Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More Proof the Republican Party is Insane

It is stuff like this that make me think that the Republican Party has lost its collective mind, and/or they just hate Obama because the GOP is a bunch of bigots.

I've been saying all along that the GOP is obsessed with the ACA, and puts everything else as second. The GOP is becoming a serous liability to the functioning of our government.

Here are the points in this article from MSNBC that make me believe as I do. I challenge any person to prove any of these statements as incorrect!

(1) "The potential legal action, which got a hearing in the House Rules Committee Wednesday morning, stands little chance of success. But the very fact that it looks set to go forward makes the GOP’s current priorities clear."

(2) "President Obama sees things differently. “Their big idea has been to sue me,” he said Tuesday. “That’s what they’re spending time on—a political stunt that wastes America’s time and taxpayer dollars.”"

(3) "Helping Democrats make their case is the fact while Boehner and co. lay plans to take the president to court; they’ve approved almost no substantive legislation. "

(4) "A poll last week found that even 74% of newly insured Republican voters like their coverage, while enrollment figures remain strong. "

(5) "...the lawsuit represents a major flip-flop."

(6) "The White House decision to delay the mandate for businesses with 50-100 employees was in part a concession to concerns that some companies needed more time to adjust. Now, Republicans find themselves in the awkward position of suing for faster enforcement of a provision they’ve said they hate."

(7) "’s routine for the executive branch to delay or tweak the enforcement of rules, as it looks to implement complex legislation. In 2006, President Bush delayed the enforcement of a mandate (yup) for seniors to sign up for Medicare’s prescription drug benefit. Congress didn’t raise a peep."

(8) "Boehner knows impeachment would be a disaster for the GOP, but he needs a way to keep tea party voters on the team, to ensure they’ll turn out this fall."