Friday, April 29, 2016

Secular Humanist are the Standard Bearer of Morality

By James Parks:

It seems that the Secular Humanist are the standard bearers of morality today. I'm not saying Secular Humanist's are all perfect lil-angels who never did anything wrong, but you don't see them try to justify criminal behavior with a myth.

Some people try to twist the truth and say that the Secular Humanist can not have a basis in morality without a god. I say that is one of the biggest lies told to Humans. The rules like the "Ten Commandments" are partially derived from Humanist values. All religious values have their roots in Humanist values, and not the other way around. How do I know this to be true? There are thousands of religions on the Earth, and only one Humanity.

Personally, I would like to see every Human abandon religion as harmful baggage from our primitive pre-human past. That's right, pre-human is the source of religion. The beliefs in spirits and gods by humans is an artifact of when pre-humans didn't have a clue about anything beyond the barest knowledge to keep oneself alive. To them everything had a spirit in it because they didn't understand the true nature of things. Their newly emerged cerebral cortex, with its amazing ability to process information and take many items of information and form hypotheses, had to use the very little knowledge of the universe they had to figure things out best they could. The belief in spirits resulted and has been the default position for when Humans run against a roadblock in understanding ever since.

I wonder if there is another split in our species happening. Use your mind's eye and imagine. Many eons ago there was only one. Not human, and not ape or chimp, there was a species that preceded us and them. They did not have the kinds of thoughts we have because their brain was different than ours. Also, we can not think another being's thoughts for them, but we can say with assurance that those beings did not have the understanding of the universe we Humans have today. Their understanding was, for the lack of a better word, "animalistic", and that is the way they acted to survive. It worked.

Then there was that evolutionary split. The Humans and the apes were formed out of the previous one, and supplanted them. As we walk through our imaginary past time, I can imagine that there was a time when it was only a few years beyond that split. The Human cerebral cortex had formed into complexity, but yet the Humans didn't even know how to start a fire, or chip a stone. Their understanding was still stuck in the animalistic because that is all they had from the beginning. Religion is a part of that animalistic ignorance of the true nature of the universe. An effort to explain that which has not yet been explained. For a long time that animalistic explanation of the universe worked good enough to advance Humans to a point, then it starts to fail.

That failure of the animalistic notion of gods and spirits is a natural consequence of Humanity gaining knowledge of the true nature of the universe. A problem arises when the Humans stubbornly fail to lay away the archaic notions of a spirit world, which are a part of our animal origins.

Then we have Humans like this guy Dennis Hastert. He is fully immersed into the animal nature of Humanity. He is representative of the new split in Humanity. On one side of it are people like him, and other far right wing nutz, and people of all religions who believe in spirits and gods. On the other side are people like Secular Humanists and other people who rely on logic, reason and factual knowledge to form a picture of the universe. On one side primitive/animalistic thinkers, and on the other side advanced/enlightened thinkers.

It seems that the primitives have sided with the Republican party and chosen that as their standard. The advanced thinking Humans seem to have rightfully gravitated to progressive, liberal, Democratic Socialist values. One day far into the future their descendants, if they have any, will be looked upon by our descendants with the same interest we look upon chimps and monkeys today.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Few Things About Hillary: Do Not Forget

This ain't over yet! Let us not forget a few things.

For one, this is a political revolution. It doesn't depend on one person. It depends on the thoughts and actions of millions of free people.

The math still says it is possible for Mr. Sanders to win, even though the chance is slim. Even if he doesn't win, we are still a force to be reckoned with. Lady Hillary can try to dismiss us like she did in the MSNBC interview all she wants. That will not endear Bernie supporters to her. That will only further alienate them. Her dismissal of the Bernie Sanders supporters, the contempt shown by her towards them only reinforces the "Bernie or Bust" mentality.

She has some heavy and very dark clouds following her too! It also matters not if anything is justified. The issues are there, and the GOP will use any tool against her they can find, like these.

  • Clinton’s State Department Emails
  • Benghazi 
  • Conflicts of Interest in Foggy Bottom 
  • The Clinton's Private Email Server 
  • Sidney Blumenthal 
  • The Speeches
  • The Clinton Foundation
  • The Bad Old Days; Troopergate, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Vince Foster, Juanita Broaddrick.
  • Republicans hate her with a passion, and will never cooperate with her on anything, ever!
  • Early in her campaign she kept bringing up the fact that she is a woman as if that is reason alone to vote for her.
  • Rude and dismissive treatment of Black Lives Matters people.
  • Haudy, superior attitude displayed.
  • Sense of entitlement to the office of the Presidency detected.
  • Evasiveness when asked a question. As if she is looking for an out when she should be forthcoming.

If none of that is able to derail her bid to become president, all that handy ammunition handed to the Republican party will surely ruin her possible presidency. That list of Clinton skeletons in the closet will be her undoing, and the cause of 4 years of continued gridlock.

Mark my word and listen well. Hillary Clinton will not be able to convince the majority of Bernie supporters to throw that support behind her. She will not be able to bring the Democratic and Republican parties together for the common good.

If you think you seen partisan gridlock and petty rivalries dominate the politics of the Obama administration, you've seen nothing yet. The bigots in the GOP oppose Obama because, well because they are rotten bigots. They are also sexists too! They are sexists who hate Hillary Clinton with a burning passion. If the GOP can not get one of their own into the White House, they are going to spend the next 4 years trying their inhuman best to impeach Hillary. It will be that, or constant gridlock of the kind we had with the Obama/GOP house fight.

The GOP said even before Obama was sworn in that they will never cooperate with him, and oppose everything Obama tries to advance. How much more opposition/gridlock/attack do you think the Republicans will engage in against the specter of their hatred, which is Hillary?

Again I say, you haven't seen anything yet. Guaranteed, a Hillary presidency will consist of nothing but her trying to keep from being impeached from the Oval Office. It will be that plus the constant grinding sound of the machine of government coming to a halt while the parties bicker.

Voting for Hillary is a big mistake.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cap & Eliminate Carbon

I believe the carbon tax is an ineffective compromise between pandering politicians and the fossil fuels industry. We don't need Cap & Trade. We need Cap & Eliminate. No more carbon trading.

Just like the old CAFE standards, we need to set standards on the efficiency and means of electrical production. Our civilization should mandate that electrical power production be given over to green energy methods, and set time limits on that.

Within 10 years, 50% of electrical capacity be given over to green energy production methods, or reduce electrical production by an amount that would cause an equal lowering of total carbon emissions.

Within 15 years, 75% of electrical capacity be given over to green energy production methods, or reduce electrical production by an amount that would cause an equal lowering of total carbon emissions.

Within 20 years, 100% of electrical capacity be given over to green energy production methods, or reduce electrical production by an amount that would cause an equal lowering of total carbon emissions.

Example: A power plant uses 1000 tons of coal to produce 1000 gigawatts of electrical power. At the end of 10 years the power plant should be producing 500 gigawatts with 500 tons of coal, and 500 gigawatts with solar or wind.

If they are unable to meet the standard they would have to lower their coal usage to meet the lowered carbon emission standard. Say they only are producing 250 gigawatts of clean energy at the end of 10 years instead of 500. The power plant would still only be allowed to burn 500 tons of coal for power production, so they would have to reduce their wattage output, and/or import power to make up the difference. No importing power from across international borders allowed unless it can be proven to be from clean energy sources.

Cap & Trade gives reason to scheme and connive. Our planet needs real action, urgently. Force the switch to clean energy.

Friday, April 8, 2016

What To Do About the Failing Political Parties

The people of the two dominant political parties aren’t very happy with the way things are going. At least the sane ones that is. I don’t know what to say about the Trump or Cruz supporters. Insane in the membrane, may be.

You have seen a little of the idea of forming a new political party after the general election to follow through on the political revolution started by Bernie Sanders. I want to be honest with you from the get go. So this is my thoughts. A lot of people here in Albuquerque are active politically. I’m one of them, and I’m not happy with the Democratic party either. That got me going on this. I wanted to get people to take over the Democratic Party here in NM, and every other state for that matter. Then maybe we could fix things. So I studied the rules and found the process for doing exactly that.

I wrote the process down and presented it to the people. When I did I got a response from a friend calling what I had written a position paper, and basically that the Democratic party may not be worth saving anymore. That after the general election a new party might be formed, so what do I want to do about it?

I've known what I want to do about it for a long time. During the last mid-terms I was so urked by the entire political freakshow, that I created the "Wild Party" Facebook group. It was a tongue in cheek kind of a protest of the political parties. I borrowed the name from the Alice Cooper song "Elected".

Indeed, for a long time I have not been very happy with the political parties. I don't see them serving the people's best interests. I don't see them as being concerned with the long term well being of our civilization. In fact, I see the current political party structure as dangerous to the survival of the Human species.

I started looking around for current political parties that might fit the bill. One that would serve the public interests in a manner I thought were correct. I wasn’t having any luck in finding an alternative party to back. I wanted something truly revolutionary, and to be damn serious about it too! I kept coming up disappointed. I wanted to do something about the current corrupt political situation in our nation, but I couldn’t find a political organization that I thought had a chance of defeating the Republican/Democrat/Industry oligarchy.

One of the people that has inspired me the most is Mr. Bernie Sanders. One year ago I would have felt like I had to explain who he is, but not today. I’m sure you already know. Mr. Sanders said “Think big!” I think we have to take that to heart. We have to embrace that concept of “Think big!” To me that was an invitation, and a challenge too! Hey look, our ancestors were smart enough to come up with a system of politics and government that kept the power in the hands of the few. So I’m sure that we today are smart enough to come up with a system of politics and government that serves the people’s well being, and industry too. If Human beings in the past were smart enough to write the rules, and the nuts and bolts of our Bizarro World political parties, we’re smart enough today to fix it.

So I started to write what I thought might be the beginnings to another political party. I called it the Democratic Socialist Party of the United States. I figured I must be just as worthy as any other Human Being past or Present to attempt it. I have been exposed to the structure of the law for many years. For decades I had to wade through the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR’s) when dealing with the FAA. Also I am familiar with Operation Procedure Manuals (OPM’s) and many other types of directives and government paperwork. I’ve worked for a few of the biggest names in aviation in the industry on both commercial, civil and Department of Defense projects. I’ve worked at the worker, lead and supervisory level. I did all that as a high school dropout. It wasn’t until 2005, when I was injured and off work that I took the time to get a GED. When I did, I scored the highest of anyone in the state of Alabama who took the test that round! I was so surprised when they announced it to everyone there. I got to be valedictorian and make a speech. I took an army aptitude test when in high school, and scored highest for electrical and mechanical aptitude in the state of Indiana. I’ve been lucky enough on all that stuff.

Seal of the DSPOTUS
I have also been lucky in the fact that I’ve dug ditches, and have done odd jobs for day labor outfits. I’ve been homeless, and hungry. Cold and miserable are two things I’m very familiar with too. I know what it is like to struggle. I’ve went to plasma centers just to get enough money for my next meal. There’s been times when I’ve ended up selling everything I had, and that still wasn’t enough. My first memories were those of a house with a wood stove, and taking a bath in a galvanized tub. I’ve seen riots in Milwaukee, and KKK marches in North Carolina. In my ignorance I’ve visited prejudice against my brothers and sisters, please forgive me, and prejudice has been violently visited upon me. It seems like I have been at both ends of the spectrum in life. Maybe now is time to try to put all that to good use.

So for what it is worth, I am trying to write rules and procedures for a whole new political party. I figure, why not? It may come to nothing, it may come to something, who knows? I know the exercise will cause me to learn something, and that is always a positive.

As of this writing I have made DSPOTUS Facebook groups for all the states. Written a good part of the rules for how the party would function, and how to elect party officials. I am working on the process for nominating candidates for public office. I have tried my best to keep things such that the political power stays with the people. I want to build in checks and balances in such a way that persons can not become entrenched. People before party is what I want.

I want a party that promotes the wellbeing of humanity in whole. I want a party that promotes the advancement of humanity in whole. One that seeks to preserve the environment for all species, and to preserve those species. We have got to abandon the old, primitive ways of humanity, or we’re doomed. I want a party that will promote revolutionary ideas to fix the problems we face. So that’s is what I’m trying to craft. I have ideas about how I think things should be done. So this is an effort to put them into writing.

If we are going to have a real political party, that really is serious about putting people in office. One that will work earnestly, and every single day for the goals we want. We have to build the individual parts of a whole new organization. It has to look legit too. It has to look serious. It has to keep the absolute highest standards of reliability, truth, loyalty, honor and all the other good things the Democratic and the Republican party have abandoned. From the very start we have to do the things that cause the public to have absolute trust in the new political party that comes from all the chaos of today. Nothing less will do!

There is no point in even taking on the endeavour unless it maintains all the good things we want. There is no point in taking on the task unless we all are ready to see it through to the very end. This isn’t a game.

So here I sit, a man pushing 60. Broken in body, but not in spirit. I got a second lease on life when I beat cancer. So what do I want to do? I sure as heck don’t want to sit around watching game shows for the next how ever long I have left! So I’ll try to do some good, even if it comes to nothing.

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Children of Earth Have Been Robbed of Their Inheritance

I seen a statement on Facebook that I would like to comment on because I think this is important, "You're born in another country. You're just a child. Around you are the resources that many corporations and elites want for profit and below you is oil."

As for the referenced statement I think it goes much deeper, and is more expansive. This is my take on it. Each person is born into this world not of their own accord. They are thrust into being just like any other living organism. Any organism born into an environment has a fundamental right to take from that environment so that it may live. Some people say the world doesn't owe people a living. I say that is a lie. Just because of the mere existence of the person and the existence of the environment there is that implied right to use. Any organism will do that.

The the child you spoke of has every bit as much of a right to ownership of the resources "...that many corporations and elites want for profit..." as any other Human Being. That child has a right to benefit FULLY from those resources too! That not only goes for that child, it applies to every single Human Being on the planet.

There are poor and destitute people all over the planet who are surrounded by plentiful resources. The problem is, there are a few people who have used resources to make guns and swords to take the resources of the others. If the others try to stop them, they murder them. So the people live in fear. They live in fear in Africa, in Asia and other places.

In the United States too! Next time you are out and about and see a homeless person, think of the child you spoke of. That poor destitute person in the United States of America is being ripped off every bit as much as that poor Syrian child whose family and home has been destroyed by "corporations and elites", or that starving African child whose parents were murdered by power hungry people. This is a problem of global proportions.

Alaska is the only state in the union that actually puts money in people's hands because of oil wealth, and rightly so. Every bit of the oil, natural gas, minerals and even the energy coming from the sun belongs to each of us equally. It is not acceptable that a government organization would pass laws and rules that cause the people's natural resources to benefit only a few people, and leave the rest to rot. Like that person standing on a street corner with a sign that reads "Hungry. Please Help." It is not only unacceptable, it is criminal. There is no justification in one person having the use of the resources of a thousand, and the thousand uncaringly left with nothing. They are being robbed at gunpoint. We are being robbed.

If things were done properly, the natural resources of the planet would be nationalized, or rather should I say "Humanized". I think we should start off by nationalizing the natural resources of the United States, returning them to their owners, the Humans who inhabit that land. If the "corporations and elites" want to benefit from those resources, government must insure that all of the people benefit from that use.

The Nationalization of the Resources wouldn't be a thing dear to some people's heart. Let me take a guess. I think poor people would like the idea, and rich people would think it sucks! Well "Duh!". They remind me of some chimpanzees I seen at the L.A. Zoo. One had some food and another was sitting near with its hand out. The chimp with food ignored the other as it ate, then finally gave the other chimp the scraps. Oh so like Humans they are, and for good reason.

We have that in us still. That primitive thought just like our cousins the chimp. They may still need that in their primitive chimp world, but we don't. Humans are supposed to be "evolved". Humans are supposed to be more enlightened than that. We don't have to act like primitive barbarians. There is no need for that any longer, and now we have the means.

Check out this other article if you wish. It has more thoughts on this issue.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

April's Fools Day: When the Fool Became Informed

Yesterday was a good day. In the morning I was kind of irritated by a couple things I read in the news, as usual now a days. Then I looked outside and seen overcast skies. Brrr + shiver = misery! I hate being cold. It was April's Fools Day, and the day looked like it was made for fools.

So I went to the bus stop anyway. At the stop I met a lady I had talked to before. She and I talked about politics. I asked her who she supports, and she replied "Trump". So I asked her why she supports him? I got the standard fare one would expect from someone who is steeped in the FOX news network speel. She said "Because Trump will stop all them Mexicans from coming over here and stealing our jobs."

I've got to stop right here a minute, and try to be objective. The lady I was talking to wasn't a bad person. She was a fooled person. I'm finding there is a huge difference. There are people out there who are so filled with hate, they are vile and despicable human beings who are to be despised. Then then again there are the others! Their victims. The lady I was talking to was every bit as much of a victim of injustice as any other human being who has ever been.

I asked her how old she is, and she replied 57. I was a bit surprised because I was guessing 70ish. I asked if she was on social security, and she said SSI. She lives in a trailer park I know because she mentioned it when she referred to some others who were getting assistance. This lady looked like she had a hard life. She looked worn, but I could tell her mind was still sharp.

I think she has been fooled by the media and the machine. She is one of the people that the criminal conspiracy, which was concocted by the traitorous oligarchy with their network of media, was successful at duping by spreading deception and propaganda. Do you get what I'm saying here? She has just reason for compensation for damages, as far as I'm concerned.

So I told her the real situation. Of millions of jobs that have been shipped off to foreign lands and who did it. Who worked with them to do it and how, baby. I spilled my guts. She listened too! This person wasn't stupid. She asked questions. She was using reason and logic.

You can tell the difference. You know them persons like the one I seen in the video who said "I'll punch you if you don't like Trump." There is no way to reason with a person like that. They are fully given over to evil. It is best to turn away and to not say another word. Just walk away. This lady I spoke with wasn't one of them. Even though she lives among them, she is one of the ones of reason. She said she will for sure check out what I said. She was looking at a Bernie Sanders video when I left. Maybe she will tell other people she knows. Maybe she will tell the other victims of the oligarchy.

That's one of the good things that happened on April's Fools Day for me, but I'm only getting started. After that wonderful meeting at the bus stop, I went to the VA hospital. I met with my lady to have lunch and talk. We are like minded on all things political. She serves our Veterans and is passionate about Veteran's issues. I had some green chile stew. It was yummy!

After an enjoyable lunch, I made my way to the Hippy shop, Birdland. As I walked down the street, I noticed a fellow walking in the opposite direction with a blanket thrown over his shoulders. He had raggedy shoes, and walked in a shuffling manner. It was quite obvious that he was homeless and had been that way for years. I turned around as he passed and said "Here, take this." and gave him a hand full of quarters. So away I went.

When I got to Birdland I was excited. That place is cool! It is a Hippy Shop that has been a fixture in Nobb Hill of Albuquerque for years. Now they are a medical cannabis dispensary too! That is so convenient for me because it is right on the bus line. Inside the shop is really cool too. You have to check it out.

When I got to the counter I introduced myself, and told them I admire what they are doing. Right off the bat it was up front and open we are all Democratic Socialists speaking together. We all were feeling the Bern!

I after the intro, I filled out the registration form, and told them I had to go to Zombie Comic and see if I can sell these old 1970's underground Freak Brothers Comic books. I showed him and did his eyes ever light up. He was a fan from way back. He said to go on over to Zombie and see about if. Then If i wasn't offered a good price to come back. So away I went.

At the counter of the Zombie, I greeted the young man and said, "I have some comic with me I want to sell." He said the owner will have to check them out and that he would be back in 5 minutes. So as I waited a conversation started. I told him after I got done here I was going back over to Birdland. He said he wishes he had a card, or that cannabis were legal. I said "Me too brother!" So of course the topic of Bernie Sanders came up. So did the fact that one year ago we would ask if a person knew who Bernie is and they would say "no", and now everyone says "yes". I asked him if he had ever heard of ward meetings, and he of course said no. So I informed him about that, and he was glad of it. He said he is going to tell everyone he knows! I was very please.

The owner had already returned and had written an offer. It was extremely inadequate, so I politely declined their offer. I bid them farewell and back to birdland I went.

A fellow I had met at Birdland offered me a fair offer for the three Freak Brothers. He said he was going to place them in his collection. I'm glad he got them because he appreciates them as true Hippy Memorabilia. They are getting kind of rare too. Each of the Freak Bros. he got were 1 of 10,000 and 40 years old. They are in good hands.

So now I have enough to get some meds. They have a really nice dispensary there at Birdland. The bud is quality stuff. The staff is knowledgeable too! I am quite happy that I stopped in there. I will be going back, and soon.

Now that all of that was done, time to go home. The sun was shining and the warmth of its rays felt good. The buses were all right on time too. I didn't even have to wait very long at the 2 bus stops. So I was home in no time. When I got home, I filled up the pipe they had given me in a gift pack at Birdland. I sat back and took a puff on the pipe while sitting in the backyard. The cramps in my feet and the tingling in my hands subsided. I was at ease and all seemed to be going in the right direction. I think the future looks bright. I'm not saying that there will not be a struggle. I'm saying that the future looks really good. All is well with the world. Humans are being enlightened. Humans are progressing. The proof is all around us. I can hear the proof shouting "Enough is Enough". I'm shouting right along with them too.

Friday, April 1, 2016

White Men Resent Hillary Demonizing White Men

White Privilege Allows Voters to Dismiss
Bernie Sanders in Favor of Hillary Clinton
"Where is the real action? Where are the tens of thousands of White people standing up for their fellow humans and demanding equality and justice? Where are the White people who don’t have much, but want to do whatever they can in the pursuit of a nation that will provide a good life for all of its people?"



Hey all you persons who identify as "white" (Whatever the hell that is. My Celtic ancestors came from Scotland, and were persecuted for centuries with cultural genocide and actual attempted genocide through murder and Droit du seigneur.) and really don't care what gender or race you identify as because you know that all Humans are equal, and that inequality is an invented thing perpetrated by greedy money grubbers of ALL races and genders so they can manipulate the population for their own greedy benefit, RAISE YOUR HAND AND IDENTIFY AS HUMAN. <hand raised>

The only thing I care about when it comes to race and gender is, I like the diversity. I think it is cool as all get out! I'm glad there are so many differences in the human's cultures and looks. I enjoy the many different cultures of our nation immensely. I'm glad that women and men are equal (even if some morons deny that). I depend on that. I depend on a woman I know has more education than I do for her wisdom. My girlfriend, a woman, is one of the smartest people I know, and I'm glad to have her council. She holds a Masters Degree. The most I got was Valedictorian of the State GED, and all my aircraft training through industry, plus my own study. I constantly rely on her knowledge and wisdom. By the way, her ancestors were Scottish too! Both of us support Bernie Sanders not because he is a "White Male", but because he is a defender of true equality, and has been for many decades. We supported Elizabeth Warren before Bernie Sanders stepped up, and Warren made clear she was not going to run.

So let me tell you as a so called "White Male" I'm getting pretty damn sick and tired of the "White Male" being demonized in mass for the actions of a few evil jerks. They ($hillary) are doing the same thing to the so called "White Male" that the same people accuse the "White Male" of doing to everyone else! Don't people know that there are literally 10's of millions upon millions of so called "White Male" persons who despise all the divisiveness. All the artificial, invented this or that purposefully designed not to bring about equality, but to exacerbate the problem, and just for their own pursuit of power and wealth.

Don't be fooled either. The demonized so called "White Male" is not the only so called race or gender who uses despicable methods like that. Oh hell no! All so called races and genders use evil methods for vial purposes every day, and they all have been doing it every since Humans became Humans.

So listen up all of you HUMAN BEINGS out there. Drop the damn pretence. We are Human. We are one! ALL OF US!

Our People Need to Search Their Souls: Abandon that Which is Evil

There are a lot of people in our nation who need to do some serious soul searching! All the people who support Hillary Clinton, a liar, and Trump, a fascist, or the Republican Party, the party of the rich, need to reach deep down into their very soul and ask themselves one question. Is what I'm doing and thinking really the right thing?

Deeply Moving Message from Bernie Sanders

Like the persons who calls themselves Christian. Do you follow the faith of the founder of that Religion, or do you follow what it morphed into after Constantine made it the State Religion of Rome? If you are following the latter, you need to reevaluate your position. The person you follow would not approve.

All of you hypocrites who will say one thing to the face of your fellow, then when they turn their back, you pull out the knife of hate and stab them. You are walking the path of death.

All the lovers of money and opulent wealth need to look all around their "castle" and ask how many slaves and deaths had to occur in order to build that "castle". You are walking the path that leads to insurrection.

All of the people who think they are superior to their fellow, need to look the Human who lives in the forests in the eye and smile. Do they smile back even though not a word was said? Proof that all Humans are basically the same. You are putting yourselves on a high pedestal from which you will most certainly fall.

If you support any candidate for any government position, and they have even the slightest hint of the primitive notions that cause division among Humans, you need to stop and use logic and reason, if you are able. The path of division is the path to death, and not just for the people who embrace primitive animal passions, but for the entire Human race.

Human Beings need to take stock of the situation, and take heed! There is a better way. A way to Human progress that does not require the spilling of the blood of our people.

No one of reason will hate a person who changes for the better, and who really wishes to do good. All persons of reason will rebuke any person who does not change, and continues to embrace that which destroys our species.

Change your evil ways today. Replace hate with love, and feel the passion of compassion. Love your fellows. Love all of them.