Thursday, July 24, 2014

Planetary Human Unity is Needed

I just seen the news telling of the Dutch, and their devotion to each other. They held a ceremony for the lost ones of flight  MH17. The roads were lined with people, who with out prompting came out to pay tribute to the dead. A long line of 40 hearses carrying the coffins rolled silently along the avenue, as people tossed flowers, and the tears flowed. We need this devotion to each other on a planetary basis.

War sucks in every possible way. War, it seems, kills people who don't want it, and leaves intact the people who promote it. How long until all humans stop visiting violence against one another? How long will it be until people share what they have, and stop trying to take by force? How long till the primitive madness is purged from humanity?

The Russians and the Russian backed separatists seem to hold responsibility for the damages to humanity as a thing to be avoided, even if lying must be used. Lies are the order of the day when it comes to culpability. The governments who are involved look at this crash as an opportunity to bash one another. They play the PR game when they should be working to stop all conflict.

The rub is, they don't want to stop any conflict. They don't really care how many innocent people get killed in their bid for power and territory. For them the goal justifies the means. For the Europeans who deal with Russia on a daily basis, the only thought is keeping commerce going between the two, and the lives lost are just part of the cost of doing business. The oil giants and their cronies in the government look at it as an opportunity to advance the cause of drilling for and using more petroleum.

All the things I see there and here on our own soil bring me to the conclusion that one world authority is needed. One world unity is the only way out of this. Every person of reason and peace need to stand together and shout, "No more". There are way more people who are peaceful, and just trying to live their lives without conflict over resources and politics, than there are war mongers. The bad thing with that is, the peaceful people get fooled by divisive talk of religion and nationalism. We should be past such primitive notions by now. That type of thought may have served in the past, but now they have become a danger to humanity.

In the past we fought over ideology, religion and politics with knives and guns. Applauded were them who killed every man, woman and child in a village of the despised. Now we can kill many with a single touch of a finger to a button. We now have the power to kill every person on the planet in a matter of hours. Seems to me that is a good reason to keep these powerful devices out of the hands of warring factions. Seems to me this situation calls for the elimination of factions.

I call on all peaceful people of our world to press for an end to division. I call on the world to come together in unity against that which would ruin our continued advancement as a species. If we don't, it could spell the end of us all, or at least, an end to civilization as we know it.