Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Beware Facebook or Online Scammers

I've got several "friend" requests from supposed young ladies lately. I always check out their wall to see if I think they are genuine. I always block them if I have a doubt. I know there are young ladies who are normal persons just wanting to be friends. I have friends who are ladies of all ages from teens to Grandma's. From married to single, and of all sexual identities. I'm pretty open to having friends.

What I'm not open to is predators, and that is what I think some of these wanna-be friend people are. They will post a few provocative pictures of themselves, which are probably not really of themselves. They will have zero to some stuffed content on their wall. They will not have any friends in common, if any friends at all. To me it seems pretty obvious what they are up to. Schemers trying to prey on an older gentleman. Predators trying to use an illusion to rip off seniors.

They must be having some success because they keep trying. I used to get 1 a month, but there seems to be an up-tick in the amount. I've blocked 3 in the last few days. I'll keep blocking them too! If a young lady wants to be friends because she is already a friend of a friend, and they like my writings, or they are a HCV or cancer patient, that's okay. They are normally easy to pick out and I welcome them with an open mind. The schemers are pretty easy to pick out too, and they get blocked. If I have a doubt about if they are sincere, I'll message them and ask why they want to be a friend. Their reply usually gives them up. Then they get blocked, or they get a new friend.

Don't be a chump, my friends. That goes triple for all my single senior friends. It is a common thing for schemers to target senior citizens. They try to use the illusion of attraction. Possible loneliness relieved by a May-December relationship. Overseas ladies looking for a rich American to rescue them from their situation. A young person in Africa looking for money to pay for this or that. They can have a pretty creative story. They rune things for the real, sincere people.

I haven't a doubt that there are May-December relationships that are genuine and true. After all we all are just a brain locked in a body. Sometimes two brains fall in love with one another, and the body doesn't count. It is just a vessel. Sometimes a lady really is desperate in a foreign land, and really is just looking to better her life. Same goes with a young person in Africa. I know there are persons in Africa who are really just trying to get an education, and maybe are looking for help to get books, or something. They are the people hurt most by the scammers.

The scammers make people like me suspicious of motives. So we throw out the bad and the good because the lines between the two have become blurred. It gets hard to tell the scammers from the real. It is a good thing there are charitable organizations. Often I have pointed some stranger to a charitable organization. Last week I pointed a young person from Africa to an organization that gives free education. Then I blocked them.

Stay vigilant my friends. Keep your armor shiny, and your guard up. Deny the scammers, and help the real needy. Sometimes we will fail, and get took, but it isn't shame on you. It is shame on them.