Thursday, July 31, 2014

Republican Pretends to be Homeless Another Stunt


GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Goes Homeless to Highlight Poverty

Woopy-freaken-doo! I find this kind of insulting. He goes out for one lousy week, pretending he is homeless, with a camera crew following him. Then asks around for a job at random places. He takes with him $40 bucks. Big deal.

He knew he had a place to go after the week was done, and I suspect the people he asked for a job sensed there was something going on. He doesn't know real homelessness. FAKER.

Once I went to San Diego back in 1982. I had a bus ticket and $100. When I got there I got a room, and started looking for a job. One week later I was out of money. Out of a room, and still no work. I lived on the street for 3 months. I collected cans every day while I looked for work. I lived in Balboa Park. I got messed with by the police, because I was "suspicious" looking. WTF is that? I challenge this clown to live on the street for 1 month, and leave your wallet at home. Leave your camera crew too! Some people have been there for years. Some people don't have the luxury of knowing that when a week is over they can go back to a life style of comfort and plenty.

I couldn't find work to save my life back in that trying time of mine, and times weren't near as bad as they are now. It was my friends who helped me out of it. One of them loaned me $50 so I could get a taxi driver permit, and another let me live with her until I could afford my own place. I was extremely lucky. Most are not so lucky.

He said "We know how to invest in water". Invest all you want, but you'll still not have any if it isn't raining or snowing. Blame crop failure on global climate change, not the Democratic Party. Republicans are historically on the side of the very people who exacerbate climate change, big oil. Maybe he should focus his attention on the root cause of the problem. Greedy big business, and corrupt government officials.

I knew a guy who worked in the fields harvesting vegetables. I met him at the place I got radiation therapy when I had neck cancer. He had melanoma from his ear down the side of his neck. Maybe the people are better off in the long run not picking produce for slave wages. At least they may avoid the agony of skin cancer.

You know the old saying about walking a mile in their shoes? He barely took one step.

Before he tries any stunt like that again, he should sell everything he owns to pay his bills. He should wait until he is evicted from his home. He should wait until all his savings are gone. Then maybe, just maybe he could relate. But just like the man who asked Jesus what he needs to do to get salvation, and was told to sell all he has and give to the poor, he will not do it. He can not do it.