Saturday, July 26, 2014

$1000 for a Night out

I thought it might be nice to check out for a concert to go to next month. I found out Kiss & Def Leppard are playing Friday, August 22, 2014 at 7:00 PM. Cool, I thought to my self. Then I looked up ticket prices.

I couldn't believe what I seen! I could get a ticket for $35 if I want to sit on the lawn. The lawn looks like it is so far away from the stage I would need a high power telescope to see. Then I looked at other tickets. I found out to get a ticket for a section next to the stage, it would cost a whopping $473, WTF? That doesn't even include $35 VIP parking. Double WTF?

People actually spend $500 to go to a concert? Make that $1000 if you bring a date? That is an outrageous amount of money to spend on a concert! It is obscene to spend that kind of money on one night out, when people are sleeping in the street. $1000 could house and feed a person for a month!

I'm not trying to begrudge rich people their good time. I just think this is an outlandish example of how societies priorities have gotten so screwed up! I bet you any amount of concert tickets that there are people who will spend $1000 on a night out, and then the next day casually walk by a beggar and scoff, or deride them.

I remember the first Concert I ever went to. It was REO Speedwagon. It only cost $5.00 at the door to get in. I remember seeing Emerson lake & Palmer, and it only costing me $25 for me and my date. Same with Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and ELO. Good times for sure.

Now that was back in the early to late 1970's. It seems like corporate greed has taken hold with an iron fist. Maybe I'll never go to another concert again. Maybe I'll just satisfy my music hunger at a local establishment, with a local band. Screw them other greedy corporate thralls.