Monday, April 4, 2016

The Children of Earth Have Been Robbed of Their Inheritance

I seen a statement on Facebook that I would like to comment on because I think this is important, "You're born in another country. You're just a child. Around you are the resources that many corporations and elites want for profit and below you is oil."

As for the referenced statement I think it goes much deeper, and is more expansive. This is my take on it. Each person is born into this world not of their own accord. They are thrust into being just like any other living organism. Any organism born into an environment has a fundamental right to take from that environment so that it may live. Some people say the world doesn't owe people a living. I say that is a lie. Just because of the mere existence of the person and the existence of the environment there is that implied right to use. Any organism will do that.

The the child you spoke of has every bit as much of a right to ownership of the resources "...that many corporations and elites want for profit..." as any other Human Being. That child has a right to benefit FULLY from those resources too! That not only goes for that child, it applies to every single Human Being on the planet.

There are poor and destitute people all over the planet who are surrounded by plentiful resources. The problem is, there are a few people who have used resources to make guns and swords to take the resources of the others. If the others try to stop them, they murder them. So the people live in fear. They live in fear in Africa, in Asia and other places.

In the United States too! Next time you are out and about and see a homeless person, think of the child you spoke of. That poor destitute person in the United States of America is being ripped off every bit as much as that poor Syrian child whose family and home has been destroyed by "corporations and elites", or that starving African child whose parents were murdered by power hungry people. This is a problem of global proportions.

Alaska is the only state in the union that actually puts money in people's hands because of oil wealth, and rightly so. Every bit of the oil, natural gas, minerals and even the energy coming from the sun belongs to each of us equally. It is not acceptable that a government organization would pass laws and rules that cause the people's natural resources to benefit only a few people, and leave the rest to rot. Like that person standing on a street corner with a sign that reads "Hungry. Please Help." It is not only unacceptable, it is criminal. There is no justification in one person having the use of the resources of a thousand, and the thousand uncaringly left with nothing. They are being robbed at gunpoint. We are being robbed.

If things were done properly, the natural resources of the planet would be nationalized, or rather should I say "Humanized". I think we should start off by nationalizing the natural resources of the United States, returning them to their owners, the Humans who inhabit that land. If the "corporations and elites" want to benefit from those resources, government must insure that all of the people benefit from that use.

The Nationalization of the Resources wouldn't be a thing dear to some people's heart. Let me take a guess. I think poor people would like the idea, and rich people would think it sucks! Well "Duh!". They remind me of some chimpanzees I seen at the L.A. Zoo. One had some food and another was sitting near with its hand out. The chimp with food ignored the other as it ate, then finally gave the other chimp the scraps. Oh so like Humans they are, and for good reason.

We have that in us still. That primitive thought just like our cousins the chimp. They may still need that in their primitive chimp world, but we don't. Humans are supposed to be "evolved". Humans are supposed to be more enlightened than that. We don't have to act like primitive barbarians. There is no need for that any longer, and now we have the means.

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