Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bernie Sanders Supporters Pepper Sprayed at Trump Rally: Hate-v-Love

Here is a video that moved me in two ways. First I was moved into sadness, then into joy. I like the feelings of joy much better. It feels better inside when there is joy and love. So why all the people who feel bad inside with hate?

Bernie Sanders Supporters Pepper Sprayed at Trump Rally
The worst thing about it is that one primary motivation for the hate is the acquisition of material wealth. Trump uses that primitive Human quality most effectively in his bid to acquire more wealth.

I feel sorry for them all. I pity them. Look at them. Their sickness is of spirit. Inside their thoughts, there must be turmoil. I think I can use logic to see the emotion, maybe. I have felt love, joy, sadness and hate. The love and joy I felt has always made me feel good. The sadness and hate has always made me feel bad. I resent it that the haters make me feel sadness when I see them acting in their primitive ways. I would much rather see people like the young man with the "Free Hugs" sign. Seeing stuff like that makes me feel good inside. Promoting love for all humanity is an advanced trait. So I promote the love and joy. I want to feel good and not bad. I do not want to be one of the primitives. There is the logic in the emotion.

Feel good inside by laying away all hate. The people who have embraced the hate and succumbed to the leaders of hate's diatribe, don't have to suffer any longer. Not if they don't really want to. They can choose love instead, and feel good inside.

Many great philosophers have pretty much said the same thing all throughout history. You know the people of whom I speak without me even saying their names. If people once believed what the wise ancient elders said, why do they abandon that now, and take up the cause of their adversary? Material Wealth? Things that "moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal." only pile on more hate. Not only do they have hate in their heart caused by the struggle for wealth they feel they might gain, but also they have hate in their heart for them who they think will come and steal. So in the end they make the poor because of their lust for material wealth, then hate the poor because they fear that they may steal.

Hate piled upon hate. Like a vicious self destructive cycle, only ending in death as it does for us all. Why not lay in your assured last minutes of life thinking of a life filled with love and joy, instead of image after image of hate, violence and death. To me the latter would be akin to going to the mythical hell. It is a choice we make. I choose love.

That's one of the biggest reasons I support Bernie Sanders. Instead of the hate, which causes people to have turmoil in their minds and lives, and to project their suffering onto others, Mr. Sanders promotes the things that cause joy and love. Things like full bellies and secure futures for everyone, and not just the few.

We only get one shot at this. We only get one life. Shall we construct a hellish life here on Earth for our species, or shall we construct a life of happiness and joy. Shall we as a species become enlightened advanced thinkers of progressive thoughts, or shall we sink back into animal barbarism? It really is a choice we make. Choose Love.

Monday, March 28, 2016

If Superdelegates Value Equality, They Give Up Their Title

The superdelegate issue is bugging me. The use of them by Hillary is very telling too. Remember when she went around gathering endorsements from the supers? The media made a big deal of it. What went through her mind each time?
Maybe something like "I have doubts I can win the election without an ace in the hole. I don't have enough popular support, and even if I do, why take chances? I want this to be in the bag." So without much regard for the will of the people she gathers endorsements from superdelegates, who are not bound by the will of the people. A proper servant of the people would rebuke the concept of superdelegates and shun their support as an anathema.
It bothers me greatly that our citizens and candidates have to ask privileged persons for favors in order to become elected. "Oh please Mr./Mrs. Superdelegate. Please follow the will of the people." Then a super responds like Texas congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, who said "I want voters to be at ease that their votes truly count. But I also want them to respect each of us [superdelegates] individually for how we have perceived America's future to be.""
I can certainly respect how a person "perceived America's future to be.", but their version of America's future may not be the one the people favor. There is only one entity who has a right to dictate the future of America, and that entity is the American voters in mass, in total. Not some privileged person who's only real function is to rig an election. Ask the Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz why the Democratic Party has superdelegates and she will tell you "Unpledged delegates exist really to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don't have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists."
Any Human Being who values Liberty and Freedom will oppose the concept of the superdelegate. If the superdelegates were true lovers of equality, they would rebuke the title of "superdelegate". The ones who embrace the undemocratic principle of superdelegate should have a badge with that word to show their statue. They also should have a badge that reads "Elitists", and another that says "I'm better than you.", and another that says "Your vote doesn't count unless I say it does."
I'm finding that my participation in the Democratic party just to get Bernie Sanders elected is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. After the general election, I'll have to join a different party. Not the Repugnant Party either. A 3rd party. A wild party. One that actually represents the people, and puts the people before even the party.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The New Mexico Coup d'étate; Taking Control

Here is an issue I would like to bring up for the consideration of all my fellows. It is the State Central Committee, its function and membership to that body. I think this is an extremely important area that must not be ignored, or we will not go far in our Political Revolution.

I attended last years SCC meeting here in Albuquerque. At that meeting the most notable thing to me was the endorsement of Hillary Clinton for nomination as candidate for President. On April 23rd there will be this years meeting and I plan on attending again.

Getting to the point, at that last meeting everyone cheered for Hillary Clinton, and so did I. A lot of water has gone under the bridge for me, and I would imagine for a lot of the SCC members who were in attendance that day. The political scenery has changed radically in the last 12 months. With the rise of the Political Revolution of Bernie Sanders, and the threat imposed by the fascist Trump, I'm sure a lot of people have been and are rethinking their position. I know I sure have.

At the next SCC meeting there will be a gathering of members who will now be a mix of Bernie supporters, and Hillary supporters. I don't want to venture a guess as to the ratio of the mix, but we know what the mix looked like at the Pre-Primary convention.

Each faction will be fighting and arguing for their agenda. The SCC and its members set the course for the direction of the Democratic Party in our state. We must fill that membership with like minded individuals. Then we can set the agenda, and get this revolution to start producing fruit. Just like all the offices of government, we have to purge them of undesirable elements, and replace them with like minded progressives and Democratic Socialists.

We have to plan to take control of all of these positions of power. So the first thing we must do is attend the ward meetings. We must get our people elected as ward chairs and precinct chairs. Then about a month later there will be a meeting to elect a County Chair, two Vice Chairs and well over 100 members to represent Bernalillo County on the State Central Committee. If we can take control of all, or a majority of the County Central Committees in New Mexico by electing our people to chair wards and precincts, we will have total control of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

We will have to wait until February 2017 to elect as ward chairs and precinct chairs our people, thus starting the peaceful, political coup d'étate.

What is the function of the State Central Committee?

1. They can change the rules for the DPNM. "These rules may also be amended by a two- -thirds (2/3) vote of all the members of the State Central Committee who vote on the amendment at a meeting that has as one of its purposes amendments to rules."


4--1. Powers and Authority.

A. General The State Central Committee is the supreme governing body of the DPNM when regularly convened in the absence of a convention in session. It shall have general supervision and control of the political affairs of the party. Members of the State Central Committee shall serve as automatic delegates to all State Conventions, in addition to those state delegates duly elected at the County Conventions, unless prohibited by the rules of the Democratic Party of the United States.

B. Financing The policy of the DPNM is that its business shall be financed primarily by contributions from each of its individual members as their means allow. The State Central Committee has the responsibility of fulfilling that policy by maintaining a systematic program for soliciting and collecting such contributions. It shall have the authority for appropriation of state party funds.

C. Assessments The State Central Committee shall have the authority to levy dues or assessments upon the various recognized party organizations (Rule 24--1) on an equitable basis proportional to the representation such organizations have on the State Central Committee.

Bernalillo County Party Information

"The controlling body of the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County is the County Central Committee, which consists primarily of all the ward chairs and precinct chairs, plus additional elected members from at least 2/3 of the precincts. These members are elected in local ward meetings early (usually February) of odd-numbered years and serve a two-year term.About a month after they're elected these CCC members . . . possibly up to nearly 1,000 of them . . . meet to elect a County Chair, two Vice Chairs and well over 100 members to represent Bernalillo County on the State Central Committee, all to serve two year terms. Other party officers include the Secretary and Treasurer, who are appointed by the County Chair.In addition to the County Central Committee, which is obviously too large a body to meet regularly, some authority is delegated to the Executive Committee, which consists of the five county officers and all the ward chairs. There are two other committees specified in the county rules: The Resolutions & Platform Committee and the Credentials & Rules Committee. These two committees each have one representative from each ward, and are chaired by a committee member selected by the County Chair. The County Chair also has the authority to create additional committees as he or she determines are necessary."


"4--2. Members The State Central Committee shall be composed of the following:

B.3 SCC Elections for a County with more than one Congressional District
For a county that has been apportioned into multiple Congressional Districts: The
total number of State Central Committee members calculated in 4--2.B.1 above
shall be apportioned to each Congressional District based on that districts
percentage contribution to the average of the number of votes in the county for
the nominees for Governor and President in the most recent elections. After
adding up the whole member numbers calculated for each district: if the county is
entitled to one more member then the district with the largest fractional part of a
member shall receive an additional member; if the county is entitled to two more
members then the two districts with the larger fractional parts shall each receive
an additional member; etc.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Deductions for Charitable Contributions to Churches are Unconstitutional

I was reading this article "Is Trump’s Tax Plan Revenue Neutral?" By Robert Farley Posted on October 1, 2015 at . In it I found the mention of tax deductions for charitable contributions. I wondered if donations to religious organizations are allowed deductions? I found that indeed they are.

"A church, synagogue, or other religious organization;" [sic]

I object to this except under one condition. In my opinion, allowing a tax deduction for religious organizations amounts to the government promoting religion except if all of the funds are used exclusively for charitable purposes, and without any hint of the promoting of the religious organizations faith who are engaged in charitable activities.

I've been on the street a few times. I've ate at soup kitchens a few times. I've slept in the safety of a shelter for the homeless a few times. I've seen how the ones run by religious organizations work.
When you go there, you have to go through the routine. Most people most certainly would not go to a soup kitchen or homeless shelter unless you were really in need, so they take advantage of that need with their routine. The first part of it is to have you sit and listen to a sermon before you get a meal. This requirement, whether real or implied, is a tax payer funded promotion of religion. If even one slice of bread is obtained by the monies donated, and deducted, then it is taxpayer supported religion in that case.

Some of them pass out fliers to their captive hungry audience. All of this is really nefarious use of the human motivation to take care of their basic needs. About the only motivation Humans have that is stronger than the motivation to eat and drink is to breath. I wager if some religious persons could figure out a way to use the motivation to breath as a tool to convert, they would do it in a heartbeat, and even if the breather suffocates as a result. The use of hunger and homelessness to promote religion is not the allowance of humans to use their free will in these matters, and should never be publically funded. It is manipulation of a most heinous kind.

I remember sitting there hungry and cold waiting for the long winded preacher to finish. I surely was not thinking about any of the words coming out of his mouth. His diatribe did remind me about people who like to hear themselves talk many words. I guess they feel important in at least that part of their lives. Maybe pumps up their ego a little. I'm sure there are a lot of reason for the preacher to go on and on while we sit there hungry. Indeed, I was not taking in the words he offered of Gods and spirits. The only thoughts going through my mind was that my belly hurt from being empty for too long. I only wanted him to get done, and shut up. I'm hungry, please give me food soon.

I think if they would just go ahead and feed people without the sermon first, people would actually listen to the sermon they VOLUNTARILY attended using their FREE WILL, after their basic need was fulfilled. That is not the way the givers of charity, who use that to promote their faith operate or think.

They think that if they feed the hungry first, they will not stay for the sermon. They are partly right too. I think if they feed the hungry first, some will enter their chapel to hear their words, and some will not. It is wrong though to give charity with the expectation of a return. If even one got upset because there was no "thank you", then it no longer is a charitable act because in your mind there was the expectation of that payment of a "thank you". When I see that type of thing, I have to ask for whom they do the charity, the needy or their own gratification?

I would disallow charitable contributions to religious organizations unless they comply with a few rules, and prove it first. Their charitable activities should be separate from their religious activities at all times. No requirement of attendance of a religious, political, or any other indoctrination session or meeting in order to receive charity. No passing out of fliers, or the posting of religious promotion posters within or outside the building in which the needy receive any services offered.

Only if the needy/hungry person approaches the religious organization under the guidance of their own free will, and with absolutely zero coercion or manipulation, may the organization give them the offering of their faith. Otherwise, no tax deduction as a charity.

Obama Halts Sermons during Soup Kitchen Meals

Friday, November 26, 2010

"Faith-based organizations that accept federal funding cannot proselytize while providing social programs to the needy, under a new executive order signed by President Barack Obama. The order changes the original initiative, adopted by President George W. Bush in December 2002, which allowed faith-based social programs to receive tax dollars." [sic]

Friday, March 18, 2016

Do your job McConnell and you jerk wad Republicans, or get the hell out

I wish the Republican party would quit treating the people as if they all were morons.

It is as plane as the nose on our faces why the GOP will not do their job when it comes to SCOTUS nomination by Obama. The reasons are twofold, the way I see things.

First off,and to get the most obvious out of the way, the GOP doesn't believe any person is qualified to be in the White House unless they are a man, and white. So for the last 7 years they have done everything in their power to make impotent, and to delegitimize Obama's Presidency. They want to make his Presidency a non-Presidency.

RNC Rules: Insiders Speak Out on Contested Convention

The second reason is they hope that one of their Republican, white, male, bigot, sexist, fundamentalist Christian, corporatist, war monger, elitist, Plutocratic, Oligarchy loving, thralls (not Trump) get the white house so that the creeps can install yet another white, male, bigot, sexist, fundamentalist Christian, corporatist, war monger, elitist, Plutocratic, Oligarchy loving, thrall for a Supreme Court Justice, and further their anti-Democratic, anti-Liberty, anti-Freedom, anti-Environment, anti-everything that is good, policy.

Sorry for that run on sentence. It couldn't be avoided. Just like WWIII if Trump gets elected, or Wall Street favors if Hillary is elected.

Now let's disband and outlaw the Republican Party, and arrest the traitors within. Do your job McConnell and you jerk wad Republicans, or get the hell out.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Race & Gender Based Voting is Wrong! Hillary Energy Used Up!

Note: After writing this I decided to advise people that they may not like what I've written. This is an observation. I don't know if it is true, but it seems like it is. So don't get bent out of shape. Use logic and reason, and let us solve these damn problems.

Hillary Has Used Up Her Last Energy. The Firewall is Now Behind Her.

It seems that the firewall was made of Black people. I hope the Hispanic folk don't mind me making a "Bernie Western Bulwark" out of them.

I really don't like what I think is going there. All the injecting of race into this election disturbs me. It is not the addressing of racial problems in this round of elections that bother me. It is the pandering to the races as a tool, or the presumption of ownership of the racial groups mass vote are the things that bother me. Even the presumption of people saying Bernie Sanders owns the White vote. I'm sick of it.

There are things that make a person qualified to be a voter, and to run for office. None of those qualifications have anything to do with race or gender. I find it most upsetting when I hear people make blanket remarks like, "All (insert group) should support (insert candidate) because of gender or race." or "All candidates should address (insert group) because of gender or race." I find it divisive.

I find it divisive because more often than not candidates and voters will justify their choice of a race or gender to back by pointing to wrongs committed by other genders and races. It doesn't matter if only a portion of the accused race or gender is guilty of crimes. The user of divisive techniques will make blanket statements that demonize all persons of the accused group.

When politicians promote their cause, or voters consider those causes, the only place race or gender should come into thought is in order to find remedies to ills caused by racism or sexism. The race of the candidate and the gender of the candidate should be put out of mind by the voter. For the candidate they must remember the race and gender of the voters, but form policy that cures the ills of our primitive past, and lift all people up equally regardless of anything other than skill, ability and the simple fact of being Human. Never pandering to one group, demonizing in mass the other. That is the methods of people like Trump, or Hitler.

I'm afraid that is what happened with a Southern Firewall. I sure hope this is wrong what I'm about to say, because if I'm right we have way more work to do than I originally thought. The thought comes to me in the form of a question.

"Are southern Blacks, and a lot of females of all races, voting for Hillary Clinton because Bernie Sanders is a White Male? Let's not sweep under the rug the fact that White Males have been demonized most effectively for the transgressions of some of their people. For a long time it has been acceptable to use White Males as the brunt of jokes that would otherwise be deemed offensive if said in reference to any other group. It was IMHO a period of releasing frustrations in mass.

But let us not throw out the baby with the bathwater. We know there are creeps inhabiting the ranks of all groups and genders. So let us not vote as if all of one is the same as all of the others because they are not. Voting like that, or having those types of thoughts are just as unjust and despicable as bigoted and sexist thought. All of it is born of primitive thought processes that the enlightened person will endeavour to suppress, and eliminate.

Let us not consider any other thing besides policy when choosing our champion, or when running for office. Human policy that cures the ills of our civilization, and not exacerbates the problems so that a few creeps can profit from it. The only thing that matters is gray matter. We are one, and people better not forget it, or there will be trouble.

Monday, March 14, 2016

My Mind Tweaks When People I love Support Hate

It grieves me. It grieves me greatly and puts a burden onto my heart that so many of the people I love so dearly reject a message of love and hope for one of hate and despair. It is like a crushing weight on my spirit. Nevertheless, for them, I must endure. No matter how much it hurts, I must never give up.

Some of the reasons I follow Bernie Sanders is because of lessons taught to me by my dear mother. It was her 76th birthday yesterday. I remember the day she taught me to tie my shoes! She also taught me other important lessons too. Like not being a bigot. I remember when I was 8 years old when we lived in Milwaukee, mom always took us over to her friend's house, and my brother and I played with their children. We loved going over there and had loads of fun. Oh yeah! I almost forgot to mention they were Black folks. It didn't matter back then either. They were, and still are just folks.

There were times when we struggled too! There were times when we didn't have a stick of furniture in the house, and bread was the meal of the day. There were times of seeing national guard troops and rioters in the streets. Of going to George Wallace rallies. All kinds of things I've seen, and good things being taught to me as I grew up causes my mind to get kind of tweaked out when I think of the people I love supporting people like Trump, or any of the Republican party for that matter.

How can people who were raised being taught love support the purveyor of hate? How can people who have felt hunger and want deny the hungry and wanting? How can my very own people who have seen despair and misery allow that, and even condone it in others?

We shall not talk of it. Remember the old adage? "Never discuss religion or politics" they say. What a handy statement! I'm sure it has been the preventer of a lot of fights. I bet it has stifled logical/reasoned discourse, and thus Human advancement for many years too! That goes for a modern favorite too. "Agree to disagree." is another so called adage I despise. All too handy for corrupt individuals to use these tools to stifle thought. The corrupt ones in the clergy or in politics don't want you discussing, much less giving serious thought to anything. They want you to faithfully keep the blinders on, listen to their diatribe and follow orders. You can bet your ass those orders are not going to turn out well for the ones carrying them out.

Why we need Bernie Sanders, 2016.

So why do people I love so much support a position 180 degrees going the other way? Why do these people support persons who will cause them harm in the end? Why do they not listen to any other discourse other than that which reinforces their own flawed logic? What will it take to cause all of them to come to reason, and abandon the purveyors of hate, and promoters of unfettered corruption and greed?

I have an idea of what it will take, and I do not want our nation to have to endure that. Our nation met a bloody split in unity many years ago. I do not want to see a revisiting of that type of barbaric problem solving. Others seem to disagree. Some people seem to think that the use of violent force against a fellow is an acceptable means to an end. Their actions are deplorable, but yet people I love are supporting him. My mind starts tweaking again because of a lack of understanding of how anyone can support such barbaric jerks like in the Republican party.

When 1/2 our nation is on the other side of the fence, the wrong side, my mind starts tweaking. Then I set the consternation aside and persevere for my family and friends. I keep on keeping on even if they end up hating me for it. I know they will never be able to say I am doing what I do because I hate them. Indeed not!

I do what I do out of love for our great nation. That's right Trump. Our nation is still great, so take your diatribe and stick it where the sun don't shine. Maybe with love and hope, some of the people who support the hateful ones will snap out of it soon, and support progress. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Taste of the Establishment at the New Mexico Democratic Pre-Primary Convention

Angie Rhoten,  August 17, 2015: Today at the New Mexico Pre-Primary convention I got a little taste of the establishment and how hard they want to keep control and how little they trust their constituency.

First, they canceled the straw poll at the last minute. It was canceled by one person and no explanation was given beyond, "I didn't think it was a good idea." I can only assume it was because Bernie supporters outnumbered Hillary's about 3 to 1 and it would have been an embarrassment to the establishment to show how far ahead Bernie is this early in the primary season.

Second, right when Bernie people were gathered for our caucus and trying to discuss the gameplan for the day, they started up a very loud mariachi band, making it very hard to hear what was being said. This may seem petty to bring up, but I thought it was a petty thing for them to do.

Third, I approached both Michelle Lujan Grisham and Ben R. Lujan about their superdelegate votes. Michelle basically told me that she would vote whichever way she wanted that she thought was best for the party. I specifically asked if she would vote for Bernie at the National convention in Philly if he wins the NM primary and she said, "I have to do not only what I think is best for New Mexico, but for the entire country." So, I guess she's in the Howard Dean camp.

Ben was more democratic. He told me he would respect the process and if Bernie wins New Mexico he will vote with the will of the people at the National Convention in July.

Lastly, the New Mexico Democratic Party put a platform forward that was best described as weak tea. All of the resolutions that delegates had worked so hard on and voted on were removed or watered down in the final democratic platform for our state. They actually argued they needed to keep it vague to appease more voters. They left us with nothing concrete to go out and sell to voters when we canvass. Most of the Bernie people decided to reject the platform and it was put to a vote. The establishment lost by THREE VOTES! This was a moment where every vote truly counted and rejecting their disappointing platform sent a big message to the establishment democrats in New Mexico and in Washington....we will no longer be apathetic and silent! We will maintain a presence in this process! We will vote and continue to make our voices and our will heard! We are the revolution! ‪#‎WeAreBernie‬

Angie Rhoten and James Parks Jr @ Pre-Primary

‪#‎feeltheBern‬ ‪#‎NM4BERNIE‬ ‪#‎Bernie2016‬

(Thank you James and Steve for having my back today!)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

New Mexico needs to Force Green Energy, Abandon Cap-n-Trade

I want to bring up the issue of declining fossil fuels revenue going into the state's coffers. Our state of New Mexico needs to view that as an opportunity. An opportunity to massively expand green energy production in our state. I want to encourage our state to promote vigorously the abandonment of fossil fuels from our energy mix. To seek federal dollars for new Mexico so that our state can construct massive solar and wind energy production facilities to replace obsolete, and dangerous fossil fuels fired electrical generation facilities. Also monies are needed to clean up the old fossil fuels powered generation stations sites. Monies are needed for the retraining of fossil fuels industry workers so that they may switch to cleaner energy jobs of the 21st Century.

I don't like the idea of "cap-and-trade". I do not believe it is effective. I like the idea of energy source forced switching way better. It is sort of like the CAFE standards for motor vehicles. It goes something like this. Note: when I say fossil fuels in this, just assume I mean nuclear too.

Mandate that 50% electrical power production/generation be turned over to green energy by 2025. That means the installation of green energy production equipment to replace shut down fossil fuels powered equipment.

If an electrical generation station is not able to meet the standard by the deadline date of 2025, they must reduce the amount of electricity they produce with fossil fuels by an amount that would bring them into the 50% green energy production requirement.

Mandate that 100% electrical power production/generation be turned over to green energy by 2035. That means the total replacement of fossil fuels with green energy, and the final abandonment of the use of fossil fuels for the production of electricity in the state of New Mexico by that date.

If an electrical generation station is not able to meet the standard by the deadline date of 2035, they must reduce the amount of electricity they produce with fossil fuels by an amount that would bring them into the 100% green energy production requirement. That would mean they would have to shut down their remaining fossil fuels powered facilities regardless of the amount of electrical generating capacity remaining after the shutdown.

I would like to see federal dollars go into such a scheme to help the power production facilities make the switch, and for retraining of ex-fossil fuels workers. This timeline is accelerated to bring about this crucial change in our state's energy production methods much sooner than advocated by the DPNM.

I would like to add that during the last pre-primary convention there was a gentleman expressing concern over shutting down nuclear plants. He said the wind doesn't blow all the time, and the sun only shines half the time. He misspoke when he said there is no way to store the solar energy for use during times that the sun's not shining. He expressed concern that there will be times when the lights will go off, if we abandon nuclear.

I disagree on a couple points. The most obvious one is the electricity storage issue he spoke of. Our civilization does indeed have the technology to store electrical power, and we are getting better at it all the time. It may be a fact that there might be some electrical generation capacity shortage while we bring our state to 100% green energy production, but I say that is part of the cost.

We will have to tolerate some times of brownouts and even blackouts during the transition. (Roasted marshmallows by an outdoors fire under the stars? Family togetherness. grin emoticon ) I would encourage all New Mexicans to look at any future brownouts or blackouts as temporary in nature, and ushering in a new era, and a better life for all of us. Think of the brownout in your neighborhood as keeping a person on life support at the hospital alive, and feel good about yourself. We can promote the transitional problems we face in terms of doing honorable things for the greater good of the community, and nothing would be further from the truth of the matter. We will face problems with the transition, but the possible problems we might face due to switching power production methods pale in comparison to the problems we will face if we do nothing, or if we delay the effort.

We should all keep in mind that by the year 2045 our whole state could be transformed into a green electricity generating powerhouse of the Southwest with a net export of energy to the surrounding states.

All of this scheme would mean more jobs, a cleaner environment, raising state revenues as we abandon fossil fuels for green energy, and a higher standard of living for all of our people.

Dump the idea of cap-and-trade. Promote a scheme of Forced Power Production Capacity Switching. This should be on a worldwide basis too! Cap-n-trade is no good here, and there. It is an inadequate compromise between fossil fuels, manufacturing and government who rely on the revenues from it. This is further proven with the UN timeline on this issue, which is not near aggressive enough.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Bernie Sanders-v-Hillary Clinton the Import/Export Bank

When Clinton and Bernie Sanders were debating (3/6/2016) the issue of the Import Export Bank (IEB) came up. Along with it the fact that Boeing and other big companies are the ones who mostly benefit from that money. Bernie Sanders is against the IEB, Hillary Clinton against it. Here is how I see things as they speak.

Clinton takes money from Big Corporations, Sanders does not. Clinton mentioned that there are two big aircraft manufacturers in the world, Boeing and Airbus. I know something of the aircraft industry. I worked in it for 35 years. I moved to Seattle in the early 1990's with the intent of getting a job with Boeing. When I got there I was broke, and sleeping in my car in the winter. I was determined and young, so that didn't matter to much to me. I was willing to do what it took.

All the while I was struggling to use my "rugged individualism" to pull myself up by the bootstraps, Boeing was laying production workers off. Even though I didn't get the job I wanted, I managed to get work for a private individual supervising the rebuild of his aircraft he crashed. Then one night I was sitting in the livingroom watching the evening news.

They had a story about a new production facility in China. They were producing body panels for Boeing aircraft. They had video of inside the plant showing Chinese workers manufacturing these items. I thought, "Son of a bitch! Those jobs should be being done by Americans. Americans like me!" That news story urked me. It still makes me angry when I think of it. It makes me angry when I think of Mrs Clinton's words, "Two big aircraft manufacturers in the world." If we keep up the stupid, there will be three.

Every time we allow Boeing to open a manufacturing plant in China, of to contract a factory to produce aircraft parts for American Designed aircraft, we teach them our methods and techniques. We are not only giving away our jobs, we are teaching them how to design and manufacture wide body aircraft. That means Boeing, Airbus and China makes three. Get the picture?

This gives me further cause to throw 100% of my support behind Bernie Sanders. I can see how the IEB helped me to move to Seattle to get a job at Boeing for nothing. How many of my fellow aircraft industry workers suffered job loss because of it?

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Indiana Politics and its People, IMHO

I was in Muncie, Indiana during the 2014 midterms, and was horrified. Every single night there was news reports of another murder in Indy. Heroin addiction was going rampant, and hepatitis C was rearing its ugly head big time because of it. The persons in government were ignorant to even the basic facts. Let me give an example.

There was a bill to legalize medicinal marijuana in the state legislature. Also there was a bill to make the anti heroin OD drug Naloxone more available. At one of the hearings a question was asked by one of the elderly gentleman official, "Will Naloxone stop an overdose of marijuana." When I heard him say that, my jaw dropped.

What am I supposed to think as a citizen when I see stuff like that going on in the halls of government? I think that is something repeated over and again all across America. I think no wonder people think global warming is a hoax, and we can get little done to reverse it. I think our government officials do not do any study on the scientific facts, neither do they study any gathered data. I think they govern using decisions based merely on personal opinion, and regardless of if that opinion conforms to reality or not.

A large portion of the population also go by the same philosophy. More often than not, the average citizen bases their decisions merely on personal opinion, and regardless of if that opinion conforms to reality or not, just like the politician. Where else could have the politicians faulty mental processes originate? The citizens from whence the politicians come.

People told me flat out that voting was a waste of time. There was zero confidence in the government. Yet the same people with zero confidence, and zero voting were the same ones who idolized people like Rush Limbaugh, and the far right wing of the Republican party. The same people who would never vote because it is a "waste of time" value every single repressive item on the radical Christian Right's agenda.

All of the non-voters I met there think global warming is a hoax, abortion should be illegal in all cases, Obama is a Muslim, are birthers, believe the minimum wage should not be raised, believe that the Constitution allows for the mixing of religion and state, believes the Earth is 6000 years old, evolution is a myth, the Big Bang theory is concocted from the depth of Hell, on, and on, and on, and on!

It even gets better! All the while that insanity is running rampant all over the state of Indiana, the governor and his cronies hand education over to private interests. Private interests that keep getting in trouble for one thing or the other. No wonder people believe in all that non-sense. I've read that the teachers in the charter schools suck.

Let us not forget the private prison system. Let's play connect the dots. Marijuana is illegal. Get busted, and go to prison. Go to prison, and go to a private prison. Private prison has contract to get payed for each prisoner. Private prison pays lobbyists to go to state legislature and chew on government official's ear. Lobbyist tells officials they should keep marijuana illegal because they need to keep them beds at the prison filled, and marijuana users are mostly passive making them less expensive to house. Private prison contributes to government official's campaign. government official votes no on the legalization of marijuana.

Can you tell that I think Indiana's government is corrupt from top to bottom? Can you tell that I think the people of Indiana are part of the reason things are the way they are in Indiana?

I hope people of Indiana will wake up soon. People of reason would surely welcome that.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Now More Reason Than Ever to Start Off-World Expansion

Check it out. This is exactly what I'm talking about. Shut down manufacturing capacity rotting away. Shut down because some guys wanted a few more dollars, and were willing to move away to another country and pay poor wages to do it. I think this can be salvaged in a couple ways.

Abandoned Nut & Bolt Factory
Like Bernie Sanders advocates, bring those jobs back home for our people. Another way is to repurpose the idle facilities, but in a proper manner.

In WWII our nation retrofitted a lot of factories that produced refrigerators and autos into factories that produced warplanes and tanks. Factories that were producing sewing machines started producing guns. They didn't f*** around about getting the retrofitting done either. The big money guy's empire was threatened by both the Nazi threat and the Japanese Empire. If they didn't do something, they would lose it all.

We've got something similar in nature going on right now. Our civilization has problems that are becoming a threat to the Human species survival. Human activity has had a serious negative impact on our environment. Over population has stretched the capacity of the planet to maintain the numbers. Poverty and hunger has reached epic proportions. Greed and inequality has had a free hand with civilization and humanity.

So just like the threat the great industrialists faced with the Axis powers in WWII, another threat has arisen that is every bit as deadly as the other defeated one, if not more so.
That new threat is massive human migrations caused by environmental disasters, wars, famine and other things. Wars caused by the ever increasing use of an ever increasing population, of limited energy and food resources on a finite planet. Cities in ruin from war and insurrection. Human death on a massive scale as the competition becomes ever more desperate. Our species had better get their act together now, or it's curtains for us.

Just like in WWII, we need to take all of these abandoned factories and repurpose them, and fast. Repurpose them and retrofit them to make and to build the 21st Century infrastructure. Take all the closed schools and open them back up again too. Then teach our people the skills they will need to make this conversion of our society a reality. A conversion that would cause Humans to become a multi-planet species. Really there is no other option that will solve the eminent threats our advanced civilization faces. To solve these threats, we have no other choice but to use advanced methods.

Our nation bailed out banks that people said were too big to fail. Our people loaned trillions of dollars to Wall Street because of their criminal actions. They say it all came to $16 trillion to keep our economy from completely imploding and falling into ruin. Taking us all with it, I might add.

Well, how do you feel now? It's been 8 years since the bubble burst and the big fix was applied. Are things better for you? Do you feel more secure? Do you think things are better for our nation and the world now than they were 8 years ago, when our people invested $16 trillion in the salvation of our economy? I sure as hell don't. I don't feel like things have gotten any better for the average Jane and John Doe in Anytown USA! I think they have got worse, and will get worse unless action is taken.

If our nation can muster the will to give our $16 trillion to banks and Wall Street CEO's, and if those same banks and CEO's have the guts to gamble on a real big payday, we can do the things that will boost our civilization to the next level, and carry all of our people to prosperity beyond our wildest dreams. The things of which I speak is the colonization of Mars, and the moon. The industrialization of space by the building of orbital solar arrays around the Earth, the moon and Mars. The building of orbital industrial assets around Earth, Mars and the moon to harvest and process asteroidal metals, water and other materials into products used by the people on Earth and the new Mars and moon colonies. The construction of orbital human habitat suitable for apartments and recreation for the off-world workers, and tourists, and even people who wanted to live there just because.

Our civilization would have to institute a massive drive to get people educated to the level they would become proficient at these new tasks and objectives. All across the board, and in every profession, skills would have to be honed within our people to a razor edge. In science, math and engineering and all other pertinent support fields, our people would have to excel. That means putting the proper resources into educating all of them.

We would have to use the unused factories and turn them over to the production of the equipment needed to get this new expansionist push going and to keep it going. Just like in WWII, when our people caused auto factories to start producing warplanes, now our abandoned factories would be turned over to producing spaceship parts, and the other things needed for an expanding civilization.

All the banks and CEO's who cooperated would be richly rewarded too. All the many millions of people newly educated, and employed by this new off-world expansion will be needing checking and saving accounts. They will be buying cars, houses and many other products their properly paid jobs allow them to enjoy.

Really, and I'm speaking directly to Mr. CEO, right now you're fighting over peanuts. Wouldn't you like to be standing (or floating) in your very own Corporate office on a giant orbital platform, that you are the top dog of, which is responsible for the supply of some cool product used by people on Earth, and Mars. Maybe it is even manufactured in zero-G because that's the only way to do it. Go ahead and play it safe. Stay in your puny Earth bound office. Stay the leader of last century ideas, and get left behind.

They haven't the guts to take on a real challenge! It's either that or they like things the way they are because at least they have things good right now. Playing it safe is good for now, short sighted fools. Spain didn't become the richest nation on the planet back in the old times by playing it safe. They had the guts to take a chance, and it paid off big.

That $16 trillion used to give the banks and Wall Street another chance is enough money to fund 91 Apollo programs from start to finish, and at the same time. For the money we spent on the Apollo program, and this excludes the equipment from the Mercury and Gemini program, we got all this.

15 Saturn V rockets, 
16 Command/Service Modules, 
12 Lunar Modules 
Program Support Management Costs; 
Construction Expenses for Facilities and their upgrading
Costs for Flight Operations.

Okay now, if you take all that equipment and multiply it by 91 ($16 trillion worth of Apollos), what do you get? It seems to be a thing of reason to assume that for that kind of money, we could harvest one of them trillion dollar platinum asteroids. In fact, I would wager that is enough money to get Human expansion really going full steam. So what's holding us back?

I have an idea the thing holding us back is a bunch of greedy, play it safe individuals. They like it that our economy is based on scarcity instead of the unlimited abundance our planetary neighborhood can provide. It benefits them (and few others) that platinum and other precious metals are very expensive and rare when they don't have to be because there is an unlimited supply just beyond our planet. It is easier to maintain archaic systems that are working now, but are getting ever more dangerous to use, than to take a chance and invest on something that is sustainable. All of this allows for the existence of class divisions based on wealth. That causes the persons who have the most wealth to believe they are in some way intrinsically better than a person with less wealth. That kind of an idea is an invention of the Human mind, and is a dangerous idea.

We have the technology to start all this off-world expansion in a big way. It is as if our technology has reached a plateau that allows it. As we go, our technology will further increase because of the everyday experiences of many millions of people who will work in and migrate to our new off-world territories. Our economy would expand, and so to would the equality that education, opportunity, hope and the lessening of competition for scarce resources helps to foster.

Back when our nation started the push to put Human footprints on the moon we didn't know how to do it. We didn't have the technology to do it. We did have the drive, the guts and the determination to beat a perceived foe, which was the USSR at the time. Now it is all the things I've mentioned here, and a lot of other things too. Things are quite different now.

We have all this cool high technology now. We can use it to enslave Humanity, or to set Humanity free. I know we can do this. I know we must make a massive effort to expand Humanity's presence beyond Earth, or we may as well accept our doom confined to the cradle a failed Civilization. One of the ones that didn't make it.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Justice and Liberty for All Regardless of Wealth

Did you know that some people pay money to get on the ballot? It rubs me the wrong way when a person pays to run for a government office. Person citizens, not corporation, should never have artificial barriers like money stand in the way of their participation in the political process. Even a flat broke homeless person should be able to run for office, regardless if they have any chance to win.

"Justice and liberty for all." should mean the liberty to participate in all political processes without class barriers. There was a time when only property owners were allowed to vote. Then more sections of the human population of this nation became included. Women and Black people and voting rights were front and center. Our people fought to include everyone.

1963 Civil Rights March
There is in my humble opinion one more group that has not been included. It is the ranks of the poor and homeless. Oh yeah, people of any stripe have a de facto right to vote. Anyone can become informed about the political process and insert themselves into it. Like I have been doing.

Everyone except for the poor and homeless can participate freely. I have a steady income of Social Security coming in, so I have the luxury of many hours to study all this complex system we have. I have time to go to rallies and conventions, but what if I didn't have that income? I remember last time I was homeless. All of my time was devoted to survival. Maslow's pyramid anyone? You've got to take care of those basic needs before you can devote any attention to other things, like politics. Between getting food, finding safe shelter on cold winters nights, trying to keep clean, looking for a job and keeping from being robbed of what little you have, one has precious little time for politics.

So just by the very fact that poor people and homeless people have no money, they are excluded from the political process, or are restricted to only voting, and nothing more. Even if they are mindful enough to vote, most have more pressing matters to deal with, basic survival.

No wonder a part of our corrupt political machine works to keep people poor. The corrupt ones get to have a huge portion of our citizenry, that can not defend themselves, to attack in political demagoguery. Some people use the condition of the poor as a perpetual problem to rally people against, but only do it for political gain. The poor are nothing but pawns in our civilization.

When people cry about civil rights, include the vast ranks of the poor. Do things that empower them, not disinfranchise them. They are our people, and have every bit as much a right to participate in every part of our political system as the next fellow.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday Message from a Democratic Delegate

To all persons who support Hillary Clinton, this is for you. Please reconsider for whom you cast that vital vote on this Super Tuesday.

I know all of the people who support Hillary are really trying to do the right thing for this nation. I know they are loyal citizens, and they are all my fellows. We are all Democrats, and most importantly, Americans.

Still I ask you Supporters of Hillary to hesitate and think hard about that vote. Think of the past, and of the future. Think of deeds done and things said. Then vote for the person who really is fighting for you, and selflessly.

I'm on my knees here. It is not shameful for me to beg you Hillary supporters to switch, and vote Bernie Sanders. There is no shame in me begging you to switch because so much is at stake for you and me. For all of us. Things are so critical this time around that pride has to take a back seat to Human survival. So I swallow my pride and implore you to reconsider. Please vote for Bernie Sanders and help bring this Political Revolution to force. We must take the government for Human survival's sake, and Human equality's sake.

When you step into that voting booth today, you better think hard about what you are doing. Shall we have 4 more years of gridlock as the GOP relentlessly attack a Hillary Presidency, or will we dissolve the current system of unequal treatment of our men and women citizens of the United States? Will we finally crush the Oligarchy and bring our nation into the 21st Century, or shall we continue business as usual as we slip further into barbarity? The choice is ours.

Let's defeat the Republican Party ruiners of the environment, and destroyers of equal rights at every turn. Vote for Bernie Sanders.#FeeltheBern #SuperTuesdayWillBern
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