Friday, April 10, 2015

Climate Change: How Many Stop Signs Does Humanity Have Left?

Climate Change Deniers said "Earth science is not hard science"

The only reason the Republican energy lobby thralls are saying that idiotic line is to try to discredit the fact of human made climate change. These fools do not even want to slightly entertain the notion that we are having an effect on the earth's climate. If they did, the only logical thing to do after that realization is to put the breaks on burning fossil fuels. If any prudent observer would check they would find that the most rabid climate deniers in congress are from big oil/coal states. That alone should raise red flags.

 So who should one believe? Big oil/coal slave, climate deniers who say burn baby burn, or 98% of the scientists (you know them guys with PhD's in earth sciences) who say we are in danger.

 Once when I was younger some friends and I was riding down the road in St Augustine Florida, at night. There was a section of road that had 5 stop signs in a row. One of the guys told the driver "I never stop for all these signs. Run them.", and he did. After the 5th one there was the flashing lights of a police car behind us, causing the driver to pull over. The policeman gave the driver a ticket for running 5 stop signs.

 After we got back started down the road, the other guys started giving the one who told the driver to run the stop signs the business. "Look what happened! You caused driver to get 5 tickets by telling him to run them signs." they said. I had to jump in there and correct them. "Just because he told driver to run them signs doesn't mean he had to do it. The driver was at fault for doing something against the law. He knew it was against the law, and he had complete control of the car. Furthermore, he put us all in danger."

 Do you see the resemblance here to what is happening with climate change deniers and the public? It is like the twisted notion of who is at fault in the story. How many stop signs does humanity have left?