Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rep. Lenar Whitney Calls Climate Change a Hoax

This woman, Rep. Lenar Whitney, is nothing more than a GOP/Tea Party thrall, mouth piece, an organ grinder monkey dancing to the tune of her masters.

Check out this ridiculous video she made.

Now look at the information here, then make a choice.

She has sales experience in oil field fabrication, repair and maintenance, and the media and telecommunications.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lenar_Whitney

While the oil industry is still the primary source of revenue for the Houma-Terrebonne area, alternative industries are emerging.

He (her husband) was reared in Houma and Upper Caillou and established a lifelong friendship with the politically-connected Chabert family.


In 2010, Chabert voted to require sonograms for women contemplating abortion. He vote against allowing insurance companies to cover elective abortions. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norby_Chabert

On her issues page only one issue is clickable. It is the one on abortion.
"I believe there is a growing, mainstream movement in America to end abortion during our lifetime.." http://www.lenarwhitney.com/issues.php

Other disturbing quotes on her site:

Term Limits
I know that our founding fathers were not interested in creating a “ruling class”...(Given her connections, I would think she is interested in making a ruling class)

I will vote to eliminate the Department of Education.

ObamaCare must be REPEALED. Unleash free market capitalism...

Welfare, Poverty and Crime
The war on poverty is lost. It is time to change battle tactics...

Other comments were rather vague.