Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Taste of the Establishment at the New Mexico Democratic Pre-Primary Convention

Angie Rhoten,  August 17, 2015: Today at the New Mexico Pre-Primary convention I got a little taste of the establishment and how hard they want to keep control and how little they trust their constituency.

First, they canceled the straw poll at the last minute. It was canceled by one person and no explanation was given beyond, "I didn't think it was a good idea." I can only assume it was because Bernie supporters outnumbered Hillary's about 3 to 1 and it would have been an embarrassment to the establishment to show how far ahead Bernie is this early in the primary season.

Second, right when Bernie people were gathered for our caucus and trying to discuss the gameplan for the day, they started up a very loud mariachi band, making it very hard to hear what was being said. This may seem petty to bring up, but I thought it was a petty thing for them to do.

Third, I approached both Michelle Lujan Grisham and Ben R. Lujan about their superdelegate votes. Michelle basically told me that she would vote whichever way she wanted that she thought was best for the party. I specifically asked if she would vote for Bernie at the National convention in Philly if he wins the NM primary and she said, "I have to do not only what I think is best for New Mexico, but for the entire country." So, I guess she's in the Howard Dean camp.

Ben was more democratic. He told me he would respect the process and if Bernie wins New Mexico he will vote with the will of the people at the National Convention in July.

Lastly, the New Mexico Democratic Party put a platform forward that was best described as weak tea. All of the resolutions that delegates had worked so hard on and voted on were removed or watered down in the final democratic platform for our state. They actually argued they needed to keep it vague to appease more voters. They left us with nothing concrete to go out and sell to voters when we canvass. Most of the Bernie people decided to reject the platform and it was put to a vote. The establishment lost by THREE VOTES! This was a moment where every vote truly counted and rejecting their disappointing platform sent a big message to the establishment democrats in New Mexico and in Washington....we will no longer be apathetic and silent! We will maintain a presence in this process! We will vote and continue to make our voices and our will heard! We are the revolution! ‪#‎WeAreBernie‬

Angie Rhoten and James Parks Jr @ Pre-Primary

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(Thank you James and Steve for having my back today!)