Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Arrogance of Ignorance: James Inhofe is God's Fool

“God’s still up there.” Inhofe cited Genesis 8:22 to claim that it is “outrageous” and arrogant for people to believe human beings are “able to change what He is doing in the climate.”

It remains hard for me to believe that anyone in their right mind supports James Inhofe as Chair of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.

There has been a few times that people have told me I should believe in God because "what if I didn't and it turned out to be true?" After thinking about this fellow for a while it occurred to me. What if people didn't believe that human made climate change is real, and it turned out to be true?

If I didn't believe in a god, then died and it was true, I guess I would burn in hell forever because I didn't choose right. It would still be difficult to choose right with all the conflicting stories out there. If I didn't believe in human made climate change and it was real, we might all be dead. There are few conflicting stories about climate change though. 97% of all real scientists now support the notion of human made climate change. Can't get that kind of a consensus with religion.

The big difference I see here is, what happens if you are wrong and are dead, as opposed to what happens if you are wrong and still alive! Notice the focus on death verses life? I choose the real, the living. I reject the notion of a choice concerning what happens after one dies. There is no choice when it comes to that. You better choose to decide on the living and forget all that after death non-sense. If you don't we may all be dead, or things will get so bad that death will really look like a viable option to the misery of an inhospitable Earth environment.

Please stop basing your choice of leadership on religious dogma. They are only using it as a tool to get you to support their agenda. Believe me, they don't give two hoots about whether you live or die, or go to heaven or hell. They only care about their own selfish group of money grubbers.