Friday, February 5, 2016

Hillary's Biggest Weakness Makes Her Unelectable

I have an idea that I have found a big flaw in the Hillary armor. It is on the issue of electability. I have been pounding on this issue of a Hillary presidency being a lame duck proposition. When I did I got some initial resistance to the idea, but it faded. This is what I posted on the official Hillary FB wall. It quickly got 13 "Likes"

"If Hillary Clinton is elected President she will not get anything except for a hard time from the Republican party. If she is elected, you can be assured of 4 more years of gridlock, as our nation slips even further into oligarchy. As the hateful Republican party opposes her on everything, nothing will get accomplished for women's rights, racial inequality, or a whole host of progressive issues we want addressed. NOTHING!

With a Hillary Presidency you can look forward to 4 years of congressional hearings and impeachment attempts against Hillary for anything, and everything, real and unreal, and nothing will ever get done."

The objections were in the form of...

"If you think Sanders will get anything done then you are totally delusional.",

"He would get less done than Hillary as he is incapable of compromise.",

"She has as much inner fortitude and graciousness as President Obama.",

"Hillary is so much more savvy in the political arena.",

"Sanders as independent has no support from the party",

"And they hate socialists more.",

"As long as there is a foothold of Tea Party-ers in the House and overt libertarians in the Senate, that argument will be for any President even slightly left of center. Both candidates apply.",

" you have no faith"

...and that was the end of the opposition comments for the last 2 hours.

I will place my rebuttals to their comments below. I tried to be respectful, and use only logic and reason. If you think this tactic is of value, feel free to spread it around. They really have no good defense against this chain of logic. The reason is because it is pretty much the case.

`````````````My rebuttals``````````````

" Take off the "blinders of bias" and any person of reason will know what I predict is true. If you think you seen gridlock with the Obama presidency, and just because the GOP are flaming bigots, you've seen nothing yet.

The hateful/sexists GOP will lay into her like no tomorrow. They will rabidly oppose her at every turn. Until we can get rid of the primitive minds in our government, there will be no cooperation with any president other than a white male.

Don't think a Bernie Presidency will make the things we want to have easier to get by much. It will still be a hard fight. It just won't be impossible, like with Hillary."

"Hillary will not get anything done because the GOP hate her guts. They hate to have any president other than white males. They will not give her any cooperation, ever. People who think she can get the hateful/sexists/bigots in the GOP to cooperate with a woman, or a minority are seriously deluding themselves. The GOP is rife with sexists pigs. Look at their record of support for women's issues, which is non-existent.

If the Republicans don't have any respect for women in everyday life, what makes people think they will respect one as president? They will not."


"What you're prescribing is another round of the same as we had with the GOP anti-Obama stance. The Congress in session during the Obama presidency was deemed the worst, do-nothing Congress in the history of our nation. It was caused by partisan infighting, spurred by the election of a black man. You are going for more of the same with a Hillary presidency. I hope you are not supporting Hillary just because she is a woman. That would be a serious error of judgement. An error just as grievous as voting for Clinton thinking she will get cooperation from the GOP."


" I've laid out valid reasons why Hillary Clinton will not get the cooperation she, and some of you think she will. None of it has to do with what I think of her personally, but I am getting no counterpoints of reason here. Instead I get things like, "She has as much inner fortitude and graciousness as President Obama." or "Hillary is so much more savvy in the political arena." which are not very reassuring for a person of reason. I want real reasons why Hillary will get a far right GOP to do anything other than oppose her. None of you have put forth an argument for your candidate. Not one."

In response to the charge of a GOP not working with a Socialist: "That is an issue, but their disdain of "Democratic Socialism" is a short sighted policy that will hurt them in the future. The reason is because of the Democratic Socialist programs we already have, like the Veterans Administration. As they attack the VA, Social Security, Medicare and other beloved "Socialist" programs, they will garner even more opposition from the general population.

In the meantime they will use Hillary as a whipping girl to divert attention away from their true agenda, the abolition of every socialist program enacted in the last 80 years.

A vote for Hillary would help to enable the Koch Brothers, and the other primitive thinkers i.e. Republicans, to roll back our accomplishments. Your assessment is flawed in the extreme.

There is no need for you to call on me to "wake up". I am fully awake, and have been studying this for a long time.

I will not ask you to wake up. I will just ask that you throw away all bias, and to use logic and reason."


"The GOP has been digging into Hillary for years, not Sanders. The best they have come up with against Sanders is the old "Socialist" bogeyman, which doesn't seem to be bothering many people. I stand by my premise."


"Even when I supported Hillary, this issue was my biggest concern. This isn't even about all the other questions with her background. It is about the sexists/bigots in the Republican party. It is about how no matter how sincere or well meaning Hillary is, it will not amount to a hill of beans against the current GOP power structure. We all know who control things, and what their mind set is on the GOP side. I'm here to tell you that the Republicans wish to preserve, or reinstate old primitive ideas of bigotry and sexism that we all fight so hard against.

Just step back and look. First we have our 1st black President in US history, and the GOP state even before he swears oath that they will oppose him at every turn, then do it for 8 sluggish years of partisan gridlock.

Now let us project that into the future, and we get our 1st lady President. I think the Republicans will double down on the partisan gridlock if she is elected. It is what they do. They did it with our 1st black President, and they will do it with our first female president. That is what the sexists/bigots in the Republican party do.

Until that is fixed, you won't get cooperation from the GOP with any other than a white male President.

Note: Don't tell me "Look the GOP had persons of color as candidates.", because I would just have to say, "Oh please! Like any of them ever had the slightest chance of a Republican nomination. They were just window dressing."