Saturday, July 5, 2014

Conform or Be Cast Out

Don't expect respect for logical thought. If you want respect, be rich and ruthless.

That is the way of our Bizarro World. Follow the money. Destroy all that do not comply.That is the only thing that really matters. That and being in agreement with the mob. The money gives the mob instructions, and the mob carries them out. You better side with the mob even if it makes you a hypocrite, if you value your life.

Thoughtlessly, blindly and with much emotion the mob will go from street to street, searching for a difference. When they find even slight variation, they will tear it to pieces with animal ferocity. No room for anything except for conformance. Bow down to peer pressure, implanted by money, and fear of reprisals.

Every day money spews out enough poison to turn brother against brother,  and father against son. Each one clashing without reason, except for to please the mob. Each one being confident in their convictions, but all of them are dupes. Fooled by the money.

One person says one thing. The other person says another. Then instead of logical discourse, there is only the desperate attempt to change the mind of the other. First by words, then when that fails by the fist.

How ape like humans are. Still ruled by the law of the jungle. Still snatching crumbs from anyone who has them. Enough is never enough. All that is cared for is numbers in an electronic ledger. More of value are these invented devises than members of our own species.

I heard it in a song, "Conform or be cast out". Each one casts out the other. Each one is a liar. Each one believes their own lies. It must be true, because they say them so often. The lie is their truth, buried under a thousand lies. So much accumulated, it is impossible for the commoner to dig through and find truth. All they have left is to follow the mob.

Beware of the mob, and be ready to conform. Be ready or be cast out. Conform, or fight for your life.