Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Race & Gender Based Voting is Wrong! Hillary Energy Used Up!

Note: After writing this I decided to advise people that they may not like what I've written. This is an observation. I don't know if it is true, but it seems like it is. So don't get bent out of shape. Use logic and reason, and let us solve these damn problems.

Hillary Has Used Up Her Last Energy. The Firewall is Now Behind Her.

It seems that the firewall was made of Black people. I hope the Hispanic folk don't mind me making a "Bernie Western Bulwark" out of them.

I really don't like what I think is going there. All the injecting of race into this election disturbs me. It is not the addressing of racial problems in this round of elections that bother me. It is the pandering to the races as a tool, or the presumption of ownership of the racial groups mass vote are the things that bother me. Even the presumption of people saying Bernie Sanders owns the White vote. I'm sick of it.

There are things that make a person qualified to be a voter, and to run for office. None of those qualifications have anything to do with race or gender. I find it most upsetting when I hear people make blanket remarks like, "All (insert group) should support (insert candidate) because of gender or race." or "All candidates should address (insert group) because of gender or race." I find it divisive.

I find it divisive because more often than not candidates and voters will justify their choice of a race or gender to back by pointing to wrongs committed by other genders and races. It doesn't matter if only a portion of the accused race or gender is guilty of crimes. The user of divisive techniques will make blanket statements that demonize all persons of the accused group.

When politicians promote their cause, or voters consider those causes, the only place race or gender should come into thought is in order to find remedies to ills caused by racism or sexism. The race of the candidate and the gender of the candidate should be put out of mind by the voter. For the candidate they must remember the race and gender of the voters, but form policy that cures the ills of our primitive past, and lift all people up equally regardless of anything other than skill, ability and the simple fact of being Human. Never pandering to one group, demonizing in mass the other. That is the methods of people like Trump, or Hitler.

I'm afraid that is what happened with a Southern Firewall. I sure hope this is wrong what I'm about to say, because if I'm right we have way more work to do than I originally thought. The thought comes to me in the form of a question.

"Are southern Blacks, and a lot of females of all races, voting for Hillary Clinton because Bernie Sanders is a White Male? Let's not sweep under the rug the fact that White Males have been demonized most effectively for the transgressions of some of their people. For a long time it has been acceptable to use White Males as the brunt of jokes that would otherwise be deemed offensive if said in reference to any other group. It was IMHO a period of releasing frustrations in mass.

But let us not throw out the baby with the bathwater. We know there are creeps inhabiting the ranks of all groups and genders. So let us not vote as if all of one is the same as all of the others because they are not. Voting like that, or having those types of thoughts are just as unjust and despicable as bigoted and sexist thought. All of it is born of primitive thought processes that the enlightened person will endeavour to suppress, and eliminate.

Let us not consider any other thing besides policy when choosing our champion, or when running for office. Human policy that cures the ills of our civilization, and not exacerbates the problems so that a few creeps can profit from it. The only thing that matters is gray matter. We are one, and people better not forget it, or there will be trouble.