Thursday, October 20, 2016

Things to Come: Trump or Hillary is Dread

In this time in American history we find our nation at a turning point. It is a turning point like unto "Deadman's Curve". You better watch out. You better slow down and think things through. There is more at stake now than ever before. Even the longevity of our civilization and species.

I viewed the last presidential debate of 2016 last night. I was less than impressed by either candidate. Trump was his normal narcissistic self. All full of bluster and no substance. Hillary was the same old hauty panderier. The only thing that made her look good was in being compaired to the desgusting Trump, and that ain't saying much. She has a lot of words that fit with my beliefs, but how can I believe anything she says? Is she just telling me what she thinks I want to hear? Is it private or public policy she is giving me? Who knows but her, and maybe Bill?

Trump is a total ass-hat. "No, you are.", "She is a nasty woman." Give me a goddamn break, Trump! He sounds like some insecure freshman in highschool.  Grow the hell up, Trump. Be a man for once in your life. Let me tell you, grabbing a woman "by the pussy" does not make you a man, and neither does ducking out of military service 5 times under false pretences! Bragging about stuff with your "locker room" talk don't make you a man either. It makes you look like a sophomoric punk. No class at all.

I don't expect Trump to grow up any more than I expect Hillary to keep her word. Then we have people like Bernie Sanders coming to Albuquerque the other day going on about how we have to keep Trump out of the White House. Another guy on stage at the rally saying "like it or not" that's what we got (Hillary). Honestly, this is not funny! We've been offered the choice between two evils every 4 years, for a lot of years, but this is the worst choice ever! It's not even a choice. It is a take what we give you and like it, or suffer.

People ask me who I am going to vote for. I honestly still don't know. I may not know for sure until November 8th. I will not say one way or the other even if I had made a choice. I must support the Democratic Socialist Party of the United States, so I refuse to promote another party or party's candidate by giving an endorsement. I will tell you that I find all of them less than adequate. There is only one person who I believe is worthy of the job of Presidency who ran, and that is Bernie Sanders. He threw in the towel though. He broke under pressure from a criminal organization, the Democratic Party. So that's that.

No matter who gets elected, and I doubt it will be Trump, there will be trouble. I'll start off with mentioning trouble Trump alluded to last night, and at other times in the past. Trump has called them out, with no evidence to back it up, that the election is rigged against him. It is rigged, but not particularly against him, but for the chosen corporate thrall. We all are pretty sure that the Democratic Party rigged things to deny Bernie Sanders the nomination. I was at all the pre-primary conventions and ward meetings here in Albuquerque. I read the Democratic Party rules. I got the distinct impression that the party did things in order to influence the outcome in Hillary's favor. Now Trump going on about rigged elections calls out radical factions. All the "Stars and Bars" waving crowd will snap that up like a bass on a mud bug. The Republican party has fueled government mistrust in those folks for decades, now their stupid traitorous rhetoric will bear some poisonous fruit. It could spell insurrection by the low brow Trump supporters.

I've already mentioned how a Hillary Presidency will mean 4 more years of a do nothing congress and gridlock. Day one, the impeachment proceedings will begin. Hillary Clinton will want to do one thing or the other, and the GOP will tack not doing the one thing or the other to an important spending bill. One like the kind that funds the functioning of our government. Can you hear the screeching sound of our government coming to a halt, or is that the grinding sound of the gears of a dysfunctional government?

By the way, all the while we have a dysfunctional government, corporations run roughshod over our economy and environment. Nothing gets done about civil rights, the environment, the minimum wage, murderous police and a whole lot of other things that the Far Right Wing Radicals want to roll back a few centuries.

Then we have the world stage to consider. We are the laughing stock of the world. People the world over look at our three ring circus of an electoral system and start rolling on the floor laughing their heads off. While they are laughing, we'll be crying. If it were a Trump presidency we'll be crying when his buddies in Russia call in all the favours they did Trump. Then Trump tells them to get screwed, like he did other people who asked payment, and then the shit hits the fan. Maybe the Trump will get into a chest bumping contest with Putin. One that leads to WWIII.

Let us not forget about the Hillary and her Syrian "No Fly Zone". Is she going to enforce that if Russia decides to fly anyway? What about her public versus private policy position? Will she later sign back onto the Keystone pipeline, and the TPP? We've seen it many times before. A politician tell us all kinds of sweet talk, then go back on every single word for the "good of the nation". Good of the nation, my ass. More like that was what they planned all along for the "good of  the corporation".

It will be extremely interesting to see the things to come in the next 4 years. So keep an eye out, and make a bug-out bag too! I'm not being flippant. The next few years is going to be a dangerous time for us. It will be mitigating damages time for us. Do what you need to do politically for now, but keep your eye on the long term. Think about what you want our civilization to be, and work for that.