Saturday, July 9, 2016

I Renounce the Democratic Party

My daddy told me when I was a boy, "If you are going to do something, do it the very best you can, or don't do it at all."

With everything that has come out about Hillary Clinton, her incompetence on the job, her recklessness, her malfeasance, her criminality, her condescension, her haughtiness and a host of other things, casting my vote for Hillary would not be doing as my daddy advised.

Furthermore, considering everything the DNC has done to block Sanders, with media collusion. Considering the rule book of the obsolete Democratic party. Knowing from personal experience at Democratic Party of New Mexico conventions the attitudes of the so-called "insiders". After having elected myself to be a delegate because only 3 other people were there. Because I believe the Democratic party does not want people at these vitally important delegate election meetings. Taking the personal knowledge of the fact that every last person I've asked if they know there will be Democratic Party of New Mexico party position elections Feb 2017, or if they have ever heard of a ward meeting, say no! I will no longer support the Democratic Party.

I believe with all my heart that this election has been stolen by a criminal organization, that indeed our entire nation's function has been hijacked by people who believe they should be privileged over others. So tell me this. How could I live with myself if I didn't fight something like that with every fiber of my being? How could I sleep easy knowing that I had bowed down under pressure to a despicable ruling class? I can't do it!

My ancient Celtic Scott ancestors would be howling at me in rage for bending my knee in supplication to evil. I can't allow myself to betray my own honor by siding with criminals, even at gunpoint. If I voted for Hillary Clinton, I would be betraying everything I believe in. If I continued to participate in this absolute farce, I would be nothing but an extra. Something not really needed because everything was decided many, many months ago.

When I consider everything that has happened, I feel I have no other choice. I say the Democratic Party is not salvageable.  I renounce the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the media, the FBI, the Justice Department and all other people and parties who have a hand in this betrayal of the people of the United States. From this day forward I give my full support and backing to the concept of a new political party named, "Democratic Socialist Party of the United States". I will do that which I believe is right and proper to make a real effort to take back our nation from criminal elements. I will promote vigorously this concept, and endeavour to get it recognised as a legal political party in every state. I will work to replace every single person who does not value Democratic Socialist principles  from the halls of government, and at every government level, state and federal.

Daddy told me to do things right. That is a value I held for the rest of my life, and that value can be seen with my work in the aviation industry. Seldom was ever any accomplished task rejected because of error. I of course made errors. I am human. I would be profoundly remiss if I erred in not taking up this task. I have every reason to, and little to lose in the endeavour. I have everything to lose with non-action.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I venture into the future with a newly strengthened heart. I will not be like the dog who is kicked, then licks their masters hand. I will be more like my ancestors who fought Rome.
Democratic Socialist Party of the United States

Declaration of the Formation of the Democratic Socialist Party of the United States

It has been proposed that the Democratic and Republican Party no longer serves the best interests of people. That working within it to reform these political parties is akin to attempting to bring a dead horse back to life. That the present political parties in power only serve to keep their own organizational structure in power, and little else. They pander to the fossil fuels, nuclear and military industrial complex, and ignores the will of, and what is in the best interests of the People. Their actions run counter to the well being of the people of the United States and the world, and to the Earth's environment.

The political parties have become bloated and corrupt. Their rules are convoluted, and are structured to keep people out. Their organizations have become secretive, and manipulative. Their efforts are driven only by the need to maintain their grip on power, and to serve corporate interests. Their rule making is done not to serve the members of the party, but rather to disenfranchise them. Indeed the political parties treat their membership with contempt. They do not do a good job of getting the information people need to them on a timely basis, or at all. The information the political parties do give the public is more often than not tailored to serve the party purpose, and not the people's purpose or interests. The only thing the political parties inform the public about is registering to vote, and casting a vote. Then after that vote, the public roll is over! The Democratic and Republican political parties have outlived their usefulness, and have become a millstone around the neck of our Democratic system, our Republic and its People.

Our purpose is to fully serve the people's best interests. To fully disband the present political party stranglehold imposed upon Washington and our people. To do the things that cause our nation's people to advance and prosper. To cause action to remedy the dangers imposed upon our people by forces that run counter to our people's well being. To return power to the people, and have that power flow from the bottom up. To cause our Party's officials and the persons we place in government office to be fully accountable and subservient to the people and their will. To cause industry and business to partner with the worker and government in order to provide a more stable, sustainable, prosperous, healthier and happier environment for all of our people.

Therefore, we declare the formation of a political party whose name is the “Democratic Socialist Party of the United States"."