Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Republican Hate Mongers Prove They Have no Honor: Vandalize Hillary Grave

How low can some Republican hate mongers go? They are out of bounds by a mile on this one and the Rank and file GOP needs to condemn it. Otherwise it is tacit approval
Hillary's father's gravestone toppled on day she announced her run.

Maybe our nation should be split in two. On one side all the fundamentalists, jerk, Republican ass holes, and on the other side all the people who want to progress into the future. One side a theocratic, despotic bunch of primitive thinking apes, and on the other side the people who are guided by reason and logic.

Then when the idiots on the wrong side (GOP side) have suffered enough, we'll take them as lost children. When their side is desperate because of wars brought on by plutocrats, and economic ruin, then we can take back our lost brothers and sisters, and say never again.