Monday, February 1, 2016

A Vote for Hillary is a Vote for 4 More Years of Gridlock

I was viewing the Hillary part of the Town Hall when they got to a question about how is she going to get the Republicans to work with her. She had all kinds of reasons why, and how she would cause that to happen. I'm here to tell you she is dead wrong on that.

All women should take note. Our civilization has serious problems concerning the raw treatment women and others get. We all know it isn't any fare to pay one person less just because they are a woman, and the other injustices. It's the result of greed, and justified by it. It doesn't matter that Hillary is a woman, and has personal experience with women's issues because of it. It doesn't matter if she has good ideas to fix the mess our nation is in when it comes to the inequalities. It wouldn't matter how passionate or ernest she is about women's issues either. The reason is, the Republican party hate her guts.

They will oppose her at every opportunity. Instead of the cooperation she thinks she will garner, she will get nothing but bitter opposition. Anyone who thinks otherwise is having fanciful dreams. Remember the way the GOP has been dogging her for years? Has everyone forgot that? You guys think you seen gridlock by a bigoted GOP in response to having a black man as president, you haven't seen anything yet! They are going to go double duty gridlock as they do nothing but try to impeach Hillary Clinton for the next 4 years. Let us not kid ourselves.

We all know how hateful the GOP has become nowadays. They just can't stand it that anyone other than a white male is in the white house. We all know how they regard women. Look at the legislation they so often try to pass which tramples on women's rights! They had no respect for Obama, and that was because they are bigots. Now they would do the same with the sexism with a Hillary Presidency.

I say that any woman who hopes to improve the lot for her gender had better cast a vote for Bernie Sanders. That's the only way you're going to see any progress on women's issues, and it still will be a tough row to hoe. We have got to remove all them bigots and sexists out of our government first so we can elect a president without a bunch of primitive thinkers messing everything up. It will not be easy in any case, but it will be impossible with Hillary at bat for women against a hateful Republican party.

Hillary = 4 more years of gridlock.