Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tea Party Tries to Look Smart but Acts Stupid

This morning one of the guys over on Facebook tried to deny that Tea Party/Republicans are acting stupid by presenting an article by a Tea Party web site. They were trying to turn around the remark I made calling them "Retardlicans", and make liberals look dumb calling them "Libtards". Their argument doesn't hold water though, of course. I'll give them credit for brains when it comes to twisting the truth. They are experts at that.


The first mistake they made is to take anything from a Tea Party source seriously. It didn't take long for me to find an article explaining how the study has been misinterpreted. Most people of reason know that the Tea Party is full of wing nuts.

"The problem with how the author of this paper is quoted is that it misrepresents his point. What he’s surprised about is that Tea Party supporters according to his data are scientific literate. But he also says this in the same blog post:

In this dataset, I found that there is a small correlation (r = -0.05, p = 0.03) between the science comprehension measure and a left-right political outlook measure, Conservrepub, which aggregates liberal-conservative ideology and party self-identification. The sign of the correlation indicates that science comprehension decreases as political outlooks move in the rightward direction–i.e., the more “liberal” and “Democrat,” the more science comprehending."

Really it isn't an unreasonable thing for people to think Tea Party/Republicans are dummies when they outright reject sound science. It is their own fault.

"It doesn't matter how trivial it is, often they will outright reject anything that contradicts their position. Which makes it extremely difficult to have a factual based discussion with a climate science denier. This behaviour doesn't stem from not understanding science, but it’s their ideological mental armour that’s preventing them from accepting valid scientific findings."

If Tea Party/Republicans want to keep from looking stupid they should quit rejecting sound science just to maintain a political posture. The climate denier issue is a prime example. Stop denying science when it is waving its fingers right in front of your face, then maybe you guys can rid yourself of the title "Retardlicans".

I don't want you to come around to the truth just because I want to be right. I want you to accept real science because our world and humanity depends on it. No pride issue here. Just truth over lies and misinformation.

Find the information on how the guys over at the Tea Party try to twist the truth any way they can, just to maintain their ever sagging credibility in the following link.

Tea Party Supporters And Scientific Literacy

By the way, it was a nice try with the "libtards" remark. Problem is, according to the study mentioned, it doesn't fit.