Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Humans Blog Endorses Senator Bernie Sanders for President

I have been thinking of Presidential Candidates for some time now. For a while all there were totally unacceptable Republican persons announcing their campaign. Persons like Ted Cruz, Chris Christie and Rand Paul. Their throwing the hat into the ring was laughable. I couldn't fathom any person of reason supporting them. Amazingly enough though, there are mindless zombie minds who follow in step with all their lies and psychopathic babbling.

Then Hillary Clinton became the Democratic person of choice for many people, and she announced her candidacy. I couldn't get behind her because of one reason. Our nation is already divided enough without her controversial presences in the election process. Not like it is her fault, or anything. It is totally the GOP/Tea Parties unwarranted, and constant blowing out of proportion of anything she had even the slightest part in. Like a mean Chihuahua dog nipping at the heels of  anybody just for the meanness of it, they do it for reasons I am unsure of. The most likely reason is they are against her because she isn't a white male. Remember the mantra "Take back the White House". It is code for, we don't want any person other than a white male in the Oval Office. I believe her Presidency would be even more of a cause of dysfunction in government than anything else.

There is one person who has announced his candidacy that stands out as the best person for the job. That person is Senator Bernie Sanders. He has time and again got behind, and supported education, investment in our crumbling infrastructure, human rights and the caring for and lifting up of the poor and elderly. He has confronted big money in politics, and brought out the truth of the matter. He has worked to combat climate change, and isn't afraid to take the big energy producers to task.

I endorse and lend 100% of my support to Senator Bernie Sanders for President of the United States.

I've set up a Facebook Group, New Mexico for Bernie Sanders President 2016 to help bring support to the cause. Please join it, or set up a Facebook Group for your state that is pro-Bernie Sanders.

Please view some of his speeches before the Senate and other places, and consider carefully his words. I think you'll be impressed, and will feel comfortable backing him up.

Bernie Sanders Youtube Channel
Bernie Sanders Facebook Wall
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