Friday, April 8, 2016

What To Do About the Failing Political Parties

The people of the two dominant political parties aren’t very happy with the way things are going. At least the sane ones that is. I don’t know what to say about the Trump or Cruz supporters. Insane in the membrane, may be.

You have seen a little of the idea of forming a new political party after the general election to follow through on the political revolution started by Bernie Sanders. I want to be honest with you from the get go. So this is my thoughts. A lot of people here in Albuquerque are active politically. I’m one of them, and I’m not happy with the Democratic party either. That got me going on this. I wanted to get people to take over the Democratic Party here in NM, and every other state for that matter. Then maybe we could fix things. So I studied the rules and found the process for doing exactly that.

I wrote the process down and presented it to the people. When I did I got a response from a friend calling what I had written a position paper, and basically that the Democratic party may not be worth saving anymore. That after the general election a new party might be formed, so what do I want to do about it?

I've known what I want to do about it for a long time. During the last mid-terms I was so urked by the entire political freakshow, that I created the "Wild Party" Facebook group. It was a tongue in cheek kind of a protest of the political parties. I borrowed the name from the Alice Cooper song "Elected".

Indeed, for a long time I have not been very happy with the political parties. I don't see them serving the people's best interests. I don't see them as being concerned with the long term well being of our civilization. In fact, I see the current political party structure as dangerous to the survival of the Human species.

I started looking around for current political parties that might fit the bill. One that would serve the public interests in a manner I thought were correct. I wasn’t having any luck in finding an alternative party to back. I wanted something truly revolutionary, and to be damn serious about it too! I kept coming up disappointed. I wanted to do something about the current corrupt political situation in our nation, but I couldn’t find a political organization that I thought had a chance of defeating the Republican/Democrat/Industry oligarchy.

One of the people that has inspired me the most is Mr. Bernie Sanders. One year ago I would have felt like I had to explain who he is, but not today. I’m sure you already know. Mr. Sanders said “Think big!” I think we have to take that to heart. We have to embrace that concept of “Think big!” To me that was an invitation, and a challenge too! Hey look, our ancestors were smart enough to come up with a system of politics and government that kept the power in the hands of the few. So I’m sure that we today are smart enough to come up with a system of politics and government that serves the people’s well being, and industry too. If Human beings in the past were smart enough to write the rules, and the nuts and bolts of our Bizarro World political parties, we’re smart enough today to fix it.

So I started to write what I thought might be the beginnings to another political party. I called it the Democratic Socialist Party of the United States. I figured I must be just as worthy as any other Human Being past or Present to attempt it. I have been exposed to the structure of the law for many years. For decades I had to wade through the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR’s) when dealing with the FAA. Also I am familiar with Operation Procedure Manuals (OPM’s) and many other types of directives and government paperwork. I’ve worked for a few of the biggest names in aviation in the industry on both commercial, civil and Department of Defense projects. I’ve worked at the worker, lead and supervisory level. I did all that as a high school dropout. It wasn’t until 2005, when I was injured and off work that I took the time to get a GED. When I did, I scored the highest of anyone in the state of Alabama who took the test that round! I was so surprised when they announced it to everyone there. I got to be valedictorian and make a speech. I took an army aptitude test when in high school, and scored highest for electrical and mechanical aptitude in the state of Indiana. I’ve been lucky enough on all that stuff.

Seal of the DSPOTUS
I have also been lucky in the fact that I’ve dug ditches, and have done odd jobs for day labor outfits. I’ve been homeless, and hungry. Cold and miserable are two things I’m very familiar with too. I know what it is like to struggle. I’ve went to plasma centers just to get enough money for my next meal. There’s been times when I’ve ended up selling everything I had, and that still wasn’t enough. My first memories were those of a house with a wood stove, and taking a bath in a galvanized tub. I’ve seen riots in Milwaukee, and KKK marches in North Carolina. In my ignorance I’ve visited prejudice against my brothers and sisters, please forgive me, and prejudice has been violently visited upon me. It seems like I have been at both ends of the spectrum in life. Maybe now is time to try to put all that to good use.

So for what it is worth, I am trying to write rules and procedures for a whole new political party. I figure, why not? It may come to nothing, it may come to something, who knows? I know the exercise will cause me to learn something, and that is always a positive.

As of this writing I have made DSPOTUS Facebook groups for all the states. Written a good part of the rules for how the party would function, and how to elect party officials. I am working on the process for nominating candidates for public office. I have tried my best to keep things such that the political power stays with the people. I want to build in checks and balances in such a way that persons can not become entrenched. People before party is what I want.

I want a party that promotes the wellbeing of humanity in whole. I want a party that promotes the advancement of humanity in whole. One that seeks to preserve the environment for all species, and to preserve those species. We have got to abandon the old, primitive ways of humanity, or we’re doomed. I want a party that will promote revolutionary ideas to fix the problems we face. So that’s is what I’m trying to craft. I have ideas about how I think things should be done. So this is an effort to put them into writing.

If we are going to have a real political party, that really is serious about putting people in office. One that will work earnestly, and every single day for the goals we want. We have to build the individual parts of a whole new organization. It has to look legit too. It has to look serious. It has to keep the absolute highest standards of reliability, truth, loyalty, honor and all the other good things the Democratic and the Republican party have abandoned. From the very start we have to do the things that cause the public to have absolute trust in the new political party that comes from all the chaos of today. Nothing less will do!

There is no point in even taking on the endeavour unless it maintains all the good things we want. There is no point in taking on the task unless we all are ready to see it through to the very end. This isn’t a game.

So here I sit, a man pushing 60. Broken in body, but not in spirit. I got a second lease on life when I beat cancer. So what do I want to do? I sure as heck don’t want to sit around watching game shows for the next how ever long I have left! So I’ll try to do some good, even if it comes to nothing.