Monday, February 8, 2016

All ___ Caused the Problems We Have.

Hey fellow Humans. I'm getting pretty annoyed at a portion of you. It seems like some Humans are trying to make out like the race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is a war between men and women. I also see some Humans trying to make out like our struggle with things like Black Lives Matter is a struggle between the races. I see them do this, and attempting to give that power by demonizing another portion of the population.

This is unacceptable. This is a misunderstanding of the problems facing us with racism and sexism. It is not the gender of the person or the race of the person that caused the problem. It is the thoughts and actions that caused the problems. We can demonize people, blaming them all for the actions of a portion. We can unthinkingly punish them all for the actions of people who have a resemblance to them. We can do all of those primitive things and never get anywhere. Infact, those things will only cause the problems to get worse.

The reason why the problems will get worse if we blame an entire segment of society for the actions of a few is, some Humans use that as a tool to divide us so they can profit monetarily from a misdirected conflict.

I think Humans better drop all that mess and start to think in terms more advanced. Humans need to stop the notion of "All ___ are ___." when talking about the Human race. "All ___ caused the problems we have." is not of reason or logical.

From now on please only consider the thoughts and actions, not the package. The package means nothing, and can even fool you. It is the thought and action that must be confronted.