Sunday, February 14, 2016

Antonin Scalia Dies at 79: Supreme Court Control Now at Stake in 2016

"The Republican-controlled Senate is unlikely to confirm any replacement nominated by President Obama in his final months in office, leaving the decision hanging over the presidential campaign and giving the next president an enormous prize the moment he or she is inaugurated." ~NBC News~

James Parks Jr

I agree. I also think that this development causes the mission of keeping a democrat in the White House even more imperative.

I think the Republicans would of course oppose any SCOTUS nomination Obama ever suggested, and for reasons we all are well aware of. So what would happen if this important decision was passed off to a Hillary Clinton presidency? Remember, she said she would get the Republican party to work with her in Congress and the Senate. Here's what I think would happen if Hillary got into office given the current developments.

The Republican party already hate Hillary with a flaming passion. The prospect of a Hillary Presidency has bugged them for years. That's why they have been giving her so much hell for all this time. Then after it was brought out that the Benghazi thing was a vendetta (like no one already knew) the Republicans were embarrassed, so given that, a Hillary Presidency would be a slap in the face of the GOP woman haters.

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Furthermore, the GOP has enjoyed control of the SCOTUS, or should I say that big money has enjoyed control, for some time now. Time enough to cause damage. The prospect of a Democratic President picking a "liberal" for the Supreme Court would be another sticking point for the GOP. To have Hillary Clinton, a WOMAN for corn's sake, pick out a SCOTUS nomination would be to much to swallow for them. The way the GOP treated our first Black President was an embarrassment enough. To think of how the jack-asses in the current Republican party will react to a Hillary Clinton Presidency and Supreme Court Judge pick makes me want to cringe. The picture doesn't look good, folks.

Honestly, I am not criticizing Hillary Clinton one little bit in this one. Neither is there any sexist motive on my part in writing this. Make no mistake as to where my finger is pointing when this was written. My finger of blame is pointing at the members of the Republican party who embrace primitive sexist/racist ideas.

So point out the way a Hillary presidency would be 4 more years of gridlock, and tell them why. Tell them it is because the GOP are sexists and would never cooperate with Hillary Clinton on anything, and especially never on a liberal SCOTUS nomination. This attack is where it belongs, on the GOP.