Friday, December 15, 2017

The 21st Century Gilded Age Rotten to the Core

The #1 problem in this nation is unbridled greed. #2 problem is the religious right. FOX News is merely cashing in on the opportunity created by the right wing radicals to sate their greed.

Bernstein: Fox News hosts are abetting a cover-up

How did those problems arise in the first place? The Capitalistic system we live under fosters the greed by pushing mindless consumerism. They use religion as a tool to help protect their interests. "Christmas in July" anybody? "Christmas holiday rush" anybody? Those things and other things like them are part of the method.

I find it interesting that people are falling in line year after year. People whose ancestors were enslaved partially by using religion as a tool to enslave them. I'm not just talking about the ancestors of African slaves either. I'm talking about pretty much all ethnic groups in America, including so called "white people".

That's why I advocate strongly that we all get in touch with our real cultural heritage, which was not for the majority born in the middle east. Take myself for instance. My ancestors were Celtic Scots. That is the heritage I give homage too. I don't believe in their gods, but I am trying to gain back the heritage stolen from me by the Romans and Christian conversion.

Funny how one can scratch the gilded surface of the society society we live in and find it is all built upon lie after lie. All of the lies an effort to control you and me, in the service of greed and plutocracy.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Ousting Corrupt Politicians for Political Gain is as Wrong Minded as Keeping Them

It bothers me when I hear things like the paragraph I pasted below and "...democrats' search for payoff from lawmaker purge...". Yesterday when watching Al Franken's speech I thought to myself, "The Democratic Party shouldn't only be forcing senators out for some kind of political gain. They should only do it because it is the right thing to do." No party should be trying to clean up their act because they think they'll gain politically. The only reason they should clean up their party is because it would be in the best interests of the people they serve. Otherwise, with statements like the ones I've mentioned, they fall into the danger of the public perception being that if they thought there were no political gain, they wouldn't do it.

CNN: Trump rally first test in Democrats' search for payoff from lawmaker purge

I seen several Democratic lawmakers at first come out with weak statements regarding Franken, only to turn up the volume later. Franken was an effective and strong personality on capitol hill. He was an effective player sitting on committees, like the Russian probe, who asked pointed questions. My thoughts were that his powerful committee seat was one of the reasons Democrats came out weak at first. Again, that would be kind of an unsavory reason to not come out stronger.

I'm getting kind of tired of politicians laying to the side that which is right in the name of political expediency. I expect a higher morality than that from our lawmakers. What else are they turning a blind eye to? What other crimes past and present are our leaders ignoring in an effort to gain the upper hand. It is exactly that kind of thing that got us a self confessed sex offender like #ImmoralTrump in the White House.

If they would do that which is right. If only they would do it even though they thought it may hurt, the rewards would come on their own accord. If not politically, morally, because no one would be able to rightfully point an accusing finger. No one would be able to say, "The Democratic Party has a long way to go before the people can say that it is an uncorrupted political party."

The GOPs damaged party may never be able to recover. There is still hope that the Democratic party may fully regain trust. Ousting their own for lawlessness is a good start, but only if it is done for the right reasons.
CNN: "The sweeping away of Sen. Al Franken and Rep. John Conyers this week after claims of inappropriate behavior against them cleared the way for Democrats to argue that their party takes the #MeToo movement seriously, and to charge that the GOP offers a haven to alleged perpetrators."

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Gop Tax Scam, Real People & Fake People

I remember when Mitt Romney stood before a crowd of people and claimed that "corporations are people". Citizens United is based on that bogus premise. Teachers, firefighters and others are also people, but yet this #GOPTaxScam has made two kinds of people. One type, who are actual people who do not get the same kind of privileges as the other type of people, who are in reality legal constructs and thus not flesh and blood people. The fictitious people gets to write off pencils and shiping factories to economic rivals, but real people get to write off jack squat.

I'm starting to get pissed off here. I'm starting to lose it. What are we, on Bizarro World? Has someone invented a time machine and caused some kind of weird "Biff Tannen" timeline of corruption? I'm wondering if the GOP has all gone insane because no sane person could sit with a straight face and believe this is equality.

I'm wondering what kind of jackass comes up with this bogus crap! I wonder if they are even loyal to the United States? What they are doing undermines the stability of our nation in the long run. Why don't we all just move to China right now so we can have a job. The real people have about run out of patience with the plutocrats.

If it isn't alive, with flesh and blood flowing through real veins, it isn't a person. No fake person (corporation) should get special treatment when it comes to taxes. They have gone too damn far. Throw the plutocrats all out of OUR government. They are not worthy of service to the real flesh and blood people.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Trump Breaking Campaign Promise: Trump Supporters Angry

I'm talking directly to Trump supporters. I remember him saying that we have to preserve Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security in a speech. I seen him and heard him say it on TV. That was a campaign promise to all of us citizens. I also heard Paul Ryan, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, say we have to cut entitlements to balance the budget. I didn't just see them on this one video stand there and say that. I seen it before in other video as well. I don't like this one damn bit, and all loyal American Trump supporters shouldn't either. Here is why. Please listen. I'm not trying to be mean or smart assed or anything like that. I just think we all need to sit down together and talk some things out. His is a good place to start. It affects all of us profoundly.
Remember This
You all heard Mr. Trump say that he wants to preserve Social Security and the other things too. I don't know your situation, but you must have believed him, and took his word on it. Maybe you have a lot of money so you have no worries. There are a lot of Trump supporters who don't have tons of money and depend on our nation keeping the promise of Social Security. You pay into it all your life so if something happens to you beyond your control, at least you won't be flat broke and destitute. You just never know. For them who believe in the bible it says the "lord giveth and the lord taketh away". It says too that God makes kings out of paupers and paupers out of kings. It could be you tomorrow or any time run into trouble with your health, like me.

I was an aircraft structures technician and inspector for 35 years. I made lots of money. I worked for the big boys like Lockheed and McDonnell Douglas and many others.I contracted out too. I wasn't in need of anything. If I wanted it, I went and got it. Then one day the unexpected happened. I was diagnosed as having hepatitis C, then neck cancer. I was only 55 years old and BAM, I get the lord taketh away side of the coin. I was unable to work because of the effects of the virus and cancer plus the harsh drugs and radiation therapy. I went from 160 lbs down to 128 before it was over. It totally wrecked my body and I went broke too.

It was a darn good thing I'm a veteran of the US Navy. The Veteran's Hospital saved my life. I would be cold and dead if it weren't for that. I applied for Social Security of course. I had no other choice if I didn't want to live in a homeless shelter. I almost did if it weren't for a friend. All my money was gone by the time I finally got a check. I ended up going in front of an administrative judge. He took one look at me and knew I was in real trouble. He gave me a bench judgement in my favor right off the bat. They don't do that all the time. Most times they have to go think it over for a while, so I lucky I had a judge who could tell when one of our citizens are in trouble.

My country, my fellow Americans had my back. Now Trump says he'll continue to have my back, then goes back on his word to us all? That stinks like hell, and you should know it. We work hard for what we get. We pay into a system all our working days, so we have a right to get our due. We was promised that a long time ago. You may be a young Trump supporter. So you may not be affected by a cut now. One thing's for certain! All of us are going to get really old one day, or we are going to die first. So don't cut your own lifeline against being flat broke.

Trump supporters have grandmothers and fathers and sisters and brothers. How many of you have a mother who depends on that check she earned by paying into the system? We all have to look out for each others back on things like this regardless of if we are a supporter of Trump, or who ever. This is some basic stuff that we have to keep for all of us so we don't end up on the street scratching for crumbs.

I didn't vote for Trump. He's the president now anyway, so I have to deal with it. You who did vote for Trump have to deal with it too. Mr. Trump made a lot of promises on the campaign trail. I don't know about you, but when I hear a politician make a campaign promise I expect him to keep it. That goes double for something like Social Security. What are they trying to do, make it hard on my aunt, or my brother, or myself? I didn't ask to become disabled. I made a hell of a lot more money working in the aerospace industry than collecting this "entitlement". An entitlement I paid for for 35 years.

I remember seeing Trump conventions. People were cheering and all happy. Mr. Trump said this and that making promises to you and me. All of us can't let them on capitol hill break the promise of Social Security to keep us out of abject poverty in a pinch. I hope we all can see eye to eye on this one. This is something that affects all of us deeply.

Body Language Shows Putin Dominates Trump & It Victimizes Women

Yesterday I read an article entitled "Odds Are, Russia Owns Trump". For a long time I have been interested in the study of body language. If I were to judge by this picture I would think that Putin were the dominant figure in the group.

Putin Dominance over Trump
I looked for information on body language to help my understanding. I found this offering:

"Using Body Language to Show Dominance and Submissiveness Part 4"

I thought that keeping the head lower and leaning forward towards a person showed submissiveness. That seems to be a correct assertion. Notice in the photo who has what kind of posture.

I want to offer another observation on submissiveness that as to do with another thing we hear about in the news a lot these days. It is the charges made by a lot of women accusing men of improper sexual advances in the workplace. In this culture we have grown up in "Many females have a tendency to display submissive traits because they are culturally taught to do so from early age." I found that to be an interesting statement and wondered if that animalistic dominance/submissive trait in humans, with a cultural reinforcement of submissiveness in females and dominance in males might be something that promotes this undesirable behaviour in males?

Yesterday I blocked a fellow because of their persistent defense of the notion of something he called "high-T", meaning high testosterone, for some kind of inability of some men to control themselves when in the presence of a female with "provocative" clothing. I tried to convince them several times of the error in their argument to no avail. Now after further consideration in light of the dominance/submissive factor, my belief that his argument is in error is further reinforced. I now think the fellow defending the notion of "high-T" causing an inability to control aggressiveness because of hormones is totally wrong. I think the inability to control aggressiveness by some males may be brought on by the dominance/submissive postures we are taught from an early age coupled with an inability to control urges.

I'm not trying to make some kind of a defense of men who display inappropriate sexual aggressiveness in the workplace or anywhere else. I am also not trying to cast blame on females either. What I am trying to do is understand why the inappropriate sexual aggressiveness occurs at all, and how we as a society might deal with it.

My conclusion is that men with a tendency to show inappropriate sexual aggressiveness must not allow themselves to succumb to that type of primitive behaviour and we have to call them on it from the moment it happens. We all know it is wrong. Furthermore, we as a society must stop treating females in a way which promotes "...a tendency to display submissive traits because they are culturally taught to do so from early age." and women in general should cultivate dominant postures and reinforce them instead. Start teaching females to be more dominant from an early age. Stop stereotyping males and females in childhood by using devices like for example Barbie and G.I. Joe, blue and pink, etc. etc.

We did evolve from the animal barbarism of the beast. Those animalistic traits may have served our species well eons ago, but now we have removed ourselves from the jungle. We humans have been making a claim that we are an enlightened species compaired to our animal relatives. Let's start acting like it.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Trump Weak on North Korea

North Korea has been boosting that the newest missile launch, which went 2800 miles up proves it has a nuclear deterrent that can reach any target in the United States. A deterrent for what? What exactly is it that the DPRK wishes to deter other countries from, invasion? It has been 50+ years of standing toe to toe with them and still no invasion. I have a bad feeling about this.

 North Korea Claims New Missile Makes It A Nuclear Power

It has long been the stated goal of North Korea to rid the Korean peninsula of American troops. Why do they want that? I think it would be much easier for the North to invade the South and they would be more emboldened to do it if there were no American presence. Remember, it was the North that invaded the South so many years ago. They did the invasion when the American presence there was small. That history and stated goal of reunification, which they tried with force and failed, cause me to think that is the true reason for their desire for Americans to leave.

So what if the US left the area because we feared a nuclear strike on the US homeland? What happens then? Maybe the DPRK would actually risk invasion to obtain their goal of reunification. They might believe that the US feared their "deterrent" and wouldn't do anything about it. Of course the United States would do something about it. The problem then becomes the time between now and some time in the future in which they invade and we respond. How many ICBMs armed with nuclear warheads would they have amassed between times, 10, 50, 100? This is playing out like a bad scifi movie.

Remember what happened with Germany. They built up massive arms even though they weren't supposed to because of post WWI treaties. They built them up anyway and they used them too. The use of appeasement didn't work to stop them and their territorial aspirations, so what makes anyone think that more "tougher" sanctions are going to work against North Korea? Sanctions haven't worked and more sanctions will not work either.

We have tried and tried with the sanctions, but yet the North Korean ICBM get longer and longer ranges and their nukes get ever more powerful. I don't know the numbers, but I can guarantee that the numbers of missiles they have down the road will be more than they have now.

All the guessing about accuracy, and survivability don't mean a hill of beans if they are wrong. If their guessing is wrong, a lot of people are going to die. The president talked so big about raining down fire upon them. About how they will not allow them to have a nuke that can reach our shores. Okay, now they have them and how does Trump react? More ineffective sanctions. That is a move that will only embolden the DPRK even more. They will think that what they are doing is working. Now Trump has moved from a position of (fake) strength to weakness of the worst kind.

I hate war. I'm a total peace-nik. I am also not a fool. If some person was threatening to kill me with a gun, and I thought they meant it, then they went out and bought a gun, I wouldn't sit around and wait for the bullet to blow my brains out. I would get the police (think sanctions) because we live in a civilized society. If I didn't think the police was going to help me and they kept up the threat, I would have no other choice than to take action on my own. That's something like what we have going on now.

This is a bad situation and it is only getting worse.  I don't think it is good at all, as you probably guessed already. I didn't even spell out all the factors in the equation. Here's another couple of factors. They have allowed their ground forces to become in a state of degradation while they poured scarce resources into developing their nuclear missile program. As evidenced by the poor health of the recent defector (worms, hepatitis), I believe the overall health of their armed forces is also poor. Their Air Force is old and not really a challenge against the South Korean or American Air Forces. Kim Jong Un just like all the people in the DPRK, has been fed a steady diet of propaganda all the way from the time he was born. What the state tells the people is what the people will tell others. As an example, one fellow there said that they have achieved the means to bring the death to America they they don't even realize is coming. Another American being interviewed on PBS said that the DPRK wanted to make a nuclear umbrella to protect them while they work on economic growth. I think that last one is looking at the situation with rose colored glasses.

There are adults in the room alright. Adults whose thinking harkens back to previous eras. Primitive animalistic barbarism rules the day. Just like with Nazi Germany when that same barbarism was allowed to flourish because of appeasement. Everyone was tired of war because of the carnage of WWI, so they would make any deal with the hopes of continued peace. We too are tired of war, and we know what would happen if a nuke were levied against a populated area. I tell you, the only thing that has kept the United States from attacking them already is the close proximity of the South Korean capitol to North Korean artillery on the border. That fear of attack has worked mightily in favor of the DPRK, just like it did the Third Reich.

This is a sore that has been allowed to fester. If we allow things to continue, they will build a lot more of their missiles. They will get to a state of not having to put so much money into development of them when their capability is solid. Then comes the upgrade of their other military that has been neglected. For years they have neglected the ground forces part of their military. Even at parades some of their soldiers were using fake weapons. They have also been neglecting their manufacturing base for consumer goods. I've read reports that all citizens there are expected to follow a military lifestyle even if they are not a soldier now.

I'm sorry guys. I'm not trying to bum you out. I'm just trying to keep my eyes wide open. Once when I was a child of 12 there was a squirrel in the flower garden. It was acting real strange. It wouldn't even try to get away. It went back and forth, making lurching, halting motions. My dad didn't try to capture it. He didn't wait to see if it might get better. He took a club and bashed in its head because he knew it was rabid. It was awful and upsetting, but no one got attacked and infected..

Because of all the weaknesses I mentioned in the previous comment, I think if the United States was going to go to war with them, and I think that is inevitable, they should do it sooner rather than later. One might put up two scales one for time and one for body count. The more time that goes by, the higher the body count. I believe these things I've told you all are the things that the military would consider. Trump is a coward too. He talks big talk, which is dangerous because talk is cheap, but in the end he'll try to kick the can down the road hoping he never has to make a tough decision.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Trump is Master of Doublespeak

Please keep in mind one thing when reading or hearing anything Trump says. He is an expert at "doublespeak". 

Take this recent tweet by Trump regarding the CFPB. Trump said that the agency was "...unable to properly serve the public." He isn't using the word "serve" as in to perform duties or services for people. He is using the word as in to mean serve up for consumption.

Doublespeak Trump
Yeah, I bet the financial institutions have been devastated by the fact that they could no longer feast off an unsuspecting public. Don't forget that the public was devastated by financial institutions in 2008, which prompted Congress to form the CFPB.

Trump minces words all the time. Many, if not all, of his base following are fooled all the time too! Remember when he was on the campaign trail? Trump said "What the hell do you have to lose?" Many people thought he meant one thing, but I have a different interpretation of his words. In my mind he was trying to take inventory of the loot and plunder he might gain for himself and his pals.

Don't think for a moment that anything coming from him has altruistic meaning or purpose. He is manipulating the people and using doublespeak to do it.

#DoublespeakTrump #InsincereTrump #LiarTrump #GreedyTrump