Monday, March 14, 2016

My Mind Tweaks When People I love Support Hate

It grieves me. It grieves me greatly and puts a burden onto my heart that so many of the people I love so dearly reject a message of love and hope for one of hate and despair. It is like a crushing weight on my spirit. Nevertheless, for them, I must endure. No matter how much it hurts, I must never give up.

Some of the reasons I follow Bernie Sanders is because of lessons taught to me by my dear mother. It was her 76th birthday yesterday. I remember the day she taught me to tie my shoes! She also taught me other important lessons too. Like not being a bigot. I remember when I was 8 years old when we lived in Milwaukee, mom always took us over to her friend's house, and my brother and I played with their children. We loved going over there and had loads of fun. Oh yeah! I almost forgot to mention they were Black folks. It didn't matter back then either. They were, and still are just folks.

There were times when we struggled too! There were times when we didn't have a stick of furniture in the house, and bread was the meal of the day. There were times of seeing national guard troops and rioters in the streets. Of going to George Wallace rallies. All kinds of things I've seen, and good things being taught to me as I grew up causes my mind to get kind of tweaked out when I think of the people I love supporting people like Trump, or any of the Republican party for that matter.

How can people who were raised being taught love support the purveyor of hate? How can people who have felt hunger and want deny the hungry and wanting? How can my very own people who have seen despair and misery allow that, and even condone it in others?

We shall not talk of it. Remember the old adage? "Never discuss religion or politics" they say. What a handy statement! I'm sure it has been the preventer of a lot of fights. I bet it has stifled logical/reasoned discourse, and thus Human advancement for many years too! That goes for a modern favorite too. "Agree to disagree." is another so called adage I despise. All too handy for corrupt individuals to use these tools to stifle thought. The corrupt ones in the clergy or in politics don't want you discussing, much less giving serious thought to anything. They want you to faithfully keep the blinders on, listen to their diatribe and follow orders. You can bet your ass those orders are not going to turn out well for the ones carrying them out.

Why we need Bernie Sanders, 2016.

So why do people I love so much support a position 180 degrees going the other way? Why do these people support persons who will cause them harm in the end? Why do they not listen to any other discourse other than that which reinforces their own flawed logic? What will it take to cause all of them to come to reason, and abandon the purveyors of hate, and promoters of unfettered corruption and greed?

I have an idea of what it will take, and I do not want our nation to have to endure that. Our nation met a bloody split in unity many years ago. I do not want to see a revisiting of that type of barbaric problem solving. Others seem to disagree. Some people seem to think that the use of violent force against a fellow is an acceptable means to an end. Their actions are deplorable, but yet people I love are supporting him. My mind starts tweaking again because of a lack of understanding of how anyone can support such barbaric jerks like in the Republican party.

When 1/2 our nation is on the other side of the fence, the wrong side, my mind starts tweaking. Then I set the consternation aside and persevere for my family and friends. I keep on keeping on even if they end up hating me for it. I know they will never be able to say I am doing what I do because I hate them. Indeed not!

I do what I do out of love for our great nation. That's right Trump. Our nation is still great, so take your diatribe and stick it where the sun don't shine. Maybe with love and hope, some of the people who support the hateful ones will snap out of it soon, and support progress.