Monday, February 29, 2016

Another Round in a Delegate's 2016 Political Journey, Still Kicken

Here is some more on this adventure into a good political revolution. Off we go! I'm 58 years old, and a New Mexico Democratic Delegate. I don't like the idea of super delegates and want that abolished. In fact, I want the rule making for primary nominations, and the general elections handed over to the FEC, or some other independent body.

James Parks Jr at Pre-Primary
James Parks Jr at Pre-Primary
I find the rules made by the parties are designed to exclude people from the process. Let me give my example. Did you know there were ward meetings, or the equivalent, to elect delegates in your community? The Democratic Party rules state that they will make efforts to inform the public with a newspaper ad 2 weeks in advance. In this day and age that isn't effective, and they know it. That's why the ward meeting I went to had only a few people in attendance.

There were 4 open slots for delegates in my ward, and 4 people showed up for the election of the delegates. All 4 of us became delegates simply by showing up. I was the freshman there. The other three were old hands. This happens all across our nation. That hall should of been packed.

Bernie Sanders 4 President Booth
Now I get to represent the will of the people in my ward. I know a lot of them are Bernie Sanders supporters, but what if they were not? What if I was the only Bernie Sanders supporter in my ward, and everyone else supported Hillary? Should I keep backing up Bernie, or bow to the will of my neighbours? I think I should bow to the will of my neighbours no matter how I felt about it. Even so, I would not be required to.

Judge Cindy Leos and I

The other 3 elected delegates who were elected are in the same boat as I. I'm pretty sure they are Bernie Sanders supporters, but what if they were not?
I got a taste of the way things are at the Democratic Pre-Primary Convention here in Albuquerque. I met some people who are high up in the Democratic political machine. I'll not say their names. I will tell you the lady is a former elected official of the State of New Mexico. The other gentleman I don't know his status, but I think he was a congressman.

Do you remember when you were a freshman in highschool? Did anyone try to sell you an elevator pass? What about when you asked a question of an upperclassman, did they give you a straight answer? No? That's how the possible congressman tried to make me feel.
There were chairs towards the front of the stage with papers on each one, so I thought they may be reserved. The two people I mentioned were sitting there in the second row. I approached them and asked of these chairs are reserved, to which the fellow replied, "They're reserved for people like you and me." with a smart tone of voice. I asked him what me meant by that, and he just repeated himself. I asked him, "What kind of person am I then?" and the lady cut in and said "Delegates." So I took a seat and began to talk to them. When I learned who they were, I started really talking. I said to them I wanted to discuss some things with them and ask questions. I said that I think the Superdelegate system stinks and I think it needs to be abolished. I don't think the man liked that very much. He said they would make rules to make the abolition of Superdelegates impossible. I replied, "I'm a retired aviation expert. I deal in the impossible and make it possible." He said it wouldn't happen.

Then I mentioned that the Democratic Party needs to make sure they are teaching the everyday citizens of our nation the nuts and bolts of how our Democracy works. The lady said they have outreach programs to get people registered and such. I had to tell her I've seen these outreach programs and that is fine. What needs to be done is make sure everybody knows about things like ward meetings, and how this whole confusing process works. I told them that it is expected of the voter they take it upon themselves to educate themselves about the process, but most of them don't even know where to start. Most of them are never told where to start, or pointed in a direction other than the voting booth. No use teaching the pawns how to be anything other than a pawn. The political parties seem to care little about providing this vital information to the average Jane and John Doe of America. They act like the rules of the process are some kind of secret that only the elite should be privy to. The officials who have taken it upon themselves to learn these complex rules have absolutely no reason to voluntarily pass along what they have learned. That would upset their boat. That might provide competition from the grassroots of our nation and threaten the powers that be. The man distracted the lady with an off the wall question about the Resolution Committee Meeting Report. I don't think they liked it too much what I was saying. I don't think they liked it one little bit. Well, I didn't like that man talking to me in the disrespectful, condescending tone he use. Who does he think he is dealing with? I may be a freshman to the process, but I'm also an elder in our society, and a voter, and a Veteran, and a Human, and any person damn well better respect that, or they get nothing but a hard time from me. Later while we were all going through the items on the Resolution Committee Meeting Report, they went down the list asking if there are objections to each one. I had an objection to one concerning the time line on the abandonment of fossil fuels use in New Mexico. The resolution called for the use of 50% use of renewable energy sources by the year 2030, and 100% by 2050. I was given the mic, and I expressed to the meeting that that is not good enough. That according to everything I've read, that these timelines are inadequate, and we need to get this done much sooner. The situation is becoming critical, and we need faster action. There was a positive reaction from the crowd. So the words "or sooner" was added. This was not really good enough for me, but it was a start. I would like to see that read 50% by 2020 and 100% by 2030. The thing is, there are a couple reasons I bring this one thing up. Remember the rude man I told you about. I kept sitting in the front row seat in front of them so I could hear them talking. After I had said my piece about that timeline he said to me, "See there! You did get to participate in the democratic process.", to which I replied, "How about that!" and turned around as if to brush him off. I think these guys feel threatened. I think they are afraid of us grassroots people coming in and taking over the joint. I think they are scared to death that we are armed with vast knowledge this time around. Their jig is up and they are fighting it. There was a resolution on banning fracking, which I am for banning it. I hear him vote 'nay". So he must be a real Democratic Establishment Oil use promoting person. They feel threatened by persons like me and you who want every American to know exactly how to obtain office if that is what they wish to do. They hate it that we are trying to overthrow their system. They don't like it that we are prying open their secret club, and exposing all their dirty secrets. The lady remained polite. The man was cocky, rude and condescending. That's okay though because they expose themselves. These people are marking themselves for replacement. All the way up and down the line, from city hall to the White House, and in every office of the Democratic Party, all of the persons against the revolution will be replaced. I think some people are not going to like me, just like they don't like Mr. Sanders. Let us all have them not like us. I think that was the root of the man's disdainful treatment of me. Kind of trying to put me in my place. Perhaps he sized me up with my long hair, and being new to this. To bad he can't see into my past. To bad he didn't know I've worked with top people in the aviation industry and millionaires. To bad for him he didn't know that position and money don't mean beans to me as far as to how I treat them, or regard them. Even one of the CEO's of General Dynamics shook my hand when I worked on the MD-11 program, and conversed with me. He even asked me of what I thought of this or that concerning the production line. I've sat around drinking beer with millionaires who treated me like just another one of the guys, and I'm supposed to get all impressed by a congressman? I don't think so. You need to be just as unimpressed too. Always remember, every last one of them are just like you and me. All of them come from the same place, and are going to the same grave. None of them were born any better, or worse then the next Human. They just know the rules better for one reason or the other. Like maybe their parents taught them the rules, the nuts and bolts. Most of us only ever heard ,"Get out there and vote." or "Anyone can run for office." They fail to lead the horse to water so that the horse may decide if it wishes to drink. Instead they give the horse a pre-decided drink with poison added. I heard a woman who was kneeled down next to that rude guy say, "Oh, I just love to hear him speak." talking about the guy. pfft...I guess if I had got all woozy and giddy about his illustrious presence he would have treated me kindly. Homey don't play that! Don't let any of these guys get to you. Don't let any of them intimidate you. You don't have to answer to them. You only have to answer to the dictates of your own conscious. Then you have to deal with the consequences, just like all the persons of malfeasance will have to deal with all their bad choices. Oh yeah, this adventure into the belly of the political beast is getting very interesting. In a couple weeks there will be another Pre-Convention meeting at the Isleta Casino. It is an all day affair. I look forward to going and taking part again in our political process. This isn't a game. This is for real. I would encourage everyone to dig deep and never let up. The establishment is shaken. They have fear of us grassroots. Their fear comes from us being able to find all this information they have been trying to keep a secret. Game over!

The Albuquerque Democratic Pre-Primary Convention

Saturday, February 27, 2016

What I Think of Being a Delegate so Far, Complaint

This has been confusing, and a challenge to learn how all this works. Because of the confusion and uncertainty, I almost didn't participate. Then I decided to go to the ward meeting and just vote for a delegate. When things started there were only 4 of us sitting at our ward table, and there were 4 delegate slots open. So we all became delegates. It was as easy as falling off a horse.

It was so easy, now I can understand why political parties do a poor job of informing the public about these meetings, and the other things. It is way easier to gain office if only a few friends shows up to these meetings, and people run unopposed.
James Parks Channel

In the DPNM rules one of the items says that notice will be given in the local newspaper, and 14 days in advance I think. That isn't good enough. That isn't working. No one knew about these ward meetings. The general public is left in the dark, and don't even know these meetings exist. That ward meeting should have been packed.

The Democratic party, and the other parties, should not be relying on old technology to disseminate information concerning meetings, events, issues and elections. It kind of reminds me of our use of fossil fuels. We are using archaic methods from the last century when better methods now exist. I really don't think it would be too expensive to place billboards at the 4 cardinal points of the major cities announcing things the people must be made aware of, like ward meetings. I don't think it would be to much of a bother if the local broadcast news announced these meetings in advance on their program as a public service. I think the parties can use 21st century and 20th Century methods to fulfil their duty of informing the public of these very important meetings and events.

I see all the media both local and national talk about who is beating who in the polls. They go on and on about this issue or that trying to sway the public's opinion, or inform of what is going on in general. They need to do more. How many times have you ever heard any of the news programs like KOB4 Albuquerque evening news say anything like this, "In politics, tomorrow the ward meetings will be held throughout the city. In order to find your ward meeting place call 505-000-0000 or visit, (fake # & email)" ? I wager that you have never heard an announcement like that on TV or radio.

What about public access channels? I just looked and couldn't find anything in the form of instructions on the how to's of our political system. I just looked at the City of Albuquerque's TV show online. It is nothing more than a picture slide show powerpoint presentation with contact information for various government agencies, with some other public service announcements. I have to admit the background music is pretty cool. It is far from how I think such a program should be used.

People decry the fact that the citizens have not taken their responsibility seriously enough. That they need to participate in the political system if they want anything done. That's a fine thing to chastise the people of the United States for non-participation, then make that participation akin to entering some kind of secret kabal, where you have to dig for the secrets of its functioning because no one is going to volunteer the information you need to participate effectively. Ney, the entrenched don't want you to participate effectively unless that effect is in their favor.

Both of the Republican and Democratic parties owe it to the people to make real efforts to provide every bit of support they can to their people when it comes to the political process. The political parties need to be availing themselves of these resources. The people want to participate. The people want to think what they are doing counts. They are ready willing and more than able to learn, so teach them. That's part of what being a leader is all about I think. You have got to offer it all up, and show them how. The people for the most part don't even know where to start, so show them.

I do think the Democratic and the Republican party can do a better job of informing the public. The way things are set up now, it is like the system tries to exclude the public except for the final vote.

Personally, I am not liking the nomination process very much. It shouldn't be so confusing. The process should never leave things to random chance, i.e. the draw of the card. I got a super problem with the superdelegate system. I see it as undemocratic. All the convoluted rulemaking the parties do trying to gain some kind of unnatural advantage is sickening. That's part of the reason for such complex rules.

If I had things my way the entire process would be overhauled. It wouldn't be overhauled by the political parties either. They have proven time and again that they can not be trusted to keep good faith with all of the people. It seems they gravitate towards serving the interests of big business, letting the people's business sit on the back burner, or to be ignored entirely. That's why the rules are designed to keep party insiders elected, grassroots unelected and the people uninformed.

Because the political parties seem to be prone to be given over to big business interests at the expense of the common citizen, an inequality among the people is generated. Because the political parties can not be trusted to serve all the people, and seem to be prone to be given over to big business interests at the expense of the common citizen, the FEC should be tasked with writing the rules for the nomination process, and have them be uniform rules across all of the political parties, and the states. Have rules that any person of reason, even persons of reason who possess very little education, can understand without blowing brain cells. I would think that the reform of the political process that elects our government officials would be just as important as the other items in our political revolution. Overturning Citizens United, maintaining truth and integrity in government and media, political party donor transparency, ease of voter access to polls, information dispersal and uniform election laws all are vitally important to the interests and common good of the people.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Antonin Scalia Dies at 79: Supreme Court Control Now at Stake in 2016

"The Republican-controlled Senate is unlikely to confirm any replacement nominated by President Obama in his final months in office, leaving the decision hanging over the presidential campaign and giving the next president an enormous prize the moment he or she is inaugurated." ~NBC News~

James Parks Jr

I agree. I also think that this development causes the mission of keeping a democrat in the White House even more imperative.

I think the Republicans would of course oppose any SCOTUS nomination Obama ever suggested, and for reasons we all are well aware of. So what would happen if this important decision was passed off to a Hillary Clinton presidency? Remember, she said she would get the Republican party to work with her in Congress and the Senate. Here's what I think would happen if Hillary got into office given the current developments.

The Republican party already hate Hillary with a flaming passion. The prospect of a Hillary Presidency has bugged them for years. That's why they have been giving her so much hell for all this time. Then after it was brought out that the Benghazi thing was a vendetta (like no one already knew) the Republicans were embarrassed, so given that, a Hillary Presidency would be a slap in the face of the GOP woman haters.

Related: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Has Died at Age 79

Furthermore, the GOP has enjoyed control of the SCOTUS, or should I say that big money has enjoyed control, for some time now. Time enough to cause damage. The prospect of a Democratic President picking a "liberal" for the Supreme Court would be another sticking point for the GOP. To have Hillary Clinton, a WOMAN for corn's sake, pick out a SCOTUS nomination would be to much to swallow for them. The way the GOP treated our first Black President was an embarrassment enough. To think of how the jack-asses in the current Republican party will react to a Hillary Clinton Presidency and Supreme Court Judge pick makes me want to cringe. The picture doesn't look good, folks.

Honestly, I am not criticizing Hillary Clinton one little bit in this one. Neither is there any sexist motive on my part in writing this. Make no mistake as to where my finger is pointing when this was written. My finger of blame is pointing at the members of the Republican party who embrace primitive sexist/racist ideas.

So point out the way a Hillary presidency would be 4 more years of gridlock, and tell them why. Tell them it is because the GOP are sexists and would never cooperate with Hillary Clinton on anything, and especially never on a liberal SCOTUS nomination. This attack is where it belongs, on the GOP.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Carrier Air Conditioner Betrays Employees: Moving 1,400 Jobs to Mexico

Dang it! The first thing this morning I find something that pisses me off. Check out this video of the announcement of the betrayal of our people. It is the shutting down of the Carrier Air Conditioner factory in Indianapolis Indiana. He said it was purely a "Business decision". I'm sure as these people start to feel the squeeze of unemployment, and no decent job prospects, they can comfort themselves that it wasn't their own fault. I think the man in the video said it best. "F*** You!"

I went to high school in Indianapolis in the early 1970's. After I got out of the Navy I went back to Indianapolis and got my first industrial job. Back in those days, if you wanted a job in manufacturing, Indianapolis was a good place to go.

Now look at it. You can't turn on the news in the evening without hearing about another murder. I could go on and on about the problems Indianapolis faces. I also wouldn't live in Indianapolis for love or money. IMHO Indianapolis has been ruined. This is part of the problem. The flight of manufacturing jobs to foreign lands and people who are willing to work for pennies. The owners, board members and CEO's who are willing to throw fellow Americans under the bus because they want to have 10 cents more on their dividends payment.

This a betrayal of the people of Indiana, and of America. They were all cosy with Indianapolis and happy until they started getting the glimmer of that extra 10 cents into their eye. Then they became blinded to any sense of loyalty to the people of the community. The sense of loyalty only is supposed to go one way, then the worker is supposed to understand it is for the "good of the company", and screw you.

My thought is to say to Carrier Air Conditioner, "F*** YOU!"! I urge the total boycott of Carrier Air Conditioner until they abandon their plan to stab their workers in the back. SAY HELL NO TO A MEXICO GO! Keep American manufacturing in America.

I bet all of this is facilitated by one of them crappy trade deals. This should make you angry that your fellows are being treated in such a manner. This is video proof of the corporate betrayal of the American citizen.

Vote for Bernie Sanders, and other progressives so we can put a stop to this outrage once and for all.

Here is a link to the 6ABC site story;

Employees react to news that Carrier is moving from Indy to Mexico

Monday, February 8, 2016

All ___ Caused the Problems We Have.

Hey fellow Humans. I'm getting pretty annoyed at a portion of you. It seems like some Humans are trying to make out like the race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is a war between men and women. I also see some Humans trying to make out like our struggle with things like Black Lives Matter is a struggle between the races. I see them do this, and attempting to give that power by demonizing another portion of the population.

This is unacceptable. This is a misunderstanding of the problems facing us with racism and sexism. It is not the gender of the person or the race of the person that caused the problem. It is the thoughts and actions that caused the problems. We can demonize people, blaming them all for the actions of a portion. We can unthinkingly punish them all for the actions of people who have a resemblance to them. We can do all of those primitive things and never get anywhere. Infact, those things will only cause the problems to get worse.

The reason why the problems will get worse if we blame an entire segment of society for the actions of a few is, some Humans use that as a tool to divide us so they can profit monetarily from a misdirected conflict.

I think Humans better drop all that mess and start to think in terms more advanced. Humans need to stop the notion of "All ___ are ___." when talking about the Human race. "All ___ caused the problems we have." is not of reason or logical.

From now on please only consider the thoughts and actions, not the package. The package means nothing, and can even fool you. It is the thought and action that must be confronted.

Rubio Spins Hillary: Says Would Abort Full Term Fetus

This starts off with "abortion" in the headline, but Rubio says something that caused me to have a thought about same sex marriages. So I address that here and now. I'll get to abortion, I promise you.

Rubio: Democrats are Extremists on Abortion 1:33
Marriage is " of the cornerstones of our society...". Rudio and other people who say stuff like that have a very narrow view of society. Anything that falls out of that view is a danger to their vision. Their failure comes when they try to make the rules for society to be written in stone, and canonized by religious faith. They fail to recognise that society and faith are plastic, and change through time. As we advance in knowledge and understanding, our species learn what is truly a danger to our civilization, and what is not. The members of the Republican party rail against things that are not a danger, like same sex marriages, and ignore things that are a real danger, like human caused global warming. It seems like insanity.

The people who prefer to have a partner that are the same sex as themselves are not a threat to our society. People like Rubio and his cohort who wish to cram their religion down the throats of the American people are a threat to our society, a serious threat. If they are allowed to dictate to you who you may have an intimate relationship with, the next task they would take on is to disallow interracial marriages. They would not base their desire for such laws on reason and logic, neither science nor study of the facts! They would base their desire to restrict your freedom on written words from the tome of the Christian faith, the Bible.

That in itself is anti-American. We are not supposed to make laws that respect any religion. Neither did our forefathers advise us to promote religion in the halls of government. They warned us against such actions. So when people like Rubio say the despicable words he says, they are talking treason. They are talking talk that is unConstitutional in essence.

Our society looks and functions nothing like it did 250 years ago. Religion, and especially the Christian religion as practised in the U.S., looks nothing like it did 250 years ago. Both of those things of which I speak, 250 years ago looked nothing like they did 2000 years ago. So the primitive thinkers in the far Right think they will freeze time, society and religion through the legislative process? They are doomed to failure. If they were smart, and advanced thinkers of the 21st Century, they would not be trying to swim against the current of human advancement.

On the issue of abortion he is taking things out of context for political showmanship. He is taking Mrs. Clinton's words out of context, and he knows it. He is spinning Hillary's words to give the most gruesome mental image possible hoping for an unthinking knee-jerk reaction! Rubio, with his robotic manner, programmed speech and condescending approach is annoying.

He thinks he is smart enough to spoon feed us a bunch of crap, and that we are all dumb enough to eat it up. Homey don't play that. Rubio and all the other ones who think they can use mental tricks on us to fool us into making bad decisions are now on notice. That shit no longer flies.

I would urge all persons of reason to abandon the primitives who populate the Republican party. Let us not let them hold our civilization back.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Bernie Sanders Has as Much Foreign Policy Experience as Ronald Reagan & Franklin D. Roosevelt

Hillary Clinton and her backers are making so much of her experience as Secretary of State, saying that makes her ready day one, and that because of it she is a better choice for President than Sanders. History disagrees.

Ronald Reagan, FDR and Obama had virtually the same Foreign Policy Experience before Attaining the Presidency. That makes Hillary's "ready day one" argument not valid even though she has more experience. The last Secretary of State to become President of the United States was James Buchanan, a century and a half ago, and we've not disintegrated yet.

Check it out. This is the response for them who wish to spread the Hillary experience myth.

Foreign-Policy “Experience”
September 4, 2008 12:00 AM

Sharing second thoughts on the talking points over experience.
"That all depends on what the definition of “experience” is.

Before getting into that, however, a plain fact should be noted: No governor ever had foreign-policy experience before becoming president — not Ronald Reagan, not Franklin D. Roosevelt, nor any other governor.

It is hard to know how many people could possibly have had foreign-policy experience before reaching the White House besides a Secretary of State or a Secretary of Defense.

The last Secretary of War (the old title of Secretaries of Defense) to later become President of the United States was William Howard Taft, a hundred years ago. The last Secretary of State to become President of the United States was James Buchanan, a century and a half ago."
"As for Senator Obama, his various pronouncements on foreign policy have been as immature as they have been presumptuous.

He talked publicly about taking military action against Pakistan, one of our few Islamic allies and a nation with nuclear weapons.

Barack Obama’s first response to the Russian invasion of Georgia was to urge “all sides” to negotiate a cease-fire and take their issues to the United Nations.

That is standard liberal talk, which even Obama had second thoughts about, after Senator John McCain gave a more grown-up response."

Read more at:

Friday, February 5, 2016

Hillary's Biggest Weakness Makes Her Unelectable

I have an idea that I have found a big flaw in the Hillary armor. It is on the issue of electability. I have been pounding on this issue of a Hillary presidency being a lame duck proposition. When I did I got some initial resistance to the idea, but it faded. This is what I posted on the official Hillary FB wall. It quickly got 13 "Likes"

"If Hillary Clinton is elected President she will not get anything except for a hard time from the Republican party. If she is elected, you can be assured of 4 more years of gridlock, as our nation slips even further into oligarchy. As the hateful Republican party opposes her on everything, nothing will get accomplished for women's rights, racial inequality, or a whole host of progressive issues we want addressed. NOTHING!

With a Hillary Presidency you can look forward to 4 years of congressional hearings and impeachment attempts against Hillary for anything, and everything, real and unreal, and nothing will ever get done."

The objections were in the form of...

"If you think Sanders will get anything done then you are totally delusional.",

"He would get less done than Hillary as he is incapable of compromise.",

"She has as much inner fortitude and graciousness as President Obama.",

"Hillary is so much more savvy in the political arena.",

"Sanders as independent has no support from the party",

"And they hate socialists more.",

"As long as there is a foothold of Tea Party-ers in the House and overt libertarians in the Senate, that argument will be for any President even slightly left of center. Both candidates apply.",

" you have no faith"

...and that was the end of the opposition comments for the last 2 hours.

I will place my rebuttals to their comments below. I tried to be respectful, and use only logic and reason. If you think this tactic is of value, feel free to spread it around. They really have no good defense against this chain of logic. The reason is because it is pretty much the case.

`````````````My rebuttals``````````````

" Take off the "blinders of bias" and any person of reason will know what I predict is true. If you think you seen gridlock with the Obama presidency, and just because the GOP are flaming bigots, you've seen nothing yet.

The hateful/sexists GOP will lay into her like no tomorrow. They will rabidly oppose her at every turn. Until we can get rid of the primitive minds in our government, there will be no cooperation with any president other than a white male.

Don't think a Bernie Presidency will make the things we want to have easier to get by much. It will still be a hard fight. It just won't be impossible, like with Hillary."

"Hillary will not get anything done because the GOP hate her guts. They hate to have any president other than white males. They will not give her any cooperation, ever. People who think she can get the hateful/sexists/bigots in the GOP to cooperate with a woman, or a minority are seriously deluding themselves. The GOP is rife with sexists pigs. Look at their record of support for women's issues, which is non-existent.

If the Republicans don't have any respect for women in everyday life, what makes people think they will respect one as president? They will not."


"What you're prescribing is another round of the same as we had with the GOP anti-Obama stance. The Congress in session during the Obama presidency was deemed the worst, do-nothing Congress in the history of our nation. It was caused by partisan infighting, spurred by the election of a black man. You are going for more of the same with a Hillary presidency. I hope you are not supporting Hillary just because she is a woman. That would be a serious error of judgement. An error just as grievous as voting for Clinton thinking she will get cooperation from the GOP."


" I've laid out valid reasons why Hillary Clinton will not get the cooperation she, and some of you think she will. None of it has to do with what I think of her personally, but I am getting no counterpoints of reason here. Instead I get things like, "She has as much inner fortitude and graciousness as President Obama." or "Hillary is so much more savvy in the political arena." which are not very reassuring for a person of reason. I want real reasons why Hillary will get a far right GOP to do anything other than oppose her. None of you have put forth an argument for your candidate. Not one."

In response to the charge of a GOP not working with a Socialist: "That is an issue, but their disdain of "Democratic Socialism" is a short sighted policy that will hurt them in the future. The reason is because of the Democratic Socialist programs we already have, like the Veterans Administration. As they attack the VA, Social Security, Medicare and other beloved "Socialist" programs, they will garner even more opposition from the general population.

In the meantime they will use Hillary as a whipping girl to divert attention away from their true agenda, the abolition of every socialist program enacted in the last 80 years.

A vote for Hillary would help to enable the Koch Brothers, and the other primitive thinkers i.e. Republicans, to roll back our accomplishments. Your assessment is flawed in the extreme.

There is no need for you to call on me to "wake up". I am fully awake, and have been studying this for a long time.

I will not ask you to wake up. I will just ask that you throw away all bias, and to use logic and reason."


"The GOP has been digging into Hillary for years, not Sanders. The best they have come up with against Sanders is the old "Socialist" bogeyman, which doesn't seem to be bothering many people. I stand by my premise."


"Even when I supported Hillary, this issue was my biggest concern. This isn't even about all the other questions with her background. It is about the sexists/bigots in the Republican party. It is about how no matter how sincere or well meaning Hillary is, it will not amount to a hill of beans against the current GOP power structure. We all know who control things, and what their mind set is on the GOP side. I'm here to tell you that the Republicans wish to preserve, or reinstate old primitive ideas of bigotry and sexism that we all fight so hard against.

Just step back and look. First we have our 1st black President in US history, and the GOP state even before he swears oath that they will oppose him at every turn, then do it for 8 sluggish years of partisan gridlock.

Now let us project that into the future, and we get our 1st lady President. I think the Republicans will double down on the partisan gridlock if she is elected. It is what they do. They did it with our 1st black President, and they will do it with our first female president. That is what the sexists/bigots in the Republican party do.

Until that is fixed, you won't get cooperation from the GOP with any other than a white male President.

Note: Don't tell me "Look the GOP had persons of color as candidates.", because I would just have to say, "Oh please! Like any of them ever had the slightest chance of a Republican nomination. They were just window dressing."

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Trump Told Crowd 'Knock the Crap' Out of Tomato Thrower

"...knock the crap out of them, would you, seriously...I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees..."

Trump said to hit tomato thrower.
These words should help people to understand the mental processes of a man like Trump. His words tell me that he would use his money to shirk the law. For him it is okay to use violence to get results, even if one has to break the law in the process. For him the law be damned because he has enough money to pay the fines, and to buy judges. The law means nothing to him. Only his agenda and goal mean anything to him, and he will do anything he thinks he can get away with to accomplish those goals.

Donald Trump and his ilk are very dangerous elements in our society. They think money can buy them out of trouble for any wrongdoings. That's one reason I advocate a sliding scale for fines, that would be tied to income.

For instance, some person gets fined for going 100 mph in a 65 mph zone. Say that same person is driving a Maserati and pulls in $1.5 million a year. For him the price of speeding is just the cost of having a little fun. The money spent on the fine means nothing to them, and has no effect on them what-so-ever.

Now turn that around and say the speeder is a person driving a 10 year old car, and they only make $35,000 a year. A fine is going to put the screws to their finances, and they will get the message. Don't speed.

This is the "inequality" in the income inequality. This example, and many others like exclusion, are the results of income inequality. Donald Trump is an extreme example of what can happen when income inequality goes amok. The deluded wealthy person thinks they can get away with anything they want because they have a lot of money.

The deluded wealthy person thinks they can tell their followers to beat people up, and they will pay the costs. Isn't that a bit like hiring a hitman? What next?

Monday, February 1, 2016

A Vote for Hillary is a Vote for 4 More Years of Gridlock

I was viewing the Hillary part of the Town Hall when they got to a question about how is she going to get the Republicans to work with her. She had all kinds of reasons why, and how she would cause that to happen. I'm here to tell you she is dead wrong on that.

All women should take note. Our civilization has serious problems concerning the raw treatment women and others get. We all know it isn't any fare to pay one person less just because they are a woman, and the other injustices. It's the result of greed, and justified by it. It doesn't matter that Hillary is a woman, and has personal experience with women's issues because of it. It doesn't matter if she has good ideas to fix the mess our nation is in when it comes to the inequalities. It wouldn't matter how passionate or ernest she is about women's issues either. The reason is, the Republican party hate her guts.

They will oppose her at every opportunity. Instead of the cooperation she thinks she will garner, she will get nothing but bitter opposition. Anyone who thinks otherwise is having fanciful dreams. Remember the way the GOP has been dogging her for years? Has everyone forgot that? You guys think you seen gridlock by a bigoted GOP in response to having a black man as president, you haven't seen anything yet! They are going to go double duty gridlock as they do nothing but try to impeach Hillary Clinton for the next 4 years. Let us not kid ourselves.

We all know how hateful the GOP has become nowadays. They just can't stand it that anyone other than a white male is in the white house. We all know how they regard women. Look at the legislation they so often try to pass which tramples on women's rights! They had no respect for Obama, and that was because they are bigots. Now they would do the same with the sexism with a Hillary Presidency.

I say that any woman who hopes to improve the lot for her gender had better cast a vote for Bernie Sanders. That's the only way you're going to see any progress on women's issues, and it still will be a tough row to hoe. We have got to remove all them bigots and sexists out of our government first so we can elect a president without a bunch of primitive thinkers messing everything up. It will not be easy in any case, but it will be impossible with Hillary at bat for women against a hateful Republican party.

Hillary = 4 more years of gridlock.