Monday, March 7, 2016

Bernie Sanders-v-Hillary Clinton the Import/Export Bank

When Clinton and Bernie Sanders were debating (3/6/2016) the issue of the Import Export Bank (IEB) came up. Along with it the fact that Boeing and other big companies are the ones who mostly benefit from that money. Bernie Sanders is against the IEB, Hillary Clinton against it. Here is how I see things as they speak.

Clinton takes money from Big Corporations, Sanders does not. Clinton mentioned that there are two big aircraft manufacturers in the world, Boeing and Airbus. I know something of the aircraft industry. I worked in it for 35 years. I moved to Seattle in the early 1990's with the intent of getting a job with Boeing. When I got there I was broke, and sleeping in my car in the winter. I was determined and young, so that didn't matter to much to me. I was willing to do what it took.

All the while I was struggling to use my "rugged individualism" to pull myself up by the bootstraps, Boeing was laying production workers off. Even though I didn't get the job I wanted, I managed to get work for a private individual supervising the rebuild of his aircraft he crashed. Then one night I was sitting in the livingroom watching the evening news.

They had a story about a new production facility in China. They were producing body panels for Boeing aircraft. They had video of inside the plant showing Chinese workers manufacturing these items. I thought, "Son of a bitch! Those jobs should be being done by Americans. Americans like me!" That news story urked me. It still makes me angry when I think of it. It makes me angry when I think of Mrs Clinton's words, "Two big aircraft manufacturers in the world." If we keep up the stupid, there will be three.

Every time we allow Boeing to open a manufacturing plant in China, of to contract a factory to produce aircraft parts for American Designed aircraft, we teach them our methods and techniques. We are not only giving away our jobs, we are teaching them how to design and manufacture wide body aircraft. That means Boeing, Airbus and China makes three. Get the picture?

This gives me further cause to throw 100% of my support behind Bernie Sanders. I can see how the IEB helped me to move to Seattle to get a job at Boeing for nothing. How many of my fellow aircraft industry workers suffered job loss because of it?