him a one term president. After trying to do the RIGHT thing, as I believe he was right to do, he began taking matters into his own hands. Pushing the power of his office to it's maximum possibilities, and some would argue, over the limit.

I may not be happy with the way his presidency has turned out, but I cannot fault him for anything he's not done, or tried, except for being too much of a family man. There's is a small, but almost negligible possibility he may have had some more compromise if he had spent more time wining and dining congressional leaders, instead of spending time with his young family after office hours, in the way the Reagan stroked Tip O'Neill. Since the likelihood of that being successful is SO small, I don't even begrudge him that. I only wonder.

The folks on the other side of the aisle, consumed with childish hate, pursued a reckless course of charred earth strategy, that made us all suffer longer than we should have, and still plagues us today. Their embrace of delusion, hatred, anti-intellectualism, and pettiness have been a poison we are lucky to have survived without collapse of social order. As the President has done a few times, letting them know their policies will not win, we the people need to take a firm stand, and add the power of our vote to his voice and actions. If we hold this line, letting them know that we will not vote for such destructive personalities, they will be forced to change. Compromise. Not just push relentlessly for the goals of the rabid folks in their base who do one thing well. Vote. Don't give those bastards another inch, is what I say. By all means, if anyone thinks their republican candidate is more honorable, intelligent, capable, for that person. But get rid of the Yay-hoos who are destroying our country for very selfish reasons. This isn't rocket science. We know who they are, and what they've done.