Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday Message from a Democratic Delegate

To all persons who support Hillary Clinton, this is for you. Please reconsider for whom you cast that vital vote on this Super Tuesday.

I know all of the people who support Hillary are really trying to do the right thing for this nation. I know they are loyal citizens, and they are all my fellows. We are all Democrats, and most importantly, Americans.

Still I ask you Supporters of Hillary to hesitate and think hard about that vote. Think of the past, and of the future. Think of deeds done and things said. Then vote for the person who really is fighting for you, and selflessly.

I'm on my knees here. It is not shameful for me to beg you Hillary supporters to switch, and vote Bernie Sanders. There is no shame in me begging you to switch because so much is at stake for you and me. For all of us. Things are so critical this time around that pride has to take a back seat to Human survival. So I swallow my pride and implore you to reconsider. Please vote for Bernie Sanders and help bring this Political Revolution to force. We must take the government for Human survival's sake, and Human equality's sake.

When you step into that voting booth today, you better think hard about what you are doing. Shall we have 4 more years of gridlock as the GOP relentlessly attack a Hillary Presidency, or will we dissolve the current system of unequal treatment of our men and women citizens of the United States? Will we finally crush the Oligarchy and bring our nation into the 21st Century, or shall we continue business as usual as we slip further into barbarity? The choice is ours.

Let's defeat the Republican Party ruiners of the environment, and destroyers of equal rights at every turn. Vote for Bernie Sanders.#FeeltheBern #SuperTuesdayWillBern
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