Monday, November 28, 2016

Bernie Sanders Rebuild America Act Will Fail

Respectfully U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, even though your plan Rebuild America Act is in large part good, it is lacking in one vital area. An area that will eventually cause it to fail.

Say we do put $1 trillion or even an unlimited amount of money into rebuilding the infrastructure. "...Rebuild America Act will support more than thirteen million good-paying jobs – jobs that our economy desperately needs." your website proclaims.

My problem with this is, it is not an open ended plan. There will come a time in the future that the infrastructure rebuilding will be caught up. If successfully completed, all of our infrastructure will have been fixed and upgraded. After that point in time, 13 million people will not be needed to maintain and do further upgrades to the infrastructure. So what happens then? People start getting laid off that's what happens. When half of the 13 million are laid off, we're going to be back in the same position we are today. Millions of idle hands with nothing to do, and no future.

That's why I call on our nation to institute a massive drive to build the 21st Century Infrastructure. An infrastructure that would extend the Human presence beyond this planet, and provide for an open ended program of expansion. Such a program would be continually need to add people, not lay them off.

Create 34 million jobs by investing $16 trillion over 10 years towards rebuilding our crumbling roads, bridges, railways, airports, public transit systems, ports, dams, wastewater plants, and other infrastructure needs. By reopening shutdown manufacturing plants, retooling existing factories for civilization expansion purposes. A program would be created to make a national priority effort to place solar energy collection grids in orbit around the Earth to beam energy to our people. A powerful effort would be made to colonize the moon and Mars. We will continue the push to harvest asteroids for their precious metals and other resources, and accelerate that effort and elevating it to a national priority project.

I know the first question people ask. "Where do we get $16 trillion?" Here's where. The $16 trillion used in the 2008 financial crisis to give the banks too big to fail and Wall Street criminals another chance to gamble with your deposits is enough money to fund 91 Apollo programs from start to finish, and at the same time. I think that kind of investment would have been better for you and me than bailing out the likes of Citibank.

Our civilization has problems that are becoming a threat to the Human species survival. Human activity has had a serious negative impact on our environment. Over population has stretched the capacity of the planet to maintain the numbers. Poverty and hunger has reached epic proportions. Greed and inequality has had a free hand with civilization and humanity.

Just like in WWII, we need to take all of our abandoned factories and repurpose them, and fast. Repurpose them and retrofit them to make and to build the 21st Century off-world infrastructure. Take all the closed schools and open them back up again. Teach our people the skills they will need to make this conversion of our society a reality. A conversion that would cause Humans to become a multi-planet species. Really there is no other option that will solve the eminent threats our advanced civilization faces. To solve these threats, we have no other choice but to use advanced methods.

WWII Bomber Factory
It's been 8 years since the bubble burst and the big fix was applied. Are things better for you? Do you feel more secure? Do you think things are better for our nation and the world now than they were 8 years ago, when our people invested $16 trillion in the salvation of our economy? I sure as hell don't. I don't feel like things have gotten any better for the average Jane and John Doe in Anytown USA! I think they have got worse, and will get worse unless action is taken, and fast.

If our nation can muster the will to give our $16 trillion to banks and Wall Street CEO's, and if those same banks and CEO's have the guts to gamble on a real big payday, we can do the things that will boost our civilization to the next level, and carry all of our people to prosperity beyond our wildest dreams. The things of which I speak is the colonization of Mars, and the moon. The industrialization of space by the building of orbital solar arrays around the Earth, the moon and Mars. The building of orbital industrial assets around Earth, Mars and the moon to harvest and process asteroidal metals, water and other materials into products used by the people on Earth and the new Mars and moon colonies. The construction of orbital human habitat suitable for apartments and recreation for the off-world workers, and tourists, and even people who wanted to live there just because.

Our nation will have to institute a massive drive to get people educated to the level they would become proficient at these new tasks and objectives. All across the board, and in every profession, skills would have to be honed within our people to a razor edge. In science, math and engineering and all other pertinent support fields, our people would have to excel. That means making the proper resources available for educating all of them.

For the money we spent on the Apollo program, and this excludes the equipment from the Mercury and Gemini program, we got all this.

15 Saturn V rockets,
16 Command/Service Modules,
12 Lunar Modules
Program Support Management Costs;
Construction Expenses for Facilities and their upgrading
Costs for Flight Operations.

If you take all that Apollo equipment and multiply it by 91 ($16 trillion worth of Apollos), what do you get? It seems to be a thing of reason to assume that for that kind of money, we could harvest trillion dollar platinum asteroids. In fact, I would wager that is enough money to get the Off-World-Expansion really going full steam. So what's holding us back?

Is it lack of vision? Our nation had vision enough to put Human footprints on the surface of the moon in the 1960's, so what happened? We all thought we would have civilization on Mars by now. If we had of continued the momentum we had gained, instead of letting the criminal Nixon cancel our future, we wouldn't have near the problems that plague us now.

Indeed put money into the infrastructure. But do not do it in a fashion that is temporary. Cause our problem to be fixed in the only logical next step Humanity must take. Expansion of the Human presence off world.

Mars Colony


I understand the people's anxieties about the election process. The process doesn't serve them, so why should they get all excited about it? The process isn't broken at all. The process is rigged from the start. No wonder too. The same criminal politicians who are funded by rogue corporations are the same people who write the rules of the game.

They get to make organizations called "political parties" who write their own rules to govern how they operate. Within each political party there are two groups. The small ruling group, and the large voting group. The ruling group write rules for their party with two goals. One goal is to gain some kind of unnatural advantage over the other parties. The other goal to to keep the large voting group from gaining any political power in the party. They must only be allowed to vote for the candidate of the parties choice, nothing more.

That's why the party rules are a mishmash of convoluted legalese. Right now there are people who are on party rules committees who are going over the rules of their party looking to make changes that give them favor. You can bet the Democratic party is doing that after their surprise defeat. After all the manipulation the Democratic Party did, they thought the election was in the bag.

That's what happens when a political party does not heed the wishes of the people. People staying home and not voting because of apathy, mistrust, anger or other things that indicate a lack of trust in our Democracy.

There is only one thing that will restore trust in our system. We must dismantle that system, and replace it with one that serves the people and not just industry, corporations and the wealthy elite. The way to do that is to take away the power to make party rules from the political parties. Take away the power from the states to make election laws. Turn over these powers to the federal government, namely the Federal Election Commission.

The states and the political parties have proven they can not be trusted with these vital functions. Time and again their malfeasance has shown through in spectacular fashion, and to the detriment of the avarage citizen. Allow the FEC the power to enforce uniform party rules and uniform election laws. Throw out the various party rule books, and replace them all with one rule book that all parties must follow. Disallow the states making election laws, and have uniform election laws that all states must follow. That is the only way to re instill faith in the system.

There is precedence for such an action too. Up until recently all former Confederate States had to have all election laws reviewed before they were instituted to insure they did not violate the Constitution. Once that provision was thrown out, malfeasance became rampant. Vote tampering, suppression and other tactics designed to give power over to some at the expense of others became the new norm. So people stayed home.

Democratic Socialist Party of the United States
Democratic Socialist Party of the United States
That is exactly what the DSPOTUS wishes to do for our nation. Our party will throw out their own rule book in favor of one designed to be uniform across all parties, as long as that book is truly one that hands all power over to the masses. Then our people will have power over the parties, and not the other way around. "People before Party", and even before the DSPOTUS. The people rule our party, and not the other way around. That's how our people will regain confidence in the vote.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Things to Come: Trump or Hillary is Dread

In this time in American history we find our nation at a turning point. It is a turning point like unto "Deadman's Curve". You better watch out. You better slow down and think things through. There is more at stake now than ever before. Even the longevity of our civilization and species.

I viewed the last presidential debate of 2016 last night. I was less than impressed by either candidate. Trump was his normal narcissistic self. All full of bluster and no substance. Hillary was the same old hauty panderier. The only thing that made her look good was in being compaired to the desgusting Trump, and that ain't saying much. She has a lot of words that fit with my beliefs, but how can I believe anything she says? Is she just telling me what she thinks I want to hear? Is it private or public policy she is giving me? Who knows but her, and maybe Bill?

Trump is a total ass-hat. "No, you are.", "She is a nasty woman." Give me a goddamn break, Trump! He sounds like some insecure freshman in highschool.  Grow the hell up, Trump. Be a man for once in your life. Let me tell you, grabbing a woman "by the pussy" does not make you a man, and neither does ducking out of military service 5 times under false pretences! Bragging about stuff with your "locker room" talk don't make you a man either. It makes you look like a sophomoric punk. No class at all.

I don't expect Trump to grow up any more than I expect Hillary to keep her word. Then we have people like Bernie Sanders coming to Albuquerque the other day going on about how we have to keep Trump out of the White House. Another guy on stage at the rally saying "like it or not" that's what we got (Hillary). Honestly, this is not funny! We've been offered the choice between two evils every 4 years, for a lot of years, but this is the worst choice ever! It's not even a choice. It is a take what we give you and like it, or suffer.

People ask me who I am going to vote for. I honestly still don't know. I may not know for sure until November 8th. I will not say one way or the other even if I had made a choice. I must support the Democratic Socialist Party of the United States, so I refuse to promote another party or party's candidate by giving an endorsement. I will tell you that I find all of them less than adequate. There is only one person who I believe is worthy of the job of Presidency who ran, and that is Bernie Sanders. He threw in the towel though. He broke under pressure from a criminal organization, the Democratic Party. So that's that.

No matter who gets elected, and I doubt it will be Trump, there will be trouble. I'll start off with mentioning trouble Trump alluded to last night, and at other times in the past. Trump has called them out, with no evidence to back it up, that the election is rigged against him. It is rigged, but not particularly against him, but for the chosen corporate thrall. We all are pretty sure that the Democratic Party rigged things to deny Bernie Sanders the nomination. I was at all the pre-primary conventions and ward meetings here in Albuquerque. I read the Democratic Party rules. I got the distinct impression that the party did things in order to influence the outcome in Hillary's favor. Now Trump going on about rigged elections calls out radical factions. All the "Stars and Bars" waving crowd will snap that up like a bass on a mud bug. The Republican party has fueled government mistrust in those folks for decades, now their stupid traitorous rhetoric will bear some poisonous fruit. It could spell insurrection by the low brow Trump supporters.

I've already mentioned how a Hillary Presidency will mean 4 more years of a do nothing congress and gridlock. Day one, the impeachment proceedings will begin. Hillary Clinton will want to do one thing or the other, and the GOP will tack not doing the one thing or the other to an important spending bill. One like the kind that funds the functioning of our government. Can you hear the screeching sound of our government coming to a halt, or is that the grinding sound of the gears of a dysfunctional government?

By the way, all the while we have a dysfunctional government, corporations run roughshod over our economy and environment. Nothing gets done about civil rights, the environment, the minimum wage, murderous police and a whole lot of other things that the Far Right Wing Radicals want to roll back a few centuries.

Then we have the world stage to consider. We are the laughing stock of the world. People the world over look at our three ring circus of an electoral system and start rolling on the floor laughing their heads off. While they are laughing, we'll be crying. If it were a Trump presidency we'll be crying when his buddies in Russia call in all the favours they did Trump. Then Trump tells them to get screwed, like he did other people who asked payment, and then the shit hits the fan. Maybe the Trump will get into a chest bumping contest with Putin. One that leads to WWIII.

Let us not forget about the Hillary and her Syrian "No Fly Zone". Is she going to enforce that if Russia decides to fly anyway? What about her public versus private policy position? Will she later sign back onto the Keystone pipeline, and the TPP? We've seen it many times before. A politician tell us all kinds of sweet talk, then go back on every single word for the "good of the nation". Good of the nation, my ass. More like that was what they planned all along for the "good of  the corporation".

It will be extremely interesting to see the things to come in the next 4 years. So keep an eye out, and make a bug-out bag too! I'm not being flippant. The next few years is going to be a dangerous time for us. It will be mitigating damages time for us. Do what you need to do politically for now, but keep your eye on the long term. Think about what you want our civilization to be, and work for that.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Social Darwinism on a Cellular Level

I think I'll not worry about my little toe anymore. It seems to just be there not doing much to help. Why should the rest of my body feed it or give it any consideration? Damn moocher.

It was my brain that thought of getting rid of that freeloading little toe in the first place! Why should my brain care? Now if that little toe would carry it's own weight and stop looking for a handout, that would be different.

As for my foot and leg, if they started that stuff, they would have to go too! We don't allow any freeloaders or malingerers around here!

It's social Darwinism on a cellular level.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

I Renounce the Democratic Party

My daddy told me when I was a boy, "If you are going to do something, do it the very best you can, or don't do it at all."

With everything that has come out about Hillary Clinton, her incompetence on the job, her recklessness, her malfeasance, her criminality, her condescension, her haughtiness and a host of other things, casting my vote for Hillary would not be doing as my daddy advised.

Furthermore, considering everything the DNC has done to block Sanders, with media collusion. Considering the rule book of the obsolete Democratic party. Knowing from personal experience at Democratic Party of New Mexico conventions the attitudes of the so-called "insiders". After having elected myself to be a delegate because only 3 other people were there. Because I believe the Democratic party does not want people at these vitally important delegate election meetings. Taking the personal knowledge of the fact that every last person I've asked if they know there will be Democratic Party of New Mexico party position elections Feb 2017, or if they have ever heard of a ward meeting, say no! I will no longer support the Democratic Party.

I believe with all my heart that this election has been stolen by a criminal organization, that indeed our entire nation's function has been hijacked by people who believe they should be privileged over others. So tell me this. How could I live with myself if I didn't fight something like that with every fiber of my being? How could I sleep easy knowing that I had bowed down under pressure to a despicable ruling class? I can't do it!

My ancient Celtic Scott ancestors would be howling at me in rage for bending my knee in supplication to evil. I can't allow myself to betray my own honor by siding with criminals, even at gunpoint. If I voted for Hillary Clinton, I would be betraying everything I believe in. If I continued to participate in this absolute farce, I would be nothing but an extra. Something not really needed because everything was decided many, many months ago.

When I consider everything that has happened, I feel I have no other choice. I say the Democratic Party is not salvageable.  I renounce the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the media, the FBI, the Justice Department and all other people and parties who have a hand in this betrayal of the people of the United States. From this day forward I give my full support and backing to the concept of a new political party named, "Democratic Socialist Party of the United States". I will do that which I believe is right and proper to make a real effort to take back our nation from criminal elements. I will promote vigorously this concept, and endeavour to get it recognised as a legal political party in every state. I will work to replace every single person who does not value Democratic Socialist principles  from the halls of government, and at every government level, state and federal.

Daddy told me to do things right. That is a value I held for the rest of my life, and that value can be seen with my work in the aviation industry. Seldom was ever any accomplished task rejected because of error. I of course made errors. I am human. I would be profoundly remiss if I erred in not taking up this task. I have every reason to, and little to lose in the endeavour. I have everything to lose with non-action.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I venture into the future with a newly strengthened heart. I will not be like the dog who is kicked, then licks their masters hand. I will be more like my ancestors who fought Rome.
Democratic Socialist Party of the United States

Declaration of the Formation of the Democratic Socialist Party of the United States

It has been proposed that the Democratic and Republican Party no longer serves the best interests of people. That working within it to reform these political parties is akin to attempting to bring a dead horse back to life. That the present political parties in power only serve to keep their own organizational structure in power, and little else. They pander to the fossil fuels, nuclear and military industrial complex, and ignores the will of, and what is in the best interests of the People. Their actions run counter to the well being of the people of the United States and the world, and to the Earth's environment.

The political parties have become bloated and corrupt. Their rules are convoluted, and are structured to keep people out. Their organizations have become secretive, and manipulative. Their efforts are driven only by the need to maintain their grip on power, and to serve corporate interests. Their rule making is done not to serve the members of the party, but rather to disenfranchise them. Indeed the political parties treat their membership with contempt. They do not do a good job of getting the information people need to them on a timely basis, or at all. The information the political parties do give the public is more often than not tailored to serve the party purpose, and not the people's purpose or interests. The only thing the political parties inform the public about is registering to vote, and casting a vote. Then after that vote, the public roll is over! The Democratic and Republican political parties have outlived their usefulness, and have become a millstone around the neck of our Democratic system, our Republic and its People.

Our purpose is to fully serve the people's best interests. To fully disband the present political party stranglehold imposed upon Washington and our people. To do the things that cause our nation's people to advance and prosper. To cause action to remedy the dangers imposed upon our people by forces that run counter to our people's well being. To return power to the people, and have that power flow from the bottom up. To cause our Party's officials and the persons we place in government office to be fully accountable and subservient to the people and their will. To cause industry and business to partner with the worker and government in order to provide a more stable, sustainable, prosperous, healthier and happier environment for all of our people.

Therefore, we declare the formation of a political party whose name is the “Democratic Socialist Party of the United States"."

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Lay Away Animalistic Barbarism and Conquer Fear

As people live their lives, and the years pass, they gain expierance by being in all kinds of situations and doing all kinds of things, and having things done to them. In ignorance and curiosity they reach out to touch the candle's flame, and they learn.

Human Beings have the amazing ability to gather all kinds of seemingly unrelated bits of information, then forming a new and correct hypothesis from them. Sometimes their conclusions are totally incorrect! Sometimes that incorrectness removes them from the gene pool. Sometimes that incorrectness not only removes the one, but also the many.

Using logic and reason, the Human attempts to come to correct conclusions. When they are very young, more often than not, their conclusion is not correct, or is partially correct. As the Human gains expierance by being in all kinds of situations and doing all kinds of things, and having things done to them for many years, and then decades, their conclusions become correct more often.

I was viewing a movie about the Roman invasion of the Celtic Isles. When Emperor Claudius met Boudica and her husband King Prasutagus They thought it kind of amusing that the Emperor of Rome was so frail. Claudius may have been frail, but the Senate must have thought his wisdom was good enough to rule an empire. Experience born of many years of doing, and living life. Then contrast is made.

The young Nero, in a hurry to grow up just like so many of us when that age, comes to a horrible conclusion. To move things along the path of his Emperorship with poison. After Claudius is out of the picture, Nero is free to do as his teenage whim will dictate. With the small amount of expierance he had gained by that time in his life, he makes some incorrect choices. Like the choice to persecute and enslave the Celts.

Perhaps that contrast can be made between the youthful experimentation in life, the gaining of expierance that youthful experimentation provides, and the wisdom gained by the decades of that expierance to the overall Human condition. After all, we Humans did emerge from animalistic barbarism. There was a time when the members of our species had set no limits on action. They could do whatever they wanted without any consequences. They did too! Just like a child.

There was a split long ago. There was a common ancestor we have with other primates on this planet. There was a time when our Human ancestors were only a few years away from that split with our primate relatives. We acted like it too! We went our way fully human, but still maintained a great deal of that primitive animalistic barbarism that worked so well throughout our evolution.

Then one fateful day, as the Humans lived their lives, and the years, decades, centuries and millennia passed, they gained expierance by being in all kinds of situations and doing all kinds of things, and having things done to them, and passing on that gained wisdom to their children. In ignorance and curiosity our primitive ancestors reached out to touch the flame, and they learned.

Things changed in a big way for Humans after that. The mastery of fire was a game changer. Any Human who had the knowledge of it had power over the others, and so too is that notion today. The power comes from a basic animalistic quality, that of fear. Humans had to overcome the fear of fire because throughout our evolution fire was a killer. An unstoppable force that could wipe out entire populations, and we knew it. The very first time a Human reached out and touched the flame, that had to be one of the greatest feats of courage in Human History. That was a decision born of true wisdom gained by the accumulation of Human experience gained through the ages, and it was correct! What our ancestors did with that newfound knowledge is another matter.

Chimps can teach us a lot about ourselves. They and we are born of a common ancestor. If you start counting heads going back through the generations and eons, you would find that your family tree meets up with a living chimpanzee's family tree. That bit of knowledge shouldn't be such a surprise, and neither should the fact that we and they acted the same one time in the remote past. We acted, reacted, lived, died and everything else the same because we were one and the same.

So like a bunch of primitive thinking Humans using animalistic barbarism as a base, chose like a selfish child to use the power of fire to get the most food, mates, whatever and etc., etc. ad infinitum. You know. Like the chimpanzee group where the pile of bananas are set. The one who can intimidate the others by whatever means will get the most bananas. Ask Nero about how many bananas he deserved while Rome burned, and people died. Ask the royalty of our planet all throughout the ages why they deserve all the bananas they get while that child starves to death. I have an idea why.

I have an idea it is human nature born of the animalistic barbarism from which we emerged! The further back in our Human history we go, the more accepted is the notion of divine rights to rule over other people. We all know where that divine right comes from. It comes from the tip of a sword made with fire. The divine fire. If that notion was more accepted as true the further back in time we go, might it be more likely that the notion of supremacy was born of the humans lack of expierance gained in having been in all kinds of situations and doing all kinds of things, and having things done to them? In ignorance and curiosity they reach out to touch the candle's flame, and they learn.

They learn but like a selfish child, or one of our primitive cousins the chimps, the Humans greedily try their best to snatch up all the bananas. They learned by touching the flame the secrets of the universe, but the secrets of self were lacking. Our Human ancestors touched the flame of the secrets of the universe so long ago, now it is time to touch the flames of our Human hearts. Can we do it?

It took such courage that day we conquered the flame it is amazing they did it. When our species thoughtfully reached out our collective hand and overcome profound fear, we found new knowledge. Now we have another fear to conquer and new knowledge to gain. The fear of each other, and the content of the Human heart. Humans have used that old animalistic barbarism for a very long time. For too long of a time. Is it any wonder Humans look upon one another with suspicion? We have earned that in full! That is the consequences of a young inexperienced species coming out of primitive animalistic barbarism. Now it may take even more courage than it took to conquer fire to conquer our fear of each other, but conquer it we must.

Lets use the wisdom of the ages, reason and logic to overcome this profound fear. We do not have to allow ourselves to live in the fear born of our animal past. We can and must evolve further. We must, with the confidence of our ancestors who so fearfully, but yet bravely and with logic and reason first touched the flames, touch the flames of the Human heart. We must reach out to each other now. We must do that now because it is required for the survival of humanity and the other life forms on this planet. It is logical and reasonable that we now reach out and conquer this old fear. We can not advance much further unless our species takes this necessary step in our evolution.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Delegate Inconvenience by Design in New Mexico

There is something that needs fixing. It involves the Democratic Party of New Mexico, and is probably a problem nation wide. It is the lack of knowledge of the most basic processes of the Democratic Party by its members coupled with the parties failure to address that problem effectively, for whatever reason. With the behaviour of the leadership of the Democratic Party over the course of this presidential campaign, would it be unreasonable to ask if this is by design?

I had complained that the ward meeting place to vote for delegates for my ward was totally inappropriate. The closest a city bus gets to the meeting place was a mile away. After complaining to the the County Chair, they agreed to put out notice that if anyone can't get to the meeting, they would help them get there.

Okay, now on to the meeting. During the meeting we had to nominate someone to be a delegate. We could nominate ourselves, or someone else. That someone else did not have to be in attendance. There was a lot of going on about if that was allowed. The Ward Chair kept stating that last time there could be a list of people nominated who were not there. Finally it was allowed for him to add the name he had in mind, his wife. The thing is, the justification for nominating people who were not there was this. To make it more convenient for people who might not have been able to make it.

So I'm going to have to say, WTF? I know what the Ward Chair was up to. Last time there was a ward meeting he had all his kin folk there ($hillary supporters). That one family had filled up the Ward and Precinct Chairs and the delegate slots for this Ward, save two. Those two were filled by newcomers who are Bernie supporters. I think the Ward Chair thought he would walk into an empty room, write all his kinfolk down as candidates for delegate, then walk out of the room with a Ward owned by one family.

Ward 16C Meeting Place Too Far
No, the nominating of people for delegate who are not in attendance was not designed for the convenience of the voter. Indeed, the voter was never expected to show up. The nomination of absentee persons I suspect was designed for the convenience of the party. The writing down of people's names facilitates the disenfranchisement of the rank and file voter who knows nothing about this process. As usual, the avarage voter's convenience had little to do with that choice. If they did, the party would not be putting meeting places in remote locals with no bus service.

I don't want to hear anyone say people need to look for the information for themselves. I'm sick of that lame excuse. How about instead of blaming it on the people like normal, do something extraordinary. Start blaming the process, and fix it. We all know darn good and well that few people read the classified ads in print newspapers. Few people use Yahoo. We are in the 21st Century with 21th Century methods of mass communication. If we can get the word out to people that they should register to vote, and vote, we can get the word out that people should go to the Ward meetings. This is clearly a failure of the party, not the people.

All this, and more telles me one thing in a booming voice. We need new blood in the Democratic party from Ward level on up. We need to overhaul the party, placing each party rule under the microscope of scrutiny. Enough is enough!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pakistan Promotes Barbarism; Mullahs Allow Wife Beating

Happy Sunday? Really I shouldn't be surprised. The species Human is still extremely primitive in thought and action. These thoughts stood out the most in my mind.

"Do not break any bones or cut her skin or leave any marks," he added. "Do not hit her vindictively, but only for reminding her about her religious duties."

Religion is an invention of Humans. The duties to that religion are also inventions of Humans. Using violence to enforce compliance with the rules of any religion is primitive and barbaric. Violence may not be used to promote myth.

"The draft bill has a step-by-step guide on how to administer these beatings. If a wife disobeys her husband, according to the document, the husband should try to talk to her. If that doesn't work, he should sleep separately and only finally use violence as a last resort."

One person has no right to harm another. If a person has not touched another person in violence, they may not be touched with violence. Marriage does not bestow ownership of a person, and neither does it convey the right to visit harm to a spouse for non-compliance with the will of the other. It goes both ways too!

"The draft said beatings also should be administered to any woman who does not wear a hijab, gives money to other people without her husband's permission, and talks loudly so the neighbors can hear."

Again, "Marriage does not bestow ownership of a person, and neither does it convey the right to visit harm to a spouse for non-compliance with the will of the other."

Pakistan is far away from our lands. Their ideas about life are very different in a lot of ways. Some of their ideas are the same. Like the idea that primitive Humans figured out the nature of the universe long ago. Like the idea that all the answers to solving Human problems are within the pages of an ancient tome.

You Humans better get over it if you wish to live. The habit of inventing religion, then promoting it with a flood of blood has got to stop before it stops Humanity. That habit has already stopped the advancement of a large portion of the Humans on the planet. Time to reverse that by abandoning all myth. Embrace logic and reason.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Build Mini-Towns of Hope; Smarter Way to Solve Homelessness

Yesterday one of my friends had their windshield smashed by a person who then stole a bag out of their truck. It happened in an area of town where there are a lot of homeless persons.

I read an article which told the story of a homeless man in Albuquerque who is continually harassed, ticketed for begging for food, and led into the courtroom for it, and the officer not show up. There is the well founded notion that city governments all over the nation spend a lot of money in an effort to get homeless people to move on to the next town. Never do they solve the problems facing our homeless citizens. Instead they only make a costly effort to shift the burden of responsibility for them.

No Sleeping!
This problem of homelessness is costly indeed. The reasons for the homelessness are as varied as the resulting costs to society. Like my friend's smashed windshield. It is covered by insurance, so all people who pay for auto insurance bare the costs of a broken glass when perhaps a person who is homeless becomes desperate. Let's not ignore the costs of arresting, prosecuting and jailing homeless persons, and doing so with laws designed to make it hard on a homeless person so that they move along to the next town. Let's add in the costs of physical barriers designed to deny a homeless person a place to sit, or sleep. The lack of water, or of bathroom facilities in urban and metropolitan areas causes further hardships on homeless persons. So sometimes in desperation a person might take action they would otherwise not have taken to fulfill these basic needs, like pissing on the street in public. Then they get arrested, thrown in jail and further costing society.

No Sitting!
Then because of a lack of food, drug addiction or any other number of reasons (like hungry children) copper wires and other metals are liberated from functioning public and private equipment so that it can be sold at the recyclers. This is a problem that is increasing, and it is a dangerous problem to boot. Some of the damaged equipment is standby equipment only meant to be activated in case of an emergency. If it fails, people's safety is put at risk.

Our civilization has been handling this problem in the wrong way. It stands to reason that we have handled it in the wrong way too! After all we only recently emerged as an intellectual species. It takes time to figure things out. Just like back in our primitive past, Humans thought it was okay to enslave other Humans. Then through time and learning we found that it was not okay to enslave. So our species began to shun slavery in mass. That is what we have to do now with the barbaric methods our civilization has used to deal with problems homeless persons face. We have to abandon those primitive methods in favor of smarter, and more humane methods.

Homeless not allowed!
I would like to see all the money that is spent on things like the effort to get homeless people to move on to the next town, arresting, throwing in jail, replacing copper and other metals from damaged equipment, and all the other costs caused by the problems homeless people face used in a better way.

Use that money to set up small sudo-towns. Make them state managed mini towns. Towns in which a person who has this problem of no where to live can freely come and go. No signs of forced occupation or ejection. Make the mini-town safe and secure for our citizens who might need that. Cause the mini-town to be able to keep our people from freezing to death in the winter, or burning to death in the summer. Provide a section for animal husbandry, and the growing of food plants. This would provide for the education of our people for self sufficiency and the provisions for the mini-town. Provide for the acquisition of education and skills for our people in need too! Provide for all the things that would fulfil the basic needs of a Human, plus a little extra boost in order to help solve the problems that prevents their successful integration into society.

The Mini-Towns would not have to be fancy. Everything in them should be utilitarian in nature. I think all the money used to shift responsibility, hurrass and otherwise make our brother and sister citizen's life a living hell, and the replacing of all that copper and aluminium, should do nicely to help our homeless people solve the problems facing them with the option of the Mini-Town.

Here is an idea for the Mini-Town. Make a roster people can sign up on for work. Then give a tax break to local businesses that hire temps from the Mini-Town so long as they pay a living wage and does the other socially responsible things an employer would do in an enlightened progressive society for their employees. Then the person who uses the facilities of the Mini-Town can transition back into society. Many times a temp job becomes a permanent job. Many times valuable skills are gained through a temp job.

Also I would like to see the entire thing be totally green! Solar/wind powered and maintained by persons who live there, and are trained there for green technology. Then one day that person who used the facilities of the Mini-Town could endeavour to secure permanent employment in the booming green energy industry.

I think that would be a far better way, and vastly more humane way to help our people who are homeless solve the problems facing them. Do you see how this is turned around? Homeless persons are not a problem to be dealt with by the state! Rather, the problems facing homeless persons are problems that must be dealt with by the state. The people of the state. All of them!

The state and private persons spend state and private monies to shift the responsibility we have for our brothers and sisters to other places, and to repair damages caused by our homeless brothers and sisters as they attempt to solve their day to day problems. Let's make a place they will go of their own accord, and become whole again. Let's help our brothers and sisters solve the problems facing them. Let us help our brothers and sisters. It is time for a better way. An enlightened way. It is time to lay away our primitive methods in favor of methods that work.

Build Mini-Towns of Hope for our homeless people. Help our people to solve the problems facing them.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Revolution of the Human spirit

I so want our nation to get past all the primitive anger. I want our species to get past that. It seems like there is plenty of it to go around. Hate and anger over things real and unreal. Fingers pointing in all directions. It means to me that all of us need to improve. I've said sexist things in the past. I've said racist things in the past. I am no better than anyone else out there because we all have a burden of blame to carry.

So let us calmly acknowledge it. Let us recognise it for what it is. It is the baser instincts of humanity coming to the surface. That is our true enemy. So let us admit it is there and work in a logical and reasoned manner like advanced Humans to purge these primitive thoughts and actions from our species. Is this not a political revolution? Should it not also be a revolution of the Human spirit? I surely hope so because if it is not, we are in extreme danger of falling back into barbarism. Then all the work, suffering and death that got us here will be for nothing.

We have a choice to make. We better choose wisely. We better not let liars and thieves choose for us. No good has ever come of it, so why continue? Right at this very moment in time we have given over to humans the power over life and death. Our life and death. Doesn't that bother you? Don't you know that the few can not stand against the billions if the billions raise up? So let us billions not allow the few to kill us with avarice and uncaring greed.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

What is Wrong With America; Racism & Sexism

This is what is wrong with America. I had to share this Facebook thread because I think it is important, and gets little to no attention. The racists motivations of the GOP, and their rank and file. Please excuse the use of the "N" word. I think it was necessary to maybe shock people out of the fog of ignorance and illogic. Like grabbing them by the collar and slapping some sense into their dumb head. I've had it up to my eyeballs with the primitive apeish behaviour of the bigots in our nation. The guy Williams suggested I move to Turkey. Maybe he, and people like him should move to Africa and live with the chimpanzees! With their behaviour they would be in fine company.

I want you to also know this. The members of the Republican party leadership are not only bigots. They are also sexists. Just like the shameful way they opposed our first Black President because they are lousy bigots, They would do double duty in opposition to who ever is the first woman president, and because they are lousy sexists too!

This problem will continue as long as the archeage ideology of bigotry and sexism is allowed sway the halls of government.

Read this and weep, or get angry. Yeah! Get angry and confront these jerk wad bigots. Give them no quarter. Shame them with the rebuke they deserve as primitive thinking Humans.

We are one. We are Human
James Williams · Friends with Michael Oliva

To disagree with the president's policy is a first amendment right. I'm not one for "brazen disrespect", but free speech is a right, just like, apparently, trampling and burning our flag, among other highly reproachable types of freedom of expression that never seem to phase you. Perhaps you should move to Turkey where it is illegal to speak out against the government or its leaders.

James Parks Jr.

I agree 100% about the right to disagree with the president being protected speech, James Williams. This is very different though, and only a moron would fail to see what is going on!

All of this is about race. Any person who would deny that is also a moron, or afraid to admit that they hate it that a "nigger" is in the White House. All the bigots in America are pissed off that they lost in 2008, and their primitive mindset couldn't dislodge Obama in 2012.

It is all about racism, and the idiots and primitives who embrace that. Even before the last vote was cast in 2008, the GOP vowed to oppose any policy that came out of an Obama office. They vowed to make Obama's presidency a non-presidency. Their policy decisions were not based on what is good for our nation and its people, but rather by their desire to ruin Obama, and just because he is a Black man. Vindictive, and hateful in the extreme, the Republican party has been guilty of repeated instances of disrespect, and trying to make end runs around him, or even to shut down the government to oppose him. The proofs are overwhelming.

The Republicans do not publically denounce the fact that there is a Black man in the White House. Oh no! They are cowards, and would never admit it because they are afraid of the backlash, or they are embarrassed because they know they are wrong, so they skirt the issue and try to rationalize. In the end it all boils down to one thing. Racism's deep roots in our nation being exposed, and no one wanting to confront that reality. I think even the people on the left are reluctant to admit that there is a hard core of millions of primitive racists in the "Land of the Free".

Perhaps you should move to Russia where the mind set is more aligned with yours, James Williams .

Obama Election Spurs Hate Crimes

updated 11/15/2008 5:57:53 PM ET

University of Alabama professor Marsha L. Houston posted a message against racism on Thursday after someone defaced a previous poster of President-elect Barack Obama and his family with a death threat and racial slur in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Other incidents include:

Four North Carolina State University students admitted writing anti-Obama comments in a tunnel designated for free speech expression, including one that said: "Let's shoot that (N-word) in the head."

Second- and third-grade students on a school bus in Rexburg, Idaho, chanted "assassinate Obama," a district official said.

University of Alabama professor Marsha L. Houston said a poster of the Obama family was ripped off her office door. A replacement poster was defaced with a death threat and a racial slur. "It seems the election brought the racist rats out of the woodwork," Houston said.

Black figures were hanged by nooses from trees on Mount Desert Island, Maine, the Bangor Daily News reported. The president of Baylor University in Waco, Texas said a rope found hanging from a campus tree was apparently an abandoned swing and not a noose.

Crosses were burned in yards of Obama supporters in Hardwick, N.J., and Apolacan Township, Pa.

A black teenager in New York City said he was attacked with a bat on election night by four white men who shouted 'Obama.'

In the Pittsburgh suburb of Forest Hills, a black man said he found a note with a racial slur on his car windshield, saying "now that you voted for Obama, just watch out for your house."

Friday, April 29, 2016

Secular Humanist are the Standard Bearer of Morality

By James Parks:

It seems that the Secular Humanist are the standard bearers of morality today. I'm not saying Secular Humanist's are all perfect lil-angels who never did anything wrong, but you don't see them try to justify criminal behavior with a myth.

Some people try to twist the truth and say that the Secular Humanist can not have a basis in morality without a god. I say that is one of the biggest lies told to Humans. The rules like the "Ten Commandments" are partially derived from Humanist values. All religious values have their roots in Humanist values, and not the other way around. How do I know this to be true? There are thousands of religions on the Earth, and only one Humanity.

Personally, I would like to see every Human abandon religion as harmful baggage from our primitive pre-human past. That's right, pre-human is the source of religion. The beliefs in spirits and gods by humans is an artifact of when pre-humans didn't have a clue about anything beyond the barest knowledge to keep oneself alive. To them everything had a spirit in it because they didn't understand the true nature of things. Their newly emerged cerebral cortex, with its amazing ability to process information and take many items of information and form hypotheses, had to use the very little knowledge of the universe they had to figure things out best they could. The belief in spirits resulted and has been the default position for when Humans run against a roadblock in understanding ever since.

I wonder if there is another split in our species happening. Use your mind's eye and imagine. Many eons ago there was only one. Not human, and not ape or chimp, there was a species that preceded us and them. They did not have the kinds of thoughts we have because their brain was different than ours. Also, we can not think another being's thoughts for them, but we can say with assurance that those beings did not have the understanding of the universe we Humans have today. Their understanding was, for the lack of a better word, "animalistic", and that is the way they acted to survive. It worked.

Then there was that evolutionary split. The Humans and the apes were formed out of the previous one, and supplanted them. As we walk through our imaginary past time, I can imagine that there was a time when it was only a few years beyond that split. The Human cerebral cortex had formed into complexity, but yet the Humans didn't even know how to start a fire, or chip a stone. Their understanding was still stuck in the animalistic because that is all they had from the beginning. Religion is a part of that animalistic ignorance of the true nature of the universe. An effort to explain that which has not yet been explained. For a long time that animalistic explanation of the universe worked good enough to advance Humans to a point, then it starts to fail.

That failure of the animalistic notion of gods and spirits is a natural consequence of Humanity gaining knowledge of the true nature of the universe. A problem arises when the Humans stubbornly fail to lay away the archaic notions of a spirit world, which are a part of our animal origins.

Then we have Humans like this guy Dennis Hastert. He is fully immersed into the animal nature of Humanity. He is representative of the new split in Humanity. On one side of it are people like him, and other far right wing nutz, and people of all religions who believe in spirits and gods. On the other side are people like Secular Humanists and other people who rely on logic, reason and factual knowledge to form a picture of the universe. On one side primitive/animalistic thinkers, and on the other side advanced/enlightened thinkers.

It seems that the primitives have sided with the Republican party and chosen that as their standard. The advanced thinking Humans seem to have rightfully gravitated to progressive, liberal, Democratic Socialist values. One day far into the future their descendants, if they have any, will be looked upon by our descendants with the same interest we look upon chimps and monkeys today.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Few Things About Hillary: Do Not Forget

This ain't over yet! Let us not forget a few things.

For one, this is a political revolution. It doesn't depend on one person. It depends on the thoughts and actions of millions of free people.

The math still says it is possible for Mr. Sanders to win, even though the chance is slim. Even if he doesn't win, we are still a force to be reckoned with. Lady Hillary can try to dismiss us like she did in the MSNBC interview all she wants. That will not endear Bernie supporters to her. That will only further alienate them. Her dismissal of the Bernie Sanders supporters, the contempt shown by her towards them only reinforces the "Bernie or Bust" mentality.

She has some heavy and very dark clouds following her too! It also matters not if anything is justified. The issues are there, and the GOP will use any tool against her they can find, like these.

  • Clinton’s State Department Emails
  • Benghazi 
  • Conflicts of Interest in Foggy Bottom 
  • The Clinton's Private Email Server 
  • Sidney Blumenthal 
  • The Speeches
  • The Clinton Foundation
  • The Bad Old Days; Troopergate, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Vince Foster, Juanita Broaddrick.
  • Republicans hate her with a passion, and will never cooperate with her on anything, ever!
  • Early in her campaign she kept bringing up the fact that she is a woman as if that is reason alone to vote for her.
  • Rude and dismissive treatment of Black Lives Matters people.
  • Haudy, superior attitude displayed.
  • Sense of entitlement to the office of the Presidency detected.
  • Evasiveness when asked a question. As if she is looking for an out when she should be forthcoming.

If none of that is able to derail her bid to become president, all that handy ammunition handed to the Republican party will surely ruin her possible presidency. That list of Clinton skeletons in the closet will be her undoing, and the cause of 4 years of continued gridlock.

Mark my word and listen well. Hillary Clinton will not be able to convince the majority of Bernie supporters to throw that support behind her. She will not be able to bring the Democratic and Republican parties together for the common good.

If you think you seen partisan gridlock and petty rivalries dominate the politics of the Obama administration, you've seen nothing yet. The bigots in the GOP oppose Obama because, well because they are rotten bigots. They are also sexists too! They are sexists who hate Hillary Clinton with a burning passion. If the GOP can not get one of their own into the White House, they are going to spend the next 4 years trying their inhuman best to impeach Hillary. It will be that, or constant gridlock of the kind we had with the Obama/GOP house fight.

The GOP said even before Obama was sworn in that they will never cooperate with him, and oppose everything Obama tries to advance. How much more opposition/gridlock/attack do you think the Republicans will engage in against the specter of their hatred, which is Hillary?

Again I say, you haven't seen anything yet. Guaranteed, a Hillary presidency will consist of nothing but her trying to keep from being impeached from the Oval Office. It will be that plus the constant grinding sound of the machine of government coming to a halt while the parties bicker.

Voting for Hillary is a big mistake.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cap & Eliminate Carbon

I believe the carbon tax is an ineffective compromise between pandering politicians and the fossil fuels industry. We don't need Cap & Trade. We need Cap & Eliminate. No more carbon trading.

Just like the old CAFE standards, we need to set standards on the efficiency and means of electrical production. Our civilization should mandate that electrical power production be given over to green energy methods, and set time limits on that.

Within 10 years, 50% of electrical capacity be given over to green energy production methods, or reduce electrical production by an amount that would cause an equal lowering of total carbon emissions.

Within 15 years, 75% of electrical capacity be given over to green energy production methods, or reduce electrical production by an amount that would cause an equal lowering of total carbon emissions.

Within 20 years, 100% of electrical capacity be given over to green energy production methods, or reduce electrical production by an amount that would cause an equal lowering of total carbon emissions.

Example: A power plant uses 1000 tons of coal to produce 1000 gigawatts of electrical power. At the end of 10 years the power plant should be producing 500 gigawatts with 500 tons of coal, and 500 gigawatts with solar or wind.

If they are unable to meet the standard they would have to lower their coal usage to meet the lowered carbon emission standard. Say they only are producing 250 gigawatts of clean energy at the end of 10 years instead of 500. The power plant would still only be allowed to burn 500 tons of coal for power production, so they would have to reduce their wattage output, and/or import power to make up the difference. No importing power from across international borders allowed unless it can be proven to be from clean energy sources.

Cap & Trade gives reason to scheme and connive. Our planet needs real action, urgently. Force the switch to clean energy.

Friday, April 8, 2016

What To Do About the Failing Political Parties

The people of the two dominant political parties aren’t very happy with the way things are going. At least the sane ones that is. I don’t know what to say about the Trump or Cruz supporters. Insane in the membrane, may be.

You have seen a little of the idea of forming a new political party after the general election to follow through on the political revolution started by Bernie Sanders. I want to be honest with you from the get go. So this is my thoughts. A lot of people here in Albuquerque are active politically. I’m one of them, and I’m not happy with the Democratic party either. That got me going on this. I wanted to get people to take over the Democratic Party here in NM, and every other state for that matter. Then maybe we could fix things. So I studied the rules and found the process for doing exactly that.

I wrote the process down and presented it to the people. When I did I got a response from a friend calling what I had written a position paper, and basically that the Democratic party may not be worth saving anymore. That after the general election a new party might be formed, so what do I want to do about it?

I've known what I want to do about it for a long time. During the last mid-terms I was so urked by the entire political freakshow, that I created the "Wild Party" Facebook group. It was a tongue in cheek kind of a protest of the political parties. I borrowed the name from the Alice Cooper song "Elected".

Indeed, for a long time I have not been very happy with the political parties. I don't see them serving the people's best interests. I don't see them as being concerned with the long term well being of our civilization. In fact, I see the current political party structure as dangerous to the survival of the Human species.

I started looking around for current political parties that might fit the bill. One that would serve the public interests in a manner I thought were correct. I wasn’t having any luck in finding an alternative party to back. I wanted something truly revolutionary, and to be damn serious about it too! I kept coming up disappointed. I wanted to do something about the current corrupt political situation in our nation, but I couldn’t find a political organization that I thought had a chance of defeating the Republican/Democrat/Industry oligarchy.

One of the people that has inspired me the most is Mr. Bernie Sanders. One year ago I would have felt like I had to explain who he is, but not today. I’m sure you already know. Mr. Sanders said “Think big!” I think we have to take that to heart. We have to embrace that concept of “Think big!” To me that was an invitation, and a challenge too! Hey look, our ancestors were smart enough to come up with a system of politics and government that kept the power in the hands of the few. So I’m sure that we today are smart enough to come up with a system of politics and government that serves the people’s well being, and industry too. If Human beings in the past were smart enough to write the rules, and the nuts and bolts of our Bizarro World political parties, we’re smart enough today to fix it.

So I started to write what I thought might be the beginnings to another political party. I called it the Democratic Socialist Party of the United States. I figured I must be just as worthy as any other Human Being past or Present to attempt it. I have been exposed to the structure of the law for many years. For decades I had to wade through the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR’s) when dealing with the FAA. Also I am familiar with Operation Procedure Manuals (OPM’s) and many other types of directives and government paperwork. I’ve worked for a few of the biggest names in aviation in the industry on both commercial, civil and Department of Defense projects. I’ve worked at the worker, lead and supervisory level. I did all that as a high school dropout. It wasn’t until 2005, when I was injured and off work that I took the time to get a GED. When I did, I scored the highest of anyone in the state of Alabama who took the test that round! I was so surprised when they announced it to everyone there. I got to be valedictorian and make a speech. I took an army aptitude test when in high school, and scored highest for electrical and mechanical aptitude in the state of Indiana. I’ve been lucky enough on all that stuff.

Seal of the DSPOTUS
I have also been lucky in the fact that I’ve dug ditches, and have done odd jobs for day labor outfits. I’ve been homeless, and hungry. Cold and miserable are two things I’m very familiar with too. I know what it is like to struggle. I’ve went to plasma centers just to get enough money for my next meal. There’s been times when I’ve ended up selling everything I had, and that still wasn’t enough. My first memories were those of a house with a wood stove, and taking a bath in a galvanized tub. I’ve seen riots in Milwaukee, and KKK marches in North Carolina. In my ignorance I’ve visited prejudice against my brothers and sisters, please forgive me, and prejudice has been violently visited upon me. It seems like I have been at both ends of the spectrum in life. Maybe now is time to try to put all that to good use.

So for what it is worth, I am trying to write rules and procedures for a whole new political party. I figure, why not? It may come to nothing, it may come to something, who knows? I know the exercise will cause me to learn something, and that is always a positive.

As of this writing I have made DSPOTUS Facebook groups for all the states. Written a good part of the rules for how the party would function, and how to elect party officials. I am working on the process for nominating candidates for public office. I have tried my best to keep things such that the political power stays with the people. I want to build in checks and balances in such a way that persons can not become entrenched. People before party is what I want.

I want a party that promotes the wellbeing of humanity in whole. I want a party that promotes the advancement of humanity in whole. One that seeks to preserve the environment for all species, and to preserve those species. We have got to abandon the old, primitive ways of humanity, or we’re doomed. I want a party that will promote revolutionary ideas to fix the problems we face. So that’s is what I’m trying to craft. I have ideas about how I think things should be done. So this is an effort to put them into writing.

If we are going to have a real political party, that really is serious about putting people in office. One that will work earnestly, and every single day for the goals we want. We have to build the individual parts of a whole new organization. It has to look legit too. It has to look serious. It has to keep the absolute highest standards of reliability, truth, loyalty, honor and all the other good things the Democratic and the Republican party have abandoned. From the very start we have to do the things that cause the public to have absolute trust in the new political party that comes from all the chaos of today. Nothing less will do!

There is no point in even taking on the endeavour unless it maintains all the good things we want. There is no point in taking on the task unless we all are ready to see it through to the very end. This isn’t a game.

So here I sit, a man pushing 60. Broken in body, but not in spirit. I got a second lease on life when I beat cancer. So what do I want to do? I sure as heck don’t want to sit around watching game shows for the next how ever long I have left! So I’ll try to do some good, even if it comes to nothing.

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Children of Earth Have Been Robbed of Their Inheritance

I seen a statement on Facebook that I would like to comment on because I think this is important, "You're born in another country. You're just a child. Around you are the resources that many corporations and elites want for profit and below you is oil."

As for the referenced statement I think it goes much deeper, and is more expansive. This is my take on it. Each person is born into this world not of their own accord. They are thrust into being just like any other living organism. Any organism born into an environment has a fundamental right to take from that environment so that it may live. Some people say the world doesn't owe people a living. I say that is a lie. Just because of the mere existence of the person and the existence of the environment there is that implied right to use. Any organism will do that.

The the child you spoke of has every bit as much of a right to ownership of the resources "...that many corporations and elites want for profit..." as any other Human Being. That child has a right to benefit FULLY from those resources too! That not only goes for that child, it applies to every single Human Being on the planet.

There are poor and destitute people all over the planet who are surrounded by plentiful resources. The problem is, there are a few people who have used resources to make guns and swords to take the resources of the others. If the others try to stop them, they murder them. So the people live in fear. They live in fear in Africa, in Asia and other places.

In the United States too! Next time you are out and about and see a homeless person, think of the child you spoke of. That poor destitute person in the United States of America is being ripped off every bit as much as that poor Syrian child whose family and home has been destroyed by "corporations and elites", or that starving African child whose parents were murdered by power hungry people. This is a problem of global proportions.

Alaska is the only state in the union that actually puts money in people's hands because of oil wealth, and rightly so. Every bit of the oil, natural gas, minerals and even the energy coming from the sun belongs to each of us equally. It is not acceptable that a government organization would pass laws and rules that cause the people's natural resources to benefit only a few people, and leave the rest to rot. Like that person standing on a street corner with a sign that reads "Hungry. Please Help." It is not only unacceptable, it is criminal. There is no justification in one person having the use of the resources of a thousand, and the thousand uncaringly left with nothing. They are being robbed at gunpoint. We are being robbed.

If things were done properly, the natural resources of the planet would be nationalized, or rather should I say "Humanized". I think we should start off by nationalizing the natural resources of the United States, returning them to their owners, the Humans who inhabit that land. If the "corporations and elites" want to benefit from those resources, government must insure that all of the people benefit from that use.

The Nationalization of the Resources wouldn't be a thing dear to some people's heart. Let me take a guess. I think poor people would like the idea, and rich people would think it sucks! Well "Duh!". They remind me of some chimpanzees I seen at the L.A. Zoo. One had some food and another was sitting near with its hand out. The chimp with food ignored the other as it ate, then finally gave the other chimp the scraps. Oh so like Humans they are, and for good reason.

We have that in us still. That primitive thought just like our cousins the chimp. They may still need that in their primitive chimp world, but we don't. Humans are supposed to be "evolved". Humans are supposed to be more enlightened than that. We don't have to act like primitive barbarians. There is no need for that any longer, and now we have the means.

Check out this other article if you wish. It has more thoughts on this issue.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

April's Fools Day: When the Fool Became Informed

Yesterday was a good day. In the morning I was kind of irritated by a couple things I read in the news, as usual now a days. Then I looked outside and seen overcast skies. Brrr + shiver = misery! I hate being cold. It was April's Fools Day, and the day looked like it was made for fools.

So I went to the bus stop anyway. At the stop I met a lady I had talked to before. She and I talked about politics. I asked her who she supports, and she replied "Trump". So I asked her why she supports him? I got the standard fare one would expect from someone who is steeped in the FOX news network speel. She said "Because Trump will stop all them Mexicans from coming over here and stealing our jobs."

I've got to stop right here a minute, and try to be objective. The lady I was talking to wasn't a bad person. She was a fooled person. I'm finding there is a huge difference. There are people out there who are so filled with hate, they are vile and despicable human beings who are to be despised. Then then again there are the others! Their victims. The lady I was talking to was every bit as much of a victim of injustice as any other human being who has ever been.

I asked her how old she is, and she replied 57. I was a bit surprised because I was guessing 70ish. I asked if she was on social security, and she said SSI. She lives in a trailer park I know because she mentioned it when she referred to some others who were getting assistance. This lady looked like she had a hard life. She looked worn, but I could tell her mind was still sharp.

I think she has been fooled by the media and the machine. She is one of the people that the criminal conspiracy, which was concocted by the traitorous oligarchy with their network of media, was successful at duping by spreading deception and propaganda. Do you get what I'm saying here? She has just reason for compensation for damages, as far as I'm concerned.

So I told her the real situation. Of millions of jobs that have been shipped off to foreign lands and who did it. Who worked with them to do it and how, baby. I spilled my guts. She listened too! This person wasn't stupid. She asked questions. She was using reason and logic.

You can tell the difference. You know them persons like the one I seen in the video who said "I'll punch you if you don't like Trump." There is no way to reason with a person like that. They are fully given over to evil. It is best to turn away and to not say another word. Just walk away. This lady I spoke with wasn't one of them. Even though she lives among them, she is one of the ones of reason. She said she will for sure check out what I said. She was looking at a Bernie Sanders video when I left. Maybe she will tell other people she knows. Maybe she will tell the other victims of the oligarchy.

That's one of the good things that happened on April's Fools Day for me, but I'm only getting started. After that wonderful meeting at the bus stop, I went to the VA hospital. I met with my lady to have lunch and talk. We are like minded on all things political. She serves our Veterans and is passionate about Veteran's issues. I had some green chile stew. It was yummy!

After an enjoyable lunch, I made my way to the Hippy shop, Birdland. As I walked down the street, I noticed a fellow walking in the opposite direction with a blanket thrown over his shoulders. He had raggedy shoes, and walked in a shuffling manner. It was quite obvious that he was homeless and had been that way for years. I turned around as he passed and said "Here, take this." and gave him a hand full of quarters. So away I went.

When I got to Birdland I was excited. That place is cool! It is a Hippy Shop that has been a fixture in Nobb Hill of Albuquerque for years. Now they are a medical cannabis dispensary too! That is so convenient for me because it is right on the bus line. Inside the shop is really cool too. You have to check it out.

When I got to the counter I introduced myself, and told them I admire what they are doing. Right off the bat it was up front and open we are all Democratic Socialists speaking together. We all were feeling the Bern!

I after the intro, I filled out the registration form, and told them I had to go to Zombie Comic and see if I can sell these old 1970's underground Freak Brothers Comic books. I showed him and did his eyes ever light up. He was a fan from way back. He said to go on over to Zombie and see about if. Then If i wasn't offered a good price to come back. So away I went.

At the counter of the Zombie, I greeted the young man and said, "I have some comic with me I want to sell." He said the owner will have to check them out and that he would be back in 5 minutes. So as I waited a conversation started. I told him after I got done here I was going back over to Birdland. He said he wishes he had a card, or that cannabis were legal. I said "Me too brother!" So of course the topic of Bernie Sanders came up. So did the fact that one year ago we would ask if a person knew who Bernie is and they would say "no", and now everyone says "yes". I asked him if he had ever heard of ward meetings, and he of course said no. So I informed him about that, and he was glad of it. He said he is going to tell everyone he knows! I was very please.

The owner had already returned and had written an offer. It was extremely inadequate, so I politely declined their offer. I bid them farewell and back to birdland I went.

A fellow I had met at Birdland offered me a fair offer for the three Freak Brothers. He said he was going to place them in his collection. I'm glad he got them because he appreciates them as true Hippy Memorabilia. They are getting kind of rare too. Each of the Freak Bros. he got were 1 of 10,000 and 40 years old. They are in good hands.

So now I have enough to get some meds. They have a really nice dispensary there at Birdland. The bud is quality stuff. The staff is knowledgeable too! I am quite happy that I stopped in there. I will be going back, and soon.

Now that all of that was done, time to go home. The sun was shining and the warmth of its rays felt good. The buses were all right on time too. I didn't even have to wait very long at the 2 bus stops. So I was home in no time. When I got home, I filled up the pipe they had given me in a gift pack at Birdland. I sat back and took a puff on the pipe while sitting in the backyard. The cramps in my feet and the tingling in my hands subsided. I was at ease and all seemed to be going in the right direction. I think the future looks bright. I'm not saying that there will not be a struggle. I'm saying that the future looks really good. All is well with the world. Humans are being enlightened. Humans are progressing. The proof is all around us. I can hear the proof shouting "Enough is Enough". I'm shouting right along with them too.