Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Few Things About Hillary: Do Not Forget

This ain't over yet! Let us not forget a few things.

For one, this is a political revolution. It doesn't depend on one person. It depends on the thoughts and actions of millions of free people.

The math still says it is possible for Mr. Sanders to win, even though the chance is slim. Even if he doesn't win, we are still a force to be reckoned with. Lady Hillary can try to dismiss us like she did in the MSNBC interview all she wants. That will not endear Bernie supporters to her. That will only further alienate them. Her dismissal of the Bernie Sanders supporters, the contempt shown by her towards them only reinforces the "Bernie or Bust" mentality.

She has some heavy and very dark clouds following her too! It also matters not if anything is justified. The issues are there, and the GOP will use any tool against her they can find, like these.

  • Clinton’s State Department Emails
  • Benghazi 
  • Conflicts of Interest in Foggy Bottom 
  • The Clinton's Private Email Server 
  • Sidney Blumenthal 
  • The Speeches
  • The Clinton Foundation
  • The Bad Old Days; Troopergate, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Vince Foster, Juanita Broaddrick.
  • Republicans hate her with a passion, and will never cooperate with her on anything, ever!
  • Early in her campaign she kept bringing up the fact that she is a woman as if that is reason alone to vote for her.
  • Rude and dismissive treatment of Black Lives Matters people.
  • Haudy, superior attitude displayed.
  • Sense of entitlement to the office of the Presidency detected.
  • Evasiveness when asked a question. As if she is looking for an out when she should be forthcoming.

If none of that is able to derail her bid to become president, all that handy ammunition handed to the Republican party will surely ruin her possible presidency. That list of Clinton skeletons in the closet will be her undoing, and the cause of 4 years of continued gridlock.

Mark my word and listen well. Hillary Clinton will not be able to convince the majority of Bernie supporters to throw that support behind her. She will not be able to bring the Democratic and Republican parties together for the common good.

If you think you seen partisan gridlock and petty rivalries dominate the politics of the Obama administration, you've seen nothing yet. The bigots in the GOP oppose Obama because, well because they are rotten bigots. They are also sexists too! They are sexists who hate Hillary Clinton with a burning passion. If the GOP can not get one of their own into the White House, they are going to spend the next 4 years trying their inhuman best to impeach Hillary. It will be that, or constant gridlock of the kind we had with the Obama/GOP house fight.

The GOP said even before Obama was sworn in that they will never cooperate with him, and oppose everything Obama tries to advance. How much more opposition/gridlock/attack do you think the Republicans will engage in against the specter of their hatred, which is Hillary?

Again I say, you haven't seen anything yet. Guaranteed, a Hillary presidency will consist of nothing but her trying to keep from being impeached from the Oval Office. It will be that plus the constant grinding sound of the machine of government coming to a halt while the parties bicker.

Voting for Hillary is a big mistake.