Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nothing Matters

I was ranting and raving about old fools, and how they stupidly suck up every lie presented to them. Then the power went off before I could save. So let me try again to inconvenience you by pointing out that you are not a wise old sage. You're just old and stupid. If you don't know who I'm talking about, just try to think about it for a second. About a second is all your impoverished attention span will allow.

For all you stupid people in Israel and Gaza. You stupid Israelis should know if you try to confine people to an area, they will fight it. You stupid people in Gaza, should know if you launch a bunch of missiles at Israel, they will fight it. Tit for tat is the running game there for the last few centuries. If all you guys have left is violence, you both must be to stupid to settle differences peacefully. I don't give a flying whatever who started it.

Now for my power going out. It would have to go out when I'm half way through writing something. I try to reconstruct what I wrote, but it is never the same. We live in the 21st freaking century, and can't even keep the power going on a sunny day! WTF? Stupid humans still stuck on this infinitely small speck when infinity beckons us. Oh, we talk big, but no action!

All then fancy movies like Star Wars and others, teasing us with the promise of strange lands and strange creatures. We had all that on Earth 100 years ago, but not any more! There were unknown animals and unseen lands back then. Not any longer on this planet. We've explored so much of this Earth, it is a rare thing to find anything new. We have crowded each other to the brink with 7 billion plus people all trying to whittle out a slice of an ever shrinking pie.

I must be the stupidest one of the old fools out there in fantasy land. Taking the time to write about my displeasure, or pleasure, then thinking it may have made any difference, when it doesn't. My voice is in a vacuum. I open my mouth and start vibrating my vocal cords for no reason, except that of hope. That only remaining reason is fading fast. When the hope is gone, there is nothing remaining but the giving up, or the joining in.

I've thought about it too! I could act like I am all religious. Build up a flock of sheep, and get them to give me all their money. All I have to do is say, "Who believes in God, give me an Amen." I could use all the tried and true methods to gather a bunch of followers. All I have to do is regurgitate the same old lies told to the sheep over and over. That is if that is what I really wanted out of life. I could be like the preacher I seen on TV. He stood up there with diamond rings, a Rolex watch and find garb. He expounded about how the "Lord" wants him to have all them material objects. About all the reasons you should give him 10% of your money. I might as well do like that shyster.

Maybe I could make an "Atheist" web site selling atheist t-shirts, and other stuff designed to get under the skin of Christians. I may as well stir the pot of discontent too! Remember, if you can't beat them, join them.

Isn't that the way the story goes with humans. All for one, and I'm the one. Every last one of us stuck to a mortal shell, and convinced we matter one bit. In 10 million years none of any of this will matter. It will all be resigned to oblivion, and so will you and me.

So tell me again how friggen important your cause is! Explain how your thoughts and ideas will matter to the universe. Even though you are a speck, tell me how big and important you and your ideas are. Did you even read this far. If you did, you wasted your time.