Friday, April 1, 2016

White Men Resent Hillary Demonizing White Men

White Privilege Allows Voters to Dismiss
Bernie Sanders in Favor of Hillary Clinton
"Where is the real action? Where are the tens of thousands of White people standing up for their fellow humans and demanding equality and justice? Where are the White people who don’t have much, but want to do whatever they can in the pursuit of a nation that will provide a good life for all of its people?"



Hey all you persons who identify as "white" (Whatever the hell that is. My Celtic ancestors came from Scotland, and were persecuted for centuries with cultural genocide and actual attempted genocide through murder and Droit du seigneur.) and really don't care what gender or race you identify as because you know that all Humans are equal, and that inequality is an invented thing perpetrated by greedy money grubbers of ALL races and genders so they can manipulate the population for their own greedy benefit, RAISE YOUR HAND AND IDENTIFY AS HUMAN. <hand raised>

The only thing I care about when it comes to race and gender is, I like the diversity. I think it is cool as all get out! I'm glad there are so many differences in the human's cultures and looks. I enjoy the many different cultures of our nation immensely. I'm glad that women and men are equal (even if some morons deny that). I depend on that. I depend on a woman I know has more education than I do for her wisdom. My girlfriend, a woman, is one of the smartest people I know, and I'm glad to have her council. She holds a Masters Degree. The most I got was Valedictorian of the State GED, and all my aircraft training through industry, plus my own study. I constantly rely on her knowledge and wisdom. By the way, her ancestors were Scottish too! Both of us support Bernie Sanders not because he is a "White Male", but because he is a defender of true equality, and has been for many decades. We supported Elizabeth Warren before Bernie Sanders stepped up, and Warren made clear she was not going to run.

So let me tell you as a so called "White Male" I'm getting pretty damn sick and tired of the "White Male" being demonized in mass for the actions of a few evil jerks. They ($hillary) are doing the same thing to the so called "White Male" that the same people accuse the "White Male" of doing to everyone else! Don't people know that there are literally 10's of millions upon millions of so called "White Male" persons who despise all the divisiveness. All the artificial, invented this or that purposefully designed not to bring about equality, but to exacerbate the problem, and just for their own pursuit of power and wealth.

Don't be fooled either. The demonized so called "White Male" is not the only so called race or gender who uses despicable methods like that. Oh hell no! All so called races and genders use evil methods for vial purposes every day, and they all have been doing it every since Humans became Humans.

So listen up all of you HUMAN BEINGS out there. Drop the damn pretence. We are Human. We are one! ALL OF US!