Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Divided States of America

Lately some people have been beating the states rights drum because of the marriage debate. I've got a solution to that little problem. Abolish the states. The way things stand now, we are the Divided States of America.

We are not united in thought or cause. We are a fractured conglomerate of conflicting laws, and statutes. In one state the law says you can do one thing freely, while the other will place you behind bars for many years for the same activity. We have 50 different states all with different drivers licenses, and automobile license plates. Each one has differing standards and laws concerning that. We have gerrymandered congressional districts, fashioned by criminal elements masquerading as politicians. We have a crazy patchwork of environmental laws, that are manipulated by politicians in each state for purposes that have nothing to do with the general welfare of the entire country. We have differing gun laws, some highly restrictive, others dangerously liberal. There are a multitude of conflicts caused by this having 50 individual states. Enough is enough!

We need one state, united under one flag. We need uniform laws that apply across the entire nation. We need a national drivers license, and license plates for our autos. When a law is good in one place, that very same law should apply no matter where you reside in this country. Our nation needs to be united under one cause, and law that is uniform from coast to coast. I think that would solve a lot of problems. It would cause a lot of problems in its implementation too! The reason why is because some people will oppose it for reasons that are selfish or unsavory, or for other unworthy reason.