Sunday, May 31, 2015

Support Bernie Sanders and Lay Away Fear

May be true that is what Mr. Colbert is saying. I hope that is what he is saying, that we need to vote for Bernie Sanders for President. He is part of my generation, the baby boomers. He was born in 1964, the very last year of the baby boomers. If all that he said is true, I must be an anomaly because I don't believe any of the things he says in this picture message. I believe all of those things can be done, and more.

I have to admit, it sickens me when I hear one of my generation say anything like that. We can't do this, or that. For corn's sake, we watched as humans first set foot on the moon! We took part in the digital revolution! We seen cancer go from a death sentence, to curable. Personally, I went from living in a house that was heated with a pot belly stove, and washing in a galvanized tub to seeing refrigerators that tell you when you're low on milk. So how did the baby boomers get so cynical, as Mr. Colbert alludes to?

If that's the way all my baby boomer brothers and sisters think, I have one thing to say to them. SNAP OUT OF IT! If we can't do this or that, it is because we will not allow ourselves too. So stop being such naysayers. We humans are capable of great things.

The late Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve regardless of how many times you may have failed in the past.” It’s one of the most famous inspirational quotes on the power of positive thinking. We must recapture that power we once held so dear. This dive into negativity. This embracing of fear. This wallowing in despair must come to an end, and it can. All we have to do is believe in the power of the human ability to achieve great things, then act on it. Danger be damned. Negativity traded for positive action and despair switched off in favor of hope. We humans can have it all if we only earnestly try.

We can't do it by playing it safe. We have to take bold, and sometimes dangerous chances if we're going to fulfill our promise of greatness as a species. Just look at one of my favorite examples of this, Christopher Columbus. As he and his three ships and crew made way across unknown waters, do you think it was without fear? From what I've read, I seen plenty of fear. Fear of sea monsters and falling off the edge of the world. Starvation and dying from lack of water were all to real to them. Columbus was faced with mutiny because of his crew's fear. He had to make a pact with them, three days more is all he asked. They pushed on and conquered their fear. Now look what has been had by humanity 524 years later. Like I said, we've seen humans set foot on the moon.

So let's get behind a leader who does have hope, and vision. Let's get behind a human who hasn't given up. One who wants to take on the fight. Let us conquer our fear, and do the great things. I for one, believe Bernie Sanders is the new great leader. He has vision, and a path for human greatness. Should he fall, another will step up. They must for humanities sake. We must back great vision for human greatness by backing the proper person, like Bernie Sanders.

We can end racial tension. We can get money out of politics. We can lower the world's carbon emissions. All of it can be done, and more. It is we who will do it. Not just the baby boomers either. It will take the efforts of all our living generations boldly crossing unknown waters without fear.