Sunday, March 6, 2016

Indiana Politics and its People, IMHO

I was in Muncie, Indiana during the 2014 midterms, and was horrified. Every single night there was news reports of another murder in Indy. Heroin addiction was going rampant, and hepatitis C was rearing its ugly head big time because of it. The persons in government were ignorant to even the basic facts. Let me give an example.

There was a bill to legalize medicinal marijuana in the state legislature. Also there was a bill to make the anti heroin OD drug Naloxone more available. At one of the hearings a question was asked by one of the elderly gentleman official, "Will Naloxone stop an overdose of marijuana." When I heard him say that, my jaw dropped.

What am I supposed to think as a citizen when I see stuff like that going on in the halls of government? I think that is something repeated over and again all across America. I think no wonder people think global warming is a hoax, and we can get little done to reverse it. I think our government officials do not do any study on the scientific facts, neither do they study any gathered data. I think they govern using decisions based merely on personal opinion, and regardless of if that opinion conforms to reality or not.

A large portion of the population also go by the same philosophy. More often than not, the average citizen bases their decisions merely on personal opinion, and regardless of if that opinion conforms to reality or not, just like the politician. Where else could have the politicians faulty mental processes originate? The citizens from whence the politicians come.

People told me flat out that voting was a waste of time. There was zero confidence in the government. Yet the same people with zero confidence, and zero voting were the same ones who idolized people like Rush Limbaugh, and the far right wing of the Republican party. The same people who would never vote because it is a "waste of time" value every single repressive item on the radical Christian Right's agenda.

All of the non-voters I met there think global warming is a hoax, abortion should be illegal in all cases, Obama is a Muslim, are birthers, believe the minimum wage should not be raised, believe that the Constitution allows for the mixing of religion and state, believes the Earth is 6000 years old, evolution is a myth, the Big Bang theory is concocted from the depth of Hell, on, and on, and on, and on!

It even gets better! All the while that insanity is running rampant all over the state of Indiana, the governor and his cronies hand education over to private interests. Private interests that keep getting in trouble for one thing or the other. No wonder people believe in all that non-sense. I've read that the teachers in the charter schools suck.

Let us not forget the private prison system. Let's play connect the dots. Marijuana is illegal. Get busted, and go to prison. Go to prison, and go to a private prison. Private prison has contract to get payed for each prisoner. Private prison pays lobbyists to go to state legislature and chew on government official's ear. Lobbyist tells officials they should keep marijuana illegal because they need to keep them beds at the prison filled, and marijuana users are mostly passive making them less expensive to house. Private prison contributes to government official's campaign. government official votes no on the legalization of marijuana.

Can you tell that I think Indiana's government is corrupt from top to bottom? Can you tell that I think the people of Indiana are part of the reason things are the way they are in Indiana?

I hope people of Indiana will wake up soon. People of reason would surely welcome that.