Saturday, February 13, 2016

Carrier Air Conditioner Betrays Employees: Moving 1,400 Jobs to Mexico

Dang it! The first thing this morning I find something that pisses me off. Check out this video of the announcement of the betrayal of our people. It is the shutting down of the Carrier Air Conditioner factory in Indianapolis Indiana. He said it was purely a "Business decision". I'm sure as these people start to feel the squeeze of unemployment, and no decent job prospects, they can comfort themselves that it wasn't their own fault. I think the man in the video said it best. "F*** You!"

I went to high school in Indianapolis in the early 1970's. After I got out of the Navy I went back to Indianapolis and got my first industrial job. Back in those days, if you wanted a job in manufacturing, Indianapolis was a good place to go.

Now look at it. You can't turn on the news in the evening without hearing about another murder. I could go on and on about the problems Indianapolis faces. I also wouldn't live in Indianapolis for love or money. IMHO Indianapolis has been ruined. This is part of the problem. The flight of manufacturing jobs to foreign lands and people who are willing to work for pennies. The owners, board members and CEO's who are willing to throw fellow Americans under the bus because they want to have 10 cents more on their dividends payment.

This a betrayal of the people of Indiana, and of America. They were all cosy with Indianapolis and happy until they started getting the glimmer of that extra 10 cents into their eye. Then they became blinded to any sense of loyalty to the people of the community. The sense of loyalty only is supposed to go one way, then the worker is supposed to understand it is for the "good of the company", and screw you.

My thought is to say to Carrier Air Conditioner, "F*** YOU!"! I urge the total boycott of Carrier Air Conditioner until they abandon their plan to stab their workers in the back. SAY HELL NO TO A MEXICO GO! Keep American manufacturing in America.

I bet all of this is facilitated by one of them crappy trade deals. This should make you angry that your fellows are being treated in such a manner. This is video proof of the corporate betrayal of the American citizen.

Vote for Bernie Sanders, and other progressives so we can put a stop to this outrage once and for all.

Here is a link to the 6ABC site story;

Employees react to news that Carrier is moving from Indy to Mexico