Saturday, July 26, 2014

About the Israel-Gaza Conflict

I have reserved my comments on this tricky subject, and been silent to long. Now I speak out and voice my opinion. As the reader takes this in, I warn you there are harsh words for all involved, and there is also hope. Bare with me as I go through this. Believe me, it causes me very much pain, and tears to even write any of this, or to think of it. But we must buck up, and try. All of us must try if we really want an end to the conflict. Here is my effort.

Let us not forget there has been conflict between the Arab world and Hebrews for a very long time. Hebrews were also persecuted during the Crusades by Christian Crusaders who had been told they would receive forgiveness for any crime should they Crusade in the Middle-East. Then a slaughter of non-christens began in Europe even before the Crusading Armies arrived to fight Islam.

All along the Mediterranean Sea both Christians and Muslims regularly kidnapped each other's people and sold them into slavery a thousand years ago.

Even Hitler and the Arabs made alliances and plans for the extermination of the Hebrew people. Check out this Wiki piece I just found to be more enlightened.

"Although the Mufti may be the most well-known Arab collaborator with Nazi Germany, there were other influential Arab and Muslim political leaders who made common cause with the Germans. Hassan al-Banna, an ally of the Mufti who founded the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928, openly acknowledged the common interests with National Socialist anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist politics, and actively collaborated with the Nazis:

Hitler received Saudi Arabian ruler Ibn Saud’s special envoy, Khalid al-Hud al-Gargani.[4] Earlier in this meeting Hitler noted that one of the three reasons why Germany had warm sympathies for the Arabs was:… because we were jointly fighting the Jews. This led him to discuss Palestine and conditions there, and he then stated that he himself would not rest until the last Jew had left Germany. Kalid al Hud observed that the Prophet Mohammed … had acted the same way. He had driven the Jews out of Arabia ….[5]"

Then after WWII the Hebrews were granted territory by the victors. To do so many Palestinian Muslims and Christians had to be displaced. Heavy resentment built up even further.

The Arab-Israeli War broke out in 1948 in a bid to destroy the Jewish State, and bring things back to pre-war conditions. Israel prevailed.

I remember before the walls were built in the mid 1990's, suicide bombers made regular appearances in Israel. Hamas or another faction took blame, and/or credit for the bombers, deserved or not. Israel began to build walls around the Palestinian regions. All the while Israel grabbed more and more land to build new settlements. Often demolishing homes and destroying olive groves in the process.

More resentment, and more bombings. Each side seemed to double down each time. It seemed that all sides did the thing that would be sure to enrage the other side. Like a fire that feeds itself, the violence has grown into what we see today.

To make matters worse, some Christian factions in the United States gave support, money and encouragement to Israel for one reason and one reason alone. Because they believe that the Temple must be rebuilt on the Temple Mount before Jesus will return to the Earth. Most well informed Muslim knows of this too. They also had built a Mosque on that very spot, because they also claim it as a holy place. We all know what would happen if Israel turned its bulldozers upon that Mosque so they could rebuild their ancient temple. It would be a blood bath. It could even lead to world war.

I'm not trying to shame any body here, or am I trying to point an accusing finger. What I'm trying to do is to shed light on this very complex problem, and hopefully understand it, and find some kind of solution! Yeah, who am I to suppose I might have an answer. I'm no better, or worse than any other.

Still I have an idea, and believe there is only one way out of this that will ever work.

The immediate halt of all hostilities by all parties, and the allowance of unfettered access by humanitarian organizations.

The unfettered access to border crossings without restrictions based on race, religion or any other petty reason.

The halt of all new settlements by Israel, and maybe dismantling a few.

The halt of all new entries to citizenship in Israel based on Jewish ancestry.

The establishment of a real secular government in Palestinian territory, and the establishment of secure borders for them.

A pledge by any future government in Palestinian territory or Israel, or any other party in that region to never again use suicide bombers, rockets, aircraft, troops, mortars or any other means of terror or violence against any persons or parties. Furthermore a pledge that both sides will work together to apprehend any person or parties who commit an act such as the ones described, and bring them to justice before the criminal court in the Hague. (we can not have Arab or Jew be judge of one another)

We need an end to Christian meddling in that region for the purposes of the rebuilding the Temple on the Temple Mount. Even make it unlawful to do so.

All parties must accept the idea that it is not the state that has a right to survive. It is the people who have that right, and the state is there to facilitate and ensure that survival.

These are the things that come into my mind as I ponder this tragic situation. It has gone on far to long. Any truce or other action by the Palestinians or the Israeli government, or any one else is doomed to failure if that basic principal is not realized by them, and taken to heart.

What's it going to be? Fight for another 50 years, 100 years or drag this out another thousand years? It will not stop using the devises of violence, terror, death and fear of each other. You should do as you say you want. End it now.

I'm not going to get sucked into the blame game on this. There is plenty to go around. So let us wipe the slate clean, and keep it that way. Muslim, Jew and Christian can live together in peace if they really want to. It is so simple, it is laughable. Just quit trying to convert each other all the time. You all know that only pisses people off! Leave well enough alone for humanities sake. I do mean that too!

Humanity as a whole is suffering because of your stubborn fighting without end. The world's people who are not involved with your squabble will not allow it to go on forever ether. Just as soon as your fight against each other in the Mid-East starts having serious detrimental effects on the rest of the worlds economies, they will rise against you.

This is one of the reasons I am so much on the band wagon of world peace. You know me. One Earth, One People. I've said it over and over again. I'll say it until the day I die, and hope someone repeats it, and the world's people start living it.

Aren't you tired of the stagnation all this has brought us? We, as a species don't have to live like this. There is a better way to conduct our affairs. We do need a New World Order, but not the one envisioned by some greedy capitalist, or despot, or other corrupt self serving persons.

It all starts with each of us. That goes for you brothers and sisters of humanity there in Gaza and Israel. I call on them to reconsider their options. Put an end to this madness. Stop the flow of tears and of blood. Start living in universal harmony and cooperation today.

6 degrees of separation? Perhaps my words will make it to some person who has the influence to put them to good use. Maybe you and I, as just regular people can do what they can not. Sometimes leaders come from the lowest rungs of society. Boy could we use one now!