Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fox News Megyn Kelly Provokes Discussion on Mid-East

I was discussing comments made by a bone-headed Fox News commentator (Megyn Kelly) about Obama, religion and the Mid-Eastern part of our world with some colleagues. I thought I would share a little of this with you. The conversation caused me to be able to express my views about the whole disgusting situation. Here is an excerpt.

 Fox Freaks; Obama is Secretly Sending Anti-Christian Messages to Muslims

The colleague said, "I wanted you to know James Parks Jr. That I voted for Obama in his first election but didn't vote for him or Romney in the 2012 election. I am not racist in any way but don't really like either party. As a pro Israel Jewish man I personally don't agree with Obamas policies towards Netanyahu. I don't like the nuke talks with Iran either."

I replied, "I don't like anything about what is going on in the Mid-east with pretty much everybody. Not trying to be disrespectful, but a lot of the problems are about power and control using religion as a tool. All the sectarian violence is absurd. Sectarian meaning sections when there is only one race, the human race. Religion used to whip up emotion, all the while the religion is a myth. They have the idea that "You kill me, I kill you." in an endless cycle of retribution. Even the sections within the sections are at war with one another.

Some Christians in the United States are part of the problem. They support Israel for the wrong reason. They should support Israel because they love the people, and all people of Earth are one, but they have sinister motives instead. It isn't talked about very much, if at all, but the reasons some US Christians (and Jews for that matter) support Israel are selfish, and IMHO insane. They Wish to rebuild the Temple on the Mount. The Christians believe Jesus will not return in a so-called "Second coming", and Jews believe that Israel will not be complete until this building is realized. The Christian reason being much more deadly because they wish for a world ending Apocalypse. They don't give a hoot about who gets killed in the process because they envision some fabled afterlife as preferable to life. That is a very dangerous belief. Some might call it suicidal and psychotic. The deals, saber rattling and posturing are a part of it. Their end times prophesy.

Primitive past human behavior and beliefs thrust right into this persons life. In my mind, and a lot of other people's minds, all of it is just as much a myth as the ancient Greek Gods like Apollo, or ancient Mesopotamian God Marduk. None of it is worth one single drop of blood human or animal because all of it is an invention of Man."