Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bernie Sanders Supporters Pepper Sprayed at Trump Rally: Hate-v-Love

Here is a video that moved me in two ways. First I was moved into sadness, then into joy. I like the feelings of joy much better. It feels better inside when there is joy and love. So why all the people who feel bad inside with hate?

Bernie Sanders Supporters Pepper Sprayed at Trump Rally
The worst thing about it is that one primary motivation for the hate is the acquisition of material wealth. Trump uses that primitive Human quality most effectively in his bid to acquire more wealth.

I feel sorry for them all. I pity them. Look at them. Their sickness is of spirit. Inside their thoughts, there must be turmoil. I think I can use logic to see the emotion, maybe. I have felt love, joy, sadness and hate. The love and joy I felt has always made me feel good. The sadness and hate has always made me feel bad. I resent it that the haters make me feel sadness when I see them acting in their primitive ways. I would much rather see people like the young man with the "Free Hugs" sign. Seeing stuff like that makes me feel good inside. Promoting love for all humanity is an advanced trait. So I promote the love and joy. I want to feel good and not bad. I do not want to be one of the primitives. There is the logic in the emotion.

Feel good inside by laying away all hate. The people who have embraced the hate and succumbed to the leaders of hate's diatribe, don't have to suffer any longer. Not if they don't really want to. They can choose love instead, and feel good inside.

Many great philosophers have pretty much said the same thing all throughout history. You know the people of whom I speak without me even saying their names. If people once believed what the wise ancient elders said, why do they abandon that now, and take up the cause of their adversary? Material Wealth? Things that "moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal." only pile on more hate. Not only do they have hate in their heart caused by the struggle for wealth they feel they might gain, but also they have hate in their heart for them who they think will come and steal. So in the end they make the poor because of their lust for material wealth, then hate the poor because they fear that they may steal.

Hate piled upon hate. Like a vicious self destructive cycle, only ending in death as it does for us all. Why not lay in your assured last minutes of life thinking of a life filled with love and joy, instead of image after image of hate, violence and death. To me the latter would be akin to going to the mythical hell. It is a choice we make. I choose love.

That's one of the biggest reasons I support Bernie Sanders. Instead of the hate, which causes people to have turmoil in their minds and lives, and to project their suffering onto others, Mr. Sanders promotes the things that cause joy and love. Things like full bellies and secure futures for everyone, and not just the few.

We only get one shot at this. We only get one life. Shall we construct a hellish life here on Earth for our species, or shall we construct a life of happiness and joy. Shall we as a species become enlightened advanced thinkers of progressive thoughts, or shall we sink back into animal barbarism? It really is a choice we make. Choose Love.