Sunday, May 3, 2015

End-Times Prophecy is The Most Deadly Threat to Human Existence Ever Known

Yesterday I was treated to a conversation that opened my eyes wider then they were. It was with a person who one would think had a high degree of intelligence. A veteran of the US Army, who attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. In civilian life that is roughly equivalent to a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer or Program Director. As far as I can ascertain, "An individual must meet all of the following requirements before the application is submitted."

 Candidates must:
  • Possess a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, and meet minimum standards for proficiency of executive core qualifications competencies
  • Have extensive demonstrated leadership experience
  • Have Completed the CES Advanced Course or Advanced Course equivalent
  • Have a Secret clearance (with pending application for a Top Secret clearance) that will not expire during the program. A copy of the clearance must be submitted with the application.
Even though this person seems to have a high degree of intelligence, they also seem to have bought into one of the most dangerous, suicidal and insane philosophies on the planet. What that person told me confirmed my suspicions in a most graphic, and horrific way. I'm referring to the Christian Apocalyptic End-Times Prophecies, and their adherents infiltration into positions of power within our government.

I warned you before that you should abandon the dangerous religions which originated in the Middle-East. I can now see that this abandonment of that insane myth is not only advisable, but also imperative. It is not only necessary for sanity's sake, but also for humanities survival's sake.

Reject the Dangerous Religions of the Middle-East: All of Them

This former Lieutenant Colonel, who I will refer to as "LC", and I were discussing religion when the topic turned to the end times prophesies of the Christian Bible. I, being an atheist, voiced my concern for the support of Israel by American Christians for the sole purpose of bringing about their apocalyptic vision of Armageddon. I mentioned that they wish to rebuild the Temple on the Mount because they believe that Jesus will not make his "Second Coming" until that happens. Of how this rebuilding of the Temple could not occur unless the Dome of the Rock were demolished to make way. Of how that demolition's consequences would likely lead to WWIII, and doom human civilization. I mentioned the fact that during the 6 Day War, the United States and the former Soviet Union stood toe to toe ready to unleash their nuclear arsenals.

When it became clear that Israel would not give up its siege of the Egyptian troops (low on food and medicine by this time), the Soviets threatened to take unilateral action to rescue them. Tempers flared both in Washington and Moscow; U.S. military forces went to a Stage 3 alert (Stage 5 is the launch of nuclear attacks).

LC's reply was that of insanity. LC waved arms in the air and proclaimed "If dropping a nuke on the Temple Mount was the only way to bring the return of Jesus, so be it. The promise of what would come is so much better than this life, and I feel sorry for them who would be left behind." I replied, "That is the notion of a death cult, and I reject it in it's entirety. It is suicidal on a planetary basis, insane in its foundations and I too would be sorry for them left behind to pick up the pieces. There would be billions of dead for nothing, and civilization would be in ruins for a myth."

Hiroshima Bomb Aftermath
There are not many of us alive today with living memory of the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or of its horrible aftermath. Keep in mind that those two bombs pale in comparison to the power of the nuclear devises, and the pin point accuracy of them today. I give you warning that this is the vision Christian lunatics have for us all! They not only want it, they pray for it every day. Their so called "Divine Retribution" would not be confined to only two human cities, but would surly encompass a large portion of the Earth. This disgusting ideology is embraced by millions across the United States, and is becoming a serious threat to human survival.

Hiroshima Bomb Aftermath
This is the fate they have in store for your children, for all of us. This insanity is advocated for the Christian, and its implications effect Christian and non-Christian alike!

LC told me in no uncertain terms that her wish for Armageddon is a selfish one, because she wants to go to heaven. That if everyone else, the "sinners and non-believers" have to burn in hell for all eternity, they have brought it upon themselves and deserve that fate. Don't you think for one minute that her's was the rantings of a single psychotic individual, because it is not. Her sentiment is multiplied by the millions across the planet, and preached in every Christian church. This is doctrine, and is taught to our adults and children to the detriment of us all. One of the worst things about it is, seldom do you hear of this global Christian conspiracy that could very well doom humanity as a species.

Now the United States government has been infiltrated by the fundamentalist ultra-right Christians who would bring their deadly agenda to fruition. This can not be allowed. This has to be resisted with all vigor until this suicidal philosophy is buried for all time.

The evil forces behind this human race ending plan are many, and pervasive. Just this morning I received an email from a group calling itself "Patriot Videos; Videos that Enlighten and Enrage", Its message was that of horror.

They went on at length about so-called biblical prophesy that has supposedly come to pass, and of the impending "End-Times". They also at the end of their filthy presentation invited you to buy their book about how to survive the holocaust to come for the low price of only $37. It bothers me greatly that this email was sent out to millions of people, let alone that it was sent out at all! I can only thank the sender for making me even more aware of their evil plan, and the urgency of the situation.

This is no joke folks. This is extremely important. All of us people of reason must fight this insanity, and get the word out as to their idiotic agenda. All of us Atheists, and other people of logic and reason, must no longer take the side of tolerance for the primitive idealism of end-times advocates. For many years now I've held the position that people of faith must be tolerated as long as they are non-violent in their practice. I can not justify that position any longer. Even though the Christian Right may outwardly project an air of non-violence, their underlying cause of planetary suicide is violent in the extreme. That is reason to reject their very existence all together. They have been going on for years about how Christians have been attacked in media, and in person as if they are martyred victims of injustice. In reality Christianity as a whole must be crushed if their vision for our world is global annihilation. We must take a stand! We must no longer be silent.

They who believe in the end-times nonsense call me and people like me "Anti-Christ" as if it is a bad thing. I'm here to tell you it is not bad to oppose the Christian death cult. It is necessary for humanities survival. They offer the peace of  the promise of unthinking death. The people like me who oppose them offer the unlimited potential of human greatness, without the reliance on deadly myth.

So let us work to end their insanity and its heinous effect on our world's civilization and humanity. Firstly reject religion in any form. Embrace science and reason. Take note that LC, when I told her she should study some quantum physics and evolutionary sciences, told me she didn't bother with anything that would steer her away from "God's Mission". They would rather reject out of hand the truth, than discover their religions are myth. Reject that primitive spirituality once and for all and good! Do it before it is to late for our species.
Get out there and vote! Vote for persons who embrace Secular Humanism, which leads to reason and true understanding. Vote for people who reject religion wholly. That means to reject the Tea Party, and the Republican Party they have so effectively infiltrated. Both of them are the agents of doom. Both of them work to bring about Armageddon. They don't care who they drag down onto ever lasting death either, even if that is every man, woman and child on the planet! That includes your child. Your mother and father. Your sister and brother, and any others yet to come. Don't allow these bringers of doom the reins of power.

Time is running out. The choice is yours. We can allow ourselves as a human species to prosper and survive, or we can sit idly by and accept oblivion. Today I choose life. I choose logic and reason over willful ignorance, and myth. Today is the day to make a stand against real evil. Reject the Christian End-Times philosophy before it dooms humanity forever.