Thursday, July 3, 2014

Flood of Children: Illegals or Refugees?

It seems to me that a better way of dealing with the refugees coming across our southern border is to help them at their country of origin.

These people are simply seeking a way out of a gang ridden, poverty stricken place, that has no future. I doubt that is anything less than any of you would do if in the same situation. These people are not illegal aliens, they are refugees.

Will more buses arrive in Murrieta?

President Obama asked congress for $2 billion to deal with the refugees here. I think if we as a nation took it upon ourselves to try to make things better in their home land, we would not have this huge influx of people fleeing from violence.

Could you imagine how you would feel if you went to a different place to live hoping for a better tomorrow, and 100's of people blocked you, chanting go back, we don't want you? The only place to go back to you have to deal with kidnappers, gangsters, rapists and all kinds of other thugs and corruption. You are only 17 years old, and with child, and you get that kind of hate thrown at you? It brings me to tears thinking of their distress.

The behavior of the protesters kind of make me ashamed of them.

Poverty, violence drive Central American exodus to U.S.

"El Guantillo is typical of villages across Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador that spew out a steady stream of migrants seeking work and a better life in the United States.

Driven largely by poverty and gang violence at home, the wave has swelled again in the last few months, although with a new dynamic as more children make the trek, many traveling without parents or relatives to care for them."