Friday, April 1, 2016

Our People Need to Search Their Souls: Abandon that Which is Evil

There are a lot of people in our nation who need to do some serious soul searching! All the people who support Hillary Clinton, a liar, and Trump, a fascist, or the Republican Party, the party of the rich, need to reach deep down into their very soul and ask themselves one question. Is what I'm doing and thinking really the right thing?

Deeply Moving Message from Bernie Sanders

Like the persons who calls themselves Christian. Do you follow the faith of the founder of that Religion, or do you follow what it morphed into after Constantine made it the State Religion of Rome? If you are following the latter, you need to reevaluate your position. The person you follow would not approve.

All of you hypocrites who will say one thing to the face of your fellow, then when they turn their back, you pull out the knife of hate and stab them. You are walking the path of death.

All the lovers of money and opulent wealth need to look all around their "castle" and ask how many slaves and deaths had to occur in order to build that "castle". You are walking the path that leads to insurrection.

All of the people who think they are superior to their fellow, need to look the Human who lives in the forests in the eye and smile. Do they smile back even though not a word was said? Proof that all Humans are basically the same. You are putting yourselves on a high pedestal from which you will most certainly fall.

If you support any candidate for any government position, and they have even the slightest hint of the primitive notions that cause division among Humans, you need to stop and use logic and reason, if you are able. The path of division is the path to death, and not just for the people who embrace primitive animal passions, but for the entire Human race.

Human Beings need to take stock of the situation, and take heed! There is a better way. A way to Human progress that does not require the spilling of the blood of our people.

No one of reason will hate a person who changes for the better, and who really wishes to do good. All persons of reason will rebuke any person who does not change, and continues to embrace that which destroys our species.

Change your evil ways today. Replace hate with love, and feel the passion of compassion. Love your fellows. Love all of them.