Thursday, July 3, 2014

Supreme Court Chose Mythology Over Reality

I'll take a sure thing over a maybe any day of the week. This week, the Supreme Court selected a maybe.

When the Supreme court sided with Hobby Lobby over contraceptives, they chose to go with a maybe because not everyone believes in gods. There are a lot of people who do, and a lot of them can't decide on which one is real. Everyone has their pet god, and they think that entity is real even though they have no concrete proof. They call it faith.

For the Supreme Court, empathy and protection for some

One thing that is not based on faith is a woman's right to control her reproductive functions. That is a real thing that intimately concerns half of the people on this planet. The other half don't seem that concerned, but they are coming around. The Supreme Court Judges don't seem concerned at all. They would rather uphold some religious beliefs, by people who worship spirits and gods. Next thing you know they will appoint a witch doctor to care for the president.

How about Hebrew owned businesses. Shall they say they can not hire men who are not circumcised? It is not acceptable for a male to be un-circumcised. How about radical Muslim business owners? They can force men into not shaving their beards. How about the Supreme Court stay within the realm of reality?

We can not have religion dictate how people live their lives. What are they trying to do? Set up a theocracy like Iran?

Let me make it simple.
Pregnancies = a real thing for sure
religion = a big fat maybe

Sorry if this offends some people of faith. Anyone who knows me also knows I don't have a problem with people believing what they want. I just don't like seeing religion shoved down people's throat. That is exactly what the Supreme Court did to the employees of Hobby Lobby.