Monday, February 8, 2016

Rubio Spins Hillary: Says Would Abort Full Term Fetus

This starts off with "abortion" in the headline, but Rubio says something that caused me to have a thought about same sex marriages. So I address that here and now. I'll get to abortion, I promise you.

Rubio: Democrats are Extremists on Abortion 1:33
Marriage is " of the cornerstones of our society...". Rudio and other people who say stuff like that have a very narrow view of society. Anything that falls out of that view is a danger to their vision. Their failure comes when they try to make the rules for society to be written in stone, and canonized by religious faith. They fail to recognise that society and faith are plastic, and change through time. As we advance in knowledge and understanding, our species learn what is truly a danger to our civilization, and what is not. The members of the Republican party rail against things that are not a danger, like same sex marriages, and ignore things that are a real danger, like human caused global warming. It seems like insanity.

The people who prefer to have a partner that are the same sex as themselves are not a threat to our society. People like Rubio and his cohort who wish to cram their religion down the throats of the American people are a threat to our society, a serious threat. If they are allowed to dictate to you who you may have an intimate relationship with, the next task they would take on is to disallow interracial marriages. They would not base their desire for such laws on reason and logic, neither science nor study of the facts! They would base their desire to restrict your freedom on written words from the tome of the Christian faith, the Bible.

That in itself is anti-American. We are not supposed to make laws that respect any religion. Neither did our forefathers advise us to promote religion in the halls of government. They warned us against such actions. So when people like Rubio say the despicable words he says, they are talking treason. They are talking talk that is unConstitutional in essence.

Our society looks and functions nothing like it did 250 years ago. Religion, and especially the Christian religion as practised in the U.S., looks nothing like it did 250 years ago. Both of those things of which I speak, 250 years ago looked nothing like they did 2000 years ago. So the primitive thinkers in the far Right think they will freeze time, society and religion through the legislative process? They are doomed to failure. If they were smart, and advanced thinkers of the 21st Century, they would not be trying to swim against the current of human advancement.

On the issue of abortion he is taking things out of context for political showmanship. He is taking Mrs. Clinton's words out of context, and he knows it. He is spinning Hillary's words to give the most gruesome mental image possible hoping for an unthinking knee-jerk reaction! Rubio, with his robotic manner, programmed speech and condescending approach is annoying.

He thinks he is smart enough to spoon feed us a bunch of crap, and that we are all dumb enough to eat it up. Homey don't play that. Rubio and all the other ones who think they can use mental tricks on us to fool us into making bad decisions are now on notice. That shit no longer flies.

I would urge all persons of reason to abandon the primitives who populate the Republican party. Let us not let them hold our civilization back.