Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Boehner Proves Once Again He Lies

Here we go again with the misinformation by none other than the leader of the Republican Party, John Boehner. In this video clip he says "This whole talk of impeachment is coming from the President's own staff!"

 The Politics of Impeachment
The Politics of Impeachment

That's not the way I see it. It looks like Sara Palin and other Republicans started this over the unfounded accusations of the President abusing Executive Orders. Some see the suing of the President by Boehner over something Boehner wanted in the first place, a delay in the Employer Mandate for the ACA, as a path to impeachment.

Mr. Boehner has no problem with telling a bald face lie because he knows that people do not do any fact checking. He knows that most of his supporters only listen to 30 second sound bites, that are crafted to elicit a knee jerk reaction. He depends on people relying on such farcical news networks like Fox News. We all know Fox News network has no problem with lying. They even went to the supreme court over it, and the court upheld that right to lie.

The Republican Party is taken over by liars who pander to the Tea-Party, and to uninformed voters. Also the rely on racism to cause people to support their lies, because they feel like the means to an end are justified, if it means it will ruin the President. Even if the means are lies.

Beware the lying politician. Take refuge from them by getting the truth. The truth is the most deadly enemy of the corrupt politician. Corruption runs rampant in congress now a days. End that corruption in November by voting for someone other than the liars that are in office now.