Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Reject the Dangerous Religions of the Middle-East: All of Them

Did you ever study much about the Celts? Most of the people who live in the United States can trace their ancestry back to that proud stock. Of course I'm not talking about the peoples who hail from Africa, or the Middle-East, or even Italy. Actually, especially not them from Italy. The Romans have caused our Celtic peoples trouble for a very long time. Their actions in antiquity, and the legacy they left us.

Parade Helmet, Agris, France. 350 BC
One of the most damaging things that the Roman world forced onto us is the Christian religion. Once Constantine declared it to be the state religion, it spread like wild fire all over the globe. It was spread by means both subtle and deadly. Even at times atrocities that compare to the radical methods used by groups like ISIS today. This heinous force has caused humans to lag behind of where we could be today because of anti-intellectual dogma. If you don't believe me look at Galileo's persecution by the Vatican, or the Creationists of today.

It bothers me that our people, the descendants of the Celts, would continue to embrace such a backward religious philosophy, imported from the Middle-East. It is especially disturbing that our people continue to do that when the damage to our culture is so pervasive. The fact that so many of our people, and so much of our culture has been damaged by this Christian death cult causes me to wonder why our people continue to follow that path.

That goes for the proud people of Africa, and other parts of the world too! Look what the religions of the Middle-East have done to your people's culture. The corrupted people of Europe and Africa, not to mention other diverse places, used the Religious dogma forced upon you to enslave our brother and sister humans. Now the horror continues to spread from that troubled part of the world in the form of Islamic extremism. It is the same old thing in a different package.

So what are we to do? How about us Celtic, African and other peoples of the Earth reject wholly the religions which originated in the Middle-East. Abandon the primitive myths they call truth. They are nothing but lies, used to enslave. The Celts and the African people had advanced cultures, despite the claim of the Romanticized world that we were barbarians. They and their forces defeated our ancestors and imposed their disgusting culture upon us, but that doesn't mean their culture is any good for us now, or ever. On the contrary, their culture has been like a festering sore, like a disease, and that disease is killing humanity.

I'm not saying that we should take up the religious practices of our ancient, pre-Christian ancestors. Our people need to reject any form of spiritualism, and embrace knowledge, reason and science. We should reject the present notion of creationism, or any dogma that offers myth as fact. That goes for the Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Hebrew, the whole lot of them. I tell you if we don't, humanity is as good as dead.

I take back my heritage as a descendant of the Celts. I reject all of the religious dogma in all its forms which originated in the Middle-Eastern part of the world. I reject any belief that calls spirits and gods real. Instead I will only consider the ways of logic and learning of reality in all its glory. There is no religion that can compare to the reality of the universe. Reality trumps myth every time, and I'll have to take the side of reality.

 The Celts on Hulu
Check Out The Celts: In the Beginning on Hulu.

Who are the Celts? Are you descended from the Celts? I've provided a map which will show you if you are. If you are descended from the Celts, why are you still worshiping a mythological god from the Middle-East? Just stop it. When you worship Middle Eastern gods, you have become an unwitting partner of the genocide of your original culture. You also are following a twisted, westernized perversion of that myth that has become a danger to humanity's very survival.

 Celtic People
Celtic Lands
That goes for any other person from any other part of our world. Get in touch with your proud pre-Christian culture. Abandon the pathogenic religions which came from the Arab lands. Do it before their primitive belief system causes the ruination of our entire world.