Friday, July 25, 2014

Paul Ryan's Anti-poverty Plan is a Dressed up Pig

One of the reasons I do not trust the Republicans. In this interview Paul Ryan admits that the poverty level is the highest it has been in a generation, while at the same time supports the contention that low-income families are better off than their parents. To me that just doesn't make any sense.

From his plan: "To be sure, most low-income families are better off than their parents. Of those raised in the bottom fifth of the income scale, 93 percent experience “absolute” upward mobility. After adjusting for family size and the cost of living, they make more money than their parents did at the same age.2 In short, economic growth has raised living standards across the board."

He also says it is the fault of the anti-poverty programs themselves, instead of the resession, that has caused an increase in poverty.

And he says he wants to shift the responsibility to the states in figuring out how to spend the block grant, but still have to rely on the federal government to approve any plan the states may come up with.

That just sounds like the creation of even more bureaucracy, that will cost money, that will have to be taken from the anti-poverty programs, resulting in less money for the programs they are to oversee.

This is just another scheme by the GOP. They know they look bad to poor people, and will not get their votes. So they try to dress up a pig and offer that to all of us, hoping we will think they are doing us all a favor. The crux of the matter is, no matter how he dresses it, it (the GOP) is still a pig.

I'll be glad when November gets here. Hopefully, this clown will be ousted from OUR government. To put it into two words. He lies.

 Anti-Poverty Pig, Still a Pig

Rep. Paul Ryan talks about his new plan to combat poverty. Ryan talks about the need to customize plans to a person’s need to focus on getting people from “where they are to where they want to be” to get them out of poverty.