Friday, July 4, 2014

Children at the Border are Not Your Typical Illegal Alien

Watching this got me thinking.

Red White and Blue, Lynyrd Skynyrd: Military Tribute

How in the hell does it look? We send troops to foreign lands to help them. Of course there are some who dishonor our nation with despicable acts, but over all we try our damnedest to do the right thing. People the world over hear of all of it. A lot of people all over the world think the American people are the best. They believe we are good and kind, willing to give a hand to them in despair. They are right too! Look at all the good we have done!

Now I turn my attention to our southern border. Women with children, who are not much older than child girls go thousands of dangerous miles, trying to escape drug lords, kidnappers, rapists, murders and all other bad things. They arrive at our border with visions of the kind Americans who will surely save them from their miserable lot, and what do they get for their efforts to be free? They get an angry crowd. They get yelled at. They get told to turn around, we don't want you. They get told, we won't help you. We despise you.

What a shameful situation! It goes against everything we stand for. These children who seek our kindness, and mercy are not like the others. They are not like the ones who cross the border searching for a job, then send it all back home to Mexico. These people, these children have been forced out of their home by violent, evil people who have made their own country the murder capitols of the world! Can't we afford something to help these people? I know we have our own problems. We have people here who need help too! Instead of just dumping these people back into the grinder, we should help them.

Our ancestors who came from foreign lands would be ashamed of us for the way some of us have reacted to the children at the border. Please help them now, and to take back their homeland. That is the real way to help them. If we help make their home country safe, they will have no fear that drives them thousands of miles to escape.

On this 4th of July Independence Day, let's remember how most of us got here. By our ancestors immigrating. I know mine did. They were Irish. They got about the same welcome as these poor women and children at the border too! We are better than that.